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Ry Gardener High Pressure Heavy Duty Garden Hose Nozzle

Our Top Pick for 2019: Ry Gardener High Pressure Heavy Duty Garden Hose Nozzle

There’s an art to lawn and garden maintenance, and in this art there are a plethora of tools that make the exercise of maintaining your lawn and garden a much easier proposition. One method to ensure that your area gets the hydration that it needs is to utilize a garden hose. Using a garden hose is simple, and for the most part, the practice is relegated to a standard hose nozzle that may or may not come with your host. But what if you need a hose nozzle that has a few extra features for your gardening? In this case, you can seek out a hose nozzle that has a few extra features. In this guide, we will walk you through some of the best of these types of hose attachments that are on the market today.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Ry Gardener High Pressure Heavy Duty Garden Hose Nozzle

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To achieve Gold Pick status means that consumers and reviewers alike agree the product reviewed has quality construction, great features, and superb design. Our Gold Pick hose nozzle, designed by gardening company Ry Gardener, has attained this gold level, because it has all of these traits and more. It is unique-looking, will serve you well in your lawn or garden, and also comes in at a very reasonable price.

From a looks point of view, this garden hose nozzle is one unique-looking attachment. Crafted in a cobalt blue metal, this hose nozzle has several unique visual features that make it look almost ray gun-like. On first glance, it’s easy to notice the grip of this hose nozzle. The grip is designed to look like a ribbed waveform that will fit neatly in your hands. This grip is also one of the few parts of this nozzle that is not made of metal.

This part is constructed of a PVC material that will last a long time, even after thousands of handlings. It feels comfortable and seems to naturally fit anyone’s hand. This PVC material covers a large portion of the hose nozzle’s body and is there to provide slip-free handling and a high degree of rust, corrosion, and wear resistance; it even protects the assembly from any accidental falling damage. To boost this nozzle’s non-slip performance, there are metallic grips positioned on each side of the PVC material.

This pistol-styled nozzle utilizes a rear trigger for operation; simply squeeze it with the palm of your hand to get the jet going. This trigger also employs a PVC coating along the rear of its assembly to make this part of the nozzle more comfortable to hold. To ensure even greater comfort of use, nestled between the trigger’s housing and the body of the nozzle is a latch that allows you to have a constant flow of water. To adjust the volume of the water’s flow, simply turn the brass dial that rests above the trigger, and you can have a wide range of flow settings, culminating in a stream with over 100 psi.

The head itself is comprised of brass and will last, rust-free for years. When you need to cover a larger angle when using this hose, there are two adjustable rings that will cause the spray to hit a wider angle or allow access to the nozzle’s various water splashing modes. At its largest angle, the nozzle will spray a fine mist that covers a lot of area.

As this is a Gold Pick, the reviews for this product are stellar. 99 percent of all Amazon reviews have been at a four star level of positivity. 90 percent of all these reviews were a shiningly positive five star rating. Here’s one of the glowing testimonials on Amazon: “I could tell that this was a well made product after picking it up out of the box. It looks nice, has a lot of metal and has a nice weight to it.”

You can purchase this hose nozzle on Amazon for $26.95, and it comes with two female connectors as well as several washers. Ry Gardener provides a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for this hose nozzle.

#2. SprayTec Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer

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Our Silver Pick is the first dial-styled hose nozzle on our list. Dial styled hose nozzles employ a dial along the front of the nozzle that lets you select from various varieties of spraying patterns. Outside of this key differentiating functionality, these types can be aesthetically similar to the pistol style types that are represented in our Gold Pick.

This SprayTec hose nozzle looks interesting and is built dependably. The trigger is positioned along the front of the device, this allows you to deploy the hose’s spray with a squeeze of the finger. One of the first things you’d notice when looking at this hose nozzle is the size of the dial itself. Radiating from a center shower-style sprayer, are nine different spray heads that all have unique shapes and functionality. These include spray patterns in jet, center, soaker, shower, rinse, flat, mist, full, and cone and each is very useful. Despite this sprayer functionality, this is one of the most leak-proof nozzles on the market currently. There are multiple internal rubber o-ring washers that stop any potential water loss.

