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InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposer, Best garbage Disposal

Our Top Brand Pick for 2019

There are several points to consider before installing a garbage disposal in your home if you do not already have one. You may want to think about are whether or not your septic tank is big enough or if it will raise your water bill. However, most people find that garbage disposals are a great addition to their home as more than half of American homes currently have one installed. Some garbage disposals are much better at preventing a jam and grind up the waste much more quickly. Better models will also host extra features that some less equipped disposals do not have. Below is a list of some of the top-rated garbage disposers currently on the market.

Here Are Our List of 4 Best Garbage Disposal Picks:


#1. InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposer

InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Gold Pick

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This product has many features that help it really stand out from other garbage disposals on the market. With over 75 years of experience in the garbage disposal industry, the InSinkErator series is determined to deliver the best product, with the quietest technology available, as it has grown into the largest manufacturer of disposals, as well as the best selling brand of disposals in the world.

The InSinkErator Evolution series of garbage disposals is among the best available, with the top of the line grind technologies used in the powerful induction motors. The SoundSeal technology provides a quiet and subtle sound when the machine is working, delivering higher quality food grinding, at higher volumes, with exceptional performance. A primary complaint with most food and garbage disposals is a large amount of sound created by the machine while it is functioning, and the noisiness does nothing to help grind the food down. With the InSinkErator, the three-stage grinding process is virtually soundless and allows you to hold conversations with people in the same room as the disposal at a normal speaking level. The technology involved to make the InSinkErator sound proof is seen in 3 parts of the machine. The InSinkErator motor is completely insulated with superior rubber and stainless steel allowing for it to run at its full capacity without having to worry about the rattle from the machine. The anti-vibration sink mount allows for the disposal machine to completely seal and attach to the sink, and allows it to remain in place while running without the sound from the sink and disposal running against each other, and preventing that sound from escaping the mouth of the disposal.

The anti-vibration tailpipe allows for the reduction of sound from the constant vibration of the motors and gears. Every garbage disposal in the Evolution series is backed by the “We come to you” 7 years In-Home Warranty. This warranty allows for any customer to call the provided phone number with complaints, malfunctions, or repairs that the garbage disposal may require, and the company will then send a repairman to your home that will fix the garbage disposal completely free of cost, with all of the parts and labor included under the warranty. With over 1,500 service agents who are trained and certified to successfully repair this brand of garbage disposal, it is possible to buy the InSinkErator garbage disposer without having to worry about potential malfunction or without the worry of other problems. The 7-year warranty is also among the longest available for any product of a similar nature. The multi grind technology of the InSinkErator prevents any possible food buildup and will deter any worry about what food can be thrown in the disposal.

The three-step grind technology includes a grind shear rig, a tri-action lug system, and an undercutter disk. These three technologies make grinding tough food simple, as it will completely liquify foods into a thin paste. This allows the food to then safely flow into your sewage system and avoid any potential clogs or jams that could be harmful to your sewage system. The InSinkErator is also built with a jam sensor circuit. This circuit allows the system to automatically recognize any potential foods that may clog the machine and will automatically enable the machine to exert more torque to be able to power through those tough foods and jams.

The InSinkErator garbage disposals all come with the easy to install stainless steel quick lock sink mounts. This enables you to simply ‘twist off’ your previous garbage disposal system and then ‘twist in’ the new InSinkErator garbage disposal system. This allows you to also easily replace any InSinkErator brand garbage disposal with any newer models that you may prefer. Also including in the packaging are the Do’s and Dont’s of disposal, that comes with a complete list of foods and materials that are safe to effectively grind in the machine, and with a list of any possible things that may not be safe for the garbage disposal or for your sewage system.

