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ORIBE Hair Care Royal Blowout

Our Top Pick for 2019: ORIBE Hair Care Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray

So you’ve picked out your favorite shampoo and conditioner combo, and you’ve stocked your hair arsenal with the best tools around. You’ve taken the time to perfectly style your locks and you’re ready to face the day with a gorgeous mane. But no style is complete without the right hairspray. A great hairspray will provide hold, shine, and luxurious volume to your hair while protecting against humidity. But with so many products on the market, perusing your local salons or supermarkets in search of the right product can be a daunting task. We’ve taken the guesswork out of your quest for the perfect hairspray so you and your hair can achieve bulletproof perfection.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Hair Spray Picks:


#1. ORIBE Hair Care Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray

ORIBE Royal Blowout Gold Pick

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Oribe’s line of luxury hair care is complete with anything you could possibly need for your hair, from shampoos and conditioners to specialty sprays that cater to the “hair obsessed.” Although their products tend to fall on the pricier side, Oribe fans swear by their products and believe that once you try them, you’ll never go back to your trusty drugstore picks again. Oribe Hair Care Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray is no exception.

Formulated to be used before blow drying, this spray minimizes drying time and tames hair to a smooth, frizz-free finish. To use, spray in damp hair from mid-shaft to end and comb through to evenly distribute product. Blow dry as usual, sectioning the hair for best results. This spray will cut down on your styling time and leave hair soft and beautiful. Beauty blogger Emily Maynard raves that it cuts [her] drying time in half while leaving her hair softer than it’s ever been.

This ultra-lightweight formula leaves hair silky without weighing it down, which is invaluable to those with fine hair that can’t handle a lot of product. It moisturizes the hair without ever leaving a greasy residue, even for users who report having oily hair. It is important to remember that this spray is not made to be applied directly to the roots, as it contains oils which are meant to nourish the ends of your hair. If applied to the roots, these nourishing ingredients can leave hair looking oily.

As any hair expert will tell you, healthy hair is beautiful hair. By repairing split ends and nourishing the hair from root to end, this spray has served as a much-needed hair rescue for a large number of reviewers. Users reported super-soft, voluminous hair with incredible shine and body. One user said that this is the only product that ever allowed her to achieve a true “salon blowout” at home.

Additionally, this spray keeps hair healthy by serving as a heat protectant prior to any type of heat styling. Heat protectants are essential when you use heat to style your hair. Whether you’re blow drying, straightening, or curling your hair, a heat protectant adds moisture and protects the hair’s cuticle from the damaging effects of heat. The result is soft, healthy, frizz-free hair. And because the shortened drying time means less heat exposure, your hair will take even less heat damage.

Users were consistently blown away by this spray’s resistance to humidity. We’ve all spent hours styling our hair before, only to have it instantly ruined the moment we step out the door into the humid air. Oribe’s blowout spray has done away with the frustration of humidity-related frizz for a huge amount of users, even those with naturally frizz-prone hair.

Oribe’s Royal Blowout Spray was raved about by users of all hair types. From those with fine, straight hair to those with thick, difficult-to-style curls, this spray made styling a breeze by cutting drying time in half and making hair manageable.

At $11.52 per ounce, you might be tempted to cross this one off your list immediately. But users consistently report that they are able to achieve their desired results with as little as three spritzes per blowout. This is because the formula was developed to be ultra-concentrated for exceptional results with a minimal amount of product. Many reviewers say their bottle lasted them up to a year with daily use. If that’s the case, $68 for the year is hardly unthinkable for salon-quality hair at home.

With a solid 4.4-star rating on Amazon’s 5 star scale, it’s hard not to be impressed by this high-performance blowout spray. The few critical reviews were more related to price than performance, although a few users did comment that the scent was too strong for their liking. However, the majority of users reported that the scent was “heavenly,” “subtle,” and “fresh.” The overall rave reviews of Oribe’s renowned blowout spray have landed this “miracle product” the #1 spot in our list.

#2. Aveda Air Control Hair Spray

Aveda Air Control

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From responsible packaging to 100% wind-powered manufacturing plants, Aveda prides itself on its eco-friendly practices. Their products appeal to environmentalists and hair enthusiasts alike. The Aveda Air Control Hair Spray provides a light, workable hold that users everywhere love.

Product reviewers on say that this spray provides “exceptional hold without that helmet head look.” This is a traditional hairspray meant to be used on already dried hair. Use before styling to provide extra hold and texture to the hair, and after styling to seal your ‘do in place. Some users reported that they like to use it on slightly damp roots for added lift when blow drying. Even more impressively, a large number of users said that they can use this as a substitute for dry shampoo as it seems to absorb oil between washes.

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This unique formula provides a light but durable hold. Most importantly, it never gets sticky or crunchy, and most reviewers say they can run their fingers through their hair without resistance. Because the mist is very fine, it becomes almost undetectable on the hair save for the added hold it provides. This spray is ideal for those who are looking for light to medium hold. For a heavier-duty hold on elaborate hairstyles or hair that falls flat easily, a firmer hold hairspray might be more suitable.

Users of all hair types loved Aveda’s Air Control spray. From fine, thin hair that needed some help maintaining its shape to thick unruly curls, this hairspray consistently delivered excellent results. Those who wanted something to help secure casual styles said that this spray was the perfect balance of hold and flexibility.

At $30 for a 9.1 ounce can – about $3.30 per ounce – Aveda’s hairspray falls somewhere in the middle of our price range. Users reported that it doesn’t take much product to achieve the hold they desired, although most said that their hair required touchups for second-day wear. We won’t fault them for that, though, since most hairsprays would require a second-day touchup.