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This level of versatility means that this sprayer will be able to be used for a plethora of home and gardening needs; from automotive cleaning to hydrating your vegetables. When you need to turn the dial to deploy a different sprayer, it will be comfortable since the dial itself is protected by a soft rubber sheath. This rubberized bezel cover also protects for situations when the nozzle is accidentally dropped.

The body is almost entirely made of metal. The silver casing is coated in an high quality anodized finish that is designed to prevent rust, corrosion, and wear. The handle is coated in durable, rot-resistant rubber that ensures that you’ll have no problems losing your grip on the nozzle, even when it’s wet. Along the midsection of the ergonomic grip, is a chrome loop that allows you to pin the trigger and allow for the utilization of a continuous stream of water without the need to hold the trigger lever. If you need to reduce the volume of the water flow, there is another brass dial positioned above the grip that will allow you to adjust.

As our Silver Pick item, you’d expect great Amazon reviews; in this regard, this hose nozzle does not disappoint. 96 percent of the 147 reviewers on Amazon gave this nozzle a rating of four stars or greater. As a matter of fact, of this 96 percent, 86 percent of these were of a five star rating level. Here is one such five star review: “This nozzle is fantastic. I can already tell, that it will last longer than any of the plastic trash sold at big box stores. I have purchased many nozzles in the last year from Home Depot, OSH, Lowes, and nurseries. They all sell the same private label, lousy, fragile nozzles.”

This hose nozzle can be purchased on Amazon for $24.95. SprayTec backs this product with a 100 percent money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

#3. Naetrou Premium Garden Hose Nozzle Hand Sprayer

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Our Bronze Pick, like our Silver selection is a great hose nozzle if you want to do a plethora of around the house work. It also sports a similar form factor as the previous entry. This is because this is another dial-type hose nozzle. Like the SprayTec and the Ry Gardener nozzles, Naetrou designed this hose nozzle to last for decades and not degrade as a result of wear and tear. Also like the other picks, this unit has great consumer reviews.

From an aesthetic point of view, this is a very sleek hose nozzle. Despite its dial, the design is very simple and functional. For the most part, its design is reminiscent of most pistol styled nozzles, save for the larger dial structure along the front of the device. This hose nozzle is comprised of steel that’s protected by a baked enamel coating, which is designed to prevent rust and corrosion. This baked enamel coating comes in a gold shade and gives the surface of the unit a very brushed metal look which is attractive.

Comfort and ease of use was clearly some of the design intents behind the construction of this nozzle. The grip is coated in a rubberized material that’s easy to keep a hold on and fits well within any sized hand. It’s textured to feel like cracked leather and sports a four droplet design along its sides. One of the most unique features of this part of the nozzle’s assembly is the constant flow switch. Both of the prior entries on our list had switches but the Naetrou model includes one that is easy to lock with one hand. All you have to do is use your finger to place the latch in the housing and you’ll no longer have to squeeze the trigger for a steady stream.

As this is a dial type hose nozzle, there are several water output spray settings to choose from. The grip is rubberized in order to make it comfortable to turn, even when wet and it also sports notches to ensure an even firmer grip. The spray settings that are available when turning the dial are shower, mist, fan, flood, cone, flat, center, angle, and jet. Each of these perform well, and none leak excessively while the other is deployed as the spraying source. Positioned at the back of this hose nozzle is a brass flow control knob that allows you to adjust how much water flow you want to pass through the nozzle. This heightened control coupled with the dial, grants this hose nozzle a lot of versatility.

98 percent of the reviewers on Amazon have granted this product a four star rating or above. Of these positive reviews, 81 percent felt that this was worthy of a full five star rating. The item’s solid construction is something that is well received on the site, with one reviewer stating, “I am enjoying using this Garden Hose Nozzle from Naetrou. It is a very sturdy, rugged, nozzle with a great selection of 9 spray choices. With everything made of plastic these days, it is nice to have a heavy duty metal product.”