#2. Waste King L-8000 Legend Series 1.0-Horsepower Continuous-Feed

Waste King L-8000 Legend Series 1.0-Horsepower Continuous-Feed

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The Waste King L-8000 garbage disposal features an extremely powerful and capable motor, made of heavy cast stainless steel, and sound insulation. The Waster King features a high-speed energy efficient 2,800 RPM ‘Vortex’ permanent magnet motor. This motor allows the Waster King to power through and destroys tough foods offering more force per pound than other disposals of similar quality. The Waste King has the ability to grind just about anything, and only requires 115 volts, 60 Hertz, and 7.0 current-amps to operate. The jam free capabilities of the Waste King L-8000 are highly innovative, and the stainless steel swivel propellers highly reduce any clogging or jams that may occur.

The continuous feed disposal allows for you to continue to add food to the disposal while it is still running. This allows for faster disposal of any garbage or waste products, as well as easier clean up of those big messes. It is important to note that the high-quality blades put into the Waste King disposal machine move extremely fast, and if you anticipate adding food to the disposer while it is running it is important to use the highest amount of caution so that no hands or fingers accidentally slip into the machine. The L-8000 comes with an easily removable splash guard for the sink. This splash guard allows any product that may splash upwards after grinding to be caught and easily cleaned. The Legend 8000 grinding chamber is made of glass-filled nylon. This nylon dramatically reduces the sound created by the garbage disposal as it runs, and also will prevent any possible corrosion from foods and their acids in the future. This decrease in corrosion will allow for longer and more quality use of the machine through regular daily use.

All of the stainless steel grinding components are completely insulated. This insulation reduces the sound of the disposer even more than similar products. The fast and easy to mount system that comes with every Waste King L-8000 is handy for those who do not wish to have to completely take apart their sink in order to install the new disposal. Any properly sized septic tanks within most kitchens will easily fit onto the Waste King and with the 36-inch power cord, can be installed and set up almost anywhere underneath the sink without having to worry about reaching the power outlet. The Waste King L-8000 comes with an unprecedented lifetime warranty so that this disposal can be bought without ever having to worry about malfunction or problems that may arise. The manufacturer promises that any mechanical or material defect with the Waste King will be fixed right within the confines of your own home. The labor and the tools required to fix the machine are all included in the original price of the machine and are covered by the lifetime warranty.

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Waste King is so confident in their machine’s ability to avoid corrosion and rust that a separate corrosion warranty also covers any corrosion that may occur in the food disposal from the over disposal of acids from foods. All of the necessary hardware required to install the Waste King L-8000 is included in the packaging, making assembly quick and easy right out of the box. The drain elbow and gasket are simple to install under any sink and full installation can be completed in a short amount of time after delivery of the product.


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#3. InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP

InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP

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The InSinkErator Evolution Compact garbage disposal is a small and cheaper version of the Evolution Excel series. This garbage disposal is cheaper but will suffice for the average customer or those who only use their garbage disposal occasionally. The Evolution Compact comes with the advanced SoundSeal technology that the company is known for and will drastically decrease any of the sound output the machine creates while grinding the food. Holding over 34 ounces of food within the grind chamber, the InSinkErator is capable of grinding almost any amount of food that can fit down the sink in one single powerful minute.

The SoundSeal technology uses state of the art technology equipped throughout the machine that makes every mechanic of the disposal quieter and softer. Through anti-vibration technology, the rumbling of the machine as it is in use will be reduced by over half. This technology muffles any of the whirring of the stainless steel blades within the disposal and also prevents sound transmissions from coming through the sink to be heard in the kitchen. The Evolution Compact comes with the Quick Lock Sink Mount, the Sink Baffle, the Jam Buster Wrench, the Anti-Vibration tailpipe, clamp, stopper, and installation instructions all within the box. The Evolution Compact is ready for easy installation right upon arrival and is assembled with the quick and easy set up that the InSinkErator is known for. The twist off and twist on technology allows for quick removal of old previous garbage disposals and quick installation of the new system, with the ability to easily switch out the disposal with any other products made by the InSinkErator brand or Badger brand garbage disposer.

Tough foods such as celery, apple cores, potato peels, and fruit pits are all easily destroyed by the Evolution Compact garbage disposal. It is recommended to only grind these foods in small amounts as the lower amount of horsepower on the Compact edition is lesser than that of the InSinkErator Excel series. It is also important to always use cold water along with the disposal machine in order to ensure the food is properly ground and will not get stuck within the garbage disposal. The InSinkErator Compact series comes with only a two-stage grind series as compared to the Excel series which includes three stages. The two stages included within the compact series food disposal are the GrindShear Ring, and the Tri-Action Lug system. These two components within the disposal make grinding food simple and easy, while also extremely fast and quiet.

The InSinkErator Compact series comes with a 4 year in home warranty. This warranty completely covers any of the mechanics or material problems that may happen with the garbage disposal within the first 4 years of use. This warranty does not cover corrosion problems that may occur, although the machine is made of complete stainless steel to ensure the longevity of the machine.

#4. Waste King Legend Series L-111 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Operation

Waste King Legend Series L-111 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Operation

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The Waste King Legend Series L-111 provides quality food disposal services in a small and compact machine that is cheap and affordable for almost any budget. The L-111 features a high speed 1900 RPM, finely chopping and cutting blades that efficiently dispose of any food debris or bones that may be placed into it. With the fast and easy mounting technology within the L-111, the installation of the disposal is quick and hassle-free. Easy to assemble right out of the box, it can be fully built underneath a sink with plenty of room left over for a variety of materials and supplies.

The continuous feed abilities that come with the Waste King series allows you to continue to place food and other items that you wish to be pulverized into the disposal as it continues to run and perform its function. This is very handy for situations where a surplus of waste is produced from cooking and needs to be disposed of all at once in a single short period. The removable splash guard is perfect for easy cleaning of any products debris that may accumulate as the sink is used, as the continual build-up of these products could permanently damage your sink or sewage line. Powered by 1900 volts, 115 Hertz, or 60 Current amps, the disposal uses very little electricity and will show almost no difference in any electric bill even with continual use of the disposal.

A removable waste elbow is included in the rare event that food that is put in the disposal is not properly disposed of and causes clogs or jams in the machine. If this does happen and the removable waste elbow is not the culprit, the L-111 comes with a 2 year in home replacement warranty. Any of the machines malfunctions or defects within the first 2 years of purchase will be completely repaired within your own home at the cost of nothing. The labor and parts used for the repair are all covered in the cost of the original unit itself. Waste King’s dedicated servicemen are scattered around the country and are available for help at almost any time of the day or year.

The L-111 is made of quality parts that will ensure its reliability and function throughout many years to come after purchase. The L-111 is built with heavy gauge galvanized steel swivels that work to continuously destroy and tear up any item that is placed within the disposer. The glass filled nylon grinding chamber allows for any food to be destroyed within the disposal, without having to worry about the acids corroding the disposal. The glass filled polyester bearings on the disposal also work at preventing any corrosion. The permanently lubricated steel type overload protector works to make sure that the disposal is not overfilled at any time and will only accept the amount of food that it can handle. This permanent lubrication also allows waste to easily slide into the disposal without having to worry about pushing the food down with your hands causing a potential safety hazard.

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The L-111 also comes with a handy manual reset button in case of any problems that may occur that can be fixed by simply shutting the machine off and turning it back on again. The 36-inch power cord attached to the machine allows it to easily fit into any cabinet or drawer under a sink while easily reaching the power supply and without having to readjust the machine after installation. Weighing only slightly more than 8 pounds, this lightweight machine provides the power of some of its heavier counterparts without the heavy price that is also often included.