This item can be found on Amazon for $23.99 and is thoroughly backed by the manufacturer’s 100 percent money back guarantee.

#4. Planted Perfect Leak Proof Garden Hose Nozzle

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To purchase a quality metal hose nozzle is something that anyone can do, even if they are ballin on a budget. Planted Perfect has designed a durable metal hose nozzle that won’t break the bank and will stand the test of time as well.

As the final sprayer on our list, this unit stands up well to the other units; especially considering that the manufacturer didn’t cut corners by utilizing plastic over metal. As another dial-type, you get seven spray settings with this hose nozzle, including jet, mist, soaker, cone, flat, center, and shower. While this is less than the available spraying options of some other varieties of dial nozzle, this is more than enough for the majority of the hydration activities that you’ll be doing around the house and in your garden. It has a beautiful turquoise paint applied directly onto the metal body that protects the hose nozzle from the elements.

The ergonomic grip on this hose is made of soft rubber and is finned in a rib pattern. The result is a very comfortable usage experience that’s further improved by the low resistance front trigger. Planted Perfect designed this trigger assembly to be used with ease; even if you have small hands or suffer from arthritis. The constant stream setting is achieved by a chrome buckle along the base of the handle; simply depress the trigger till it touches the grip, and cover with the ring to secure it.

This is also a leak-proof hose, which shows the care that Planted Perfect put into designing this hose nozzle. Even though it is sold at a low price point, the manufacture employed Teflon connectors and a washer system to ensure that your target is the only thing that will get soaked.

With 98 percent of the 156 reviewers on Amazon feeling that this hose nozzle is worthy of a four star or above rating, you’ll see that, even as a ballin on a budget entry, this hose nozzle has a lot of value. You can find this model for sprayer on Amazon for $20.97 and it also backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee from its manufacturer.

Pre-purchase considerations


On the market today, there are several types of hose nozzles to choose from. Some of the styles are:

Dial– These types of hose nozzle have a circular assembly that is positioned on the front of the main nozzle. This large structure has several built-in spraying heads that allow a degree of choice when choosing which type of spray you want to utilize.

Pistol Grip – Just like it sounds; this nozzle type bears resemblance to a pistol. You can activate the spray in one of two ways, depending on the design; by pushing down on a positioned along its back or squeezing a gun-like trigger that is positioned on the front. If you want to change the spray settings on this type, the knob is usually positioned close to the spray head.

Watering Wands – This type is perfect for light to heavy gardening. They tend to have a grip that you can squeeze with the palm of your hand; in addition, there is sometimes an extendable wand that supports the spray nozzle. Sometimes these hose nozzles have a dial-style head at the front.

Fireman – Anyone who’s seen a professional fireman’s hose will have an idea about how this style appears. These can put out a lot of water pressure and can typically be found in automotive stores.

There are many types of hose nozzle out there, so know how you’ll be primarily using your nozzle before you make your purchase.

Nozzle Setting

Typically, you’ll find that most garden hose nozzles have a flow setting of 2.5 to five gallons of water per minute. Dependent on the job, you might want to restrict the flow between these two settings. There are hose nozzles with higher settings but these tend to be for automotive purposes. Make sure that when you are selecting a hose nozzle for the job, that it has a lower flow setting to ensure that you don’t damage the item you are trying to use the hose on.

Materials Used in Construction

You’ll find that the majority of hose nozzles are comprised of two types of materials: metal or plastic. The types of metals used in the construction of these types of hose nozzles can vary and some nozzles will even combine different types of metals for each of the components. Some will even combine metals with plastics. Some metals used are brass, die-cast aluminum, or zinc; all of which are strong and long lasting. As a matter of fact, many agree that it’s best to look for a metal hose nozzle, as they generally last longer though there are some durable and reliable plastic only versions on the market as well.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

The items on this list are of high quality, but aren’t the only ones on the market. They offer many great features and if you need to do a plethora of jobs that need each nozzle-specific type of hydration, they certainly won’t fail you. Take a look at our pre-purchase considerations and weigh the features of our gold through budget picks, and hopefully your search for a new hose nozzle will be made much easier.

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