Pre-purchase considerations

Some of the most important things to keep in mind when you are considering purchasing new garbage disposal are the length and coverage of the warranty, any sound-muffling technology the disposal may come equipped with, the horsepower ratings and RPM, as well as the price of the garbage disposal. These are probably the four most important features to really consider before making your purchase. However, there are some other more minor details and features you may want to think about, as well. For example, some garbage disposals will come with an electric cord that allows you to switch outlets. If it does not come with a cord, it is necessary to hard wire the disposal which may be inconvenient for some people. Another benefit that some garbage disposals come with is an auto-reverse mode, which can be helpful for clearing up some jams. A safety cover may also be an important consideration for you if you have any children or are just worried about your own safety, in general. These covers prevent the disposal from being turned on unless the cover is in place first. Stainless steel grinding chambers are also supposed to be more durable than other grinding chamber materials which can be beneficial in preventing any jams.

Length and Coverage of the Warranty of Garbage Disposals

The length of the warranty can be an extremely important factor to consider before making this big purchase for your home. Warranties can generally range in length from one year to ten years, but some may even extend longer. A longer warranty often adds to the cost of the garbage disposal. Some warranties will cover any defects or malfunctions on the machine within the allotted time period stated in the warranty. However, some warranties will have limitations on what repairs or malfunctions are covered. Many warranties may not cover any corrosion problems that may occur over the lifetime of the garbage disposal. This is another reason that many people opt for stainless steel grinding chambers, as they may be less susceptible to corrosion damage than other grinding chamber materials. Some companies will even offer a separate corrosion warranty.

Garbage Disposal Horse Power Ratings and RPM

Horse Power Ratings and RPM are two more things you should definitely keep in mind when looking to purchase new garbage disposal in your house. Less powerful motors, such as the 1/2-hp motor, may have a more difficult time grinding up tough materials, such as certain types of bones and really hard, resistant matter. However, they should not have a problem grinding up softer materials, such as most types of vegetables and even corn kernels. If you are going to be grinding up much tougher materials, you will need a more powerful motor, such as the 3/4 hp or 1 hp model. These models are capable of grinding and breaking down tough materials, such as bones, much faster and into smaller pieces. This can be important in preventing clogs. You will also want to purchase garbage disposal with a higher RPM, as they will be much more powerful. Depending on the materials you will be putting in the drain and the toughness of your kitchen waste, you may need to consider purchasing a powerful motor.

Garbage Disposal Sound

The loud noises and sound that can be produced by garbage disposals underneath many kitchen sinks can be off-putting and may cause some people to wish to avoid garbage disposers all together. With the innovative technology that is available in many premium garbage disposals today, the loud and obnoxious sound that garbage disposals were previously known for is almost eliminated in better models. Many garbage disposals feature different parts such as mufflers and anti-vibration technologies to reduce the loud noise of the motor and blades whirring. It is important to consider all of these parts and be sure that the machine that you purchase has sufficient sound dampening abilities and will not be too loud as to overpower the sounds of the surrounding area.

Price of Garbage Disposals

The price of the machine will often times reflect the quality of the machine. It is possible however to find quality garbage disposal that will suit all of your needs without having to purchase the most expensive machine that is currently on the market. When considering in getting the best garbage disposal it is important to take your budget into mind, as well as the amount of food and waste that you plan to be disposing of on a daily basis. If the garbage disposal is only going to be used sparingly it is not necessary to buy the quietest or fastest machine, as that will be more than your needs require.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

The price, quality, horsepower, RPM, and sound of the best garbage disposal can greatly affect the environment of any kitchen, and it is important to note all of these factors when considering a new model. This appliance can be an important and almost vital tool in any kitchen as it will quickly and cleanly get rid of any extra debris, waste, food, or bones that may be left over from a strenuous night of cooking. With the great impact that it can have on the environment, as well, a garbage disposer is not only great for the kitchen but is also great at reducing the number of greenhouse gases released into the ozone. With the number of high-quality warranties on these high-quality products currently released on the market, it is possible to buy the best garbage disposal without the risk of having bought a broken or malfunctioning machine, as many times the company will come directly to your house and fix the machine for you free of charge.

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