83% of reviews on Amazon came in at 4 stars or higher, giving this spray an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Its top consumer ratings have consistently put this product at the top of hairspray reviews everywhere.


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#3. Kenra Volume Spray

Kenra Volume

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Kenra’s line of professional hair products can be found on salon shelves everywhere. Hair stylists everywhere swear by their Volume Spray 25, a 10-time winner of the Stylist Choice Awards for Favorite Hairspray.

For ultimate volume for even the finest hair, Kenra’s #25 volume spray is a lightweight but powerful spray with long-lasting hold. The quick drying formula keeps hair in place without ever leaving a sticky residue. Users found that spraying this at their roots and lightly backcombing gave them incredible volume that lasted for days. If you’re looking for a heavy duty spray for your toughest updos, Kenra Volume 25 Hair Spray is up for the challenge.

Kenra claims that this spray offers a hold up to 120 hours (that’s 5 days!) Although we’re not sure you would go that long between washes, we certainly appreciate the longevity. The long-lasting hold means fewer touchups between shampoos and less product used.

The stylists at Kenra recommend using their Volume 25 formula for a few different purposes. It is versatile enough to build volume, set a super hold finish, or lightly set a long hairstyle. To build volume, lift the hair in sections and spray short bursts at the root, lightly backcombing for extra volume if desired. To set a tricky updo, hold can 8-10 inches away from hair and spray all over in short bursts. If you’re rocking a long, loose hairstyle and just want to set everything in place, lightly mist over the middle and ends of hair to smooth flyaways and protect your style from humidity.

While a lot of hairsprays can leave hair sticky or dull, this spray actually helps to strengthen and nourish hair to add shine. Hair is left shiny, natural, and smooth with no gunky texture or buildup. Users consistently reported that they were able to easily run their fingers through their hair without disturbing the spray’s hold. It brushes out easily and doesn’t flake throughout the day.

Humidity-induced frizz is a problem of the past with this powerful humidity resistant formula. Even users in hot, humid climates reported that their hair stayed sleek and in place all day. One reviewer said that this was the only hairspray that held up in the unpredictable weather where she lives in Maui, Hawaii. From high winds to humidity, Volume 25 is virtually weather-proof.

You can purchase a whopping 16 ounce can of Kenra Volume 25 on Amazon for $20.02, putting this spray at about $1.25/ounce. Most users said that the 16 ounce can was enough to last them an entire year! When it comes to excellent performance at an incredibly low price per ounce, this spray is a winner in our book.

An impressive 90% of users left reviews of 4 stars or higher on Amazon, earning this hairspray a 4.6 star rating. The few critical reviews were the result of products arriving damaged, although most reviewers reported receiving their products quickly and in good condition. A few other users noted that the nozzle tends to clog up after a while, making it hard to spray the product. This can be easily remedied by soaking the nozzle in warm water.

If you’re looking for a heavy duty hold and out of this world volume with a clean finish, Kenra Volume 25 spray is an excellent performer at a great value, landing it a spot as our Bronze Pick.

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#4. Big Sexy Hair Firm Volumizing Hairspray

Big Sexy Hair Firm Volumizing

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Chances are, you’ve seen the words “Big Sexy Hair” staring back at you from the shelves of your local drugstore or supermarket. Conceived by the hair brand Sexy Hair, the “Big Sexy” line is designed for those of us who crave amped up volume. The Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Hairspray gives hair a firm hold while leaving locks soft and touchable.

We love the versatility of this spray. Much like the Kenra Volume 25, Spray & Play can be used for just about anything. If it’s volume you’re after, spraying this at the roots of dry hair and lightly backcombing will leave your hair voluminous and full all day. Working on a ferocious updo? Style as desired and then lock your style into place by spraying all over. Or lightly mist on loose hairstyles to keep hair tame and frizz-free all day.

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Users whose hair has trouble holding a curl reported that they were able to achieve their best results by lightly spraying hair before curling, then reapplying the spray after they were finished styling. The results were long-lasting curls even on the finest, most difficult to curl hair. Best of all, hair remained soft and never sticky to the touch.
Product buildup and stiffness are not an issue with this lightweight but powerful spray. Reviewers said that it can be reapplied many times without leaving hair sticky or stiff. Hair remains pliant and natural looking with exceptional hold and touchable volume.

Users loved that Spray & Play kept their hair in place all day even in high humidity and winds. One reviewer who lives in the south said that her hair was never able to maintain its shape past lunchtime until she found this hairspray. Now, she says she uses this in the morning and her hair is still perfectly styled late into the evening.

This spray is ideal for all hair types. Even those with soft, fine hair found that this spray allowed them to fake a full, luxurious mane all day. Many hairsprays tend to weigh down fine hair, leaving it limp and lifeless. But Spray & Play added all the volume without the weight, leaving users with the light, fluffy volume they desired.

Although it retails for $17.95, a 10 ounce can of this hairspray can be purchased on Amazon for only $12.86. At this price, voluminous hair is available to anybody who craves it, landing this as our Best Budget Pick.

Out of 337 reviewers, 88% left a rating of 4 stars or higher on Amazon. Its impressive 4.6 star rating shows that you don’t always have to pay top dollar for quality results.

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Pre-purchase considerations

Purpose: Best Hair Sprays

Before purchasing your next can of hairspray, figure out exactly what you’re hoping to achieve with it. Are you looking for something to use pre-blow dry to achieve a salon-style blowout? Or do you need something to add some va-voom to fine, lifeless locks? Maybe you’ve got the volume already and you need something to keep your hair tame all day. Either way, determining your particular needs will help you to pick out the product that will best serve you.

Best Hair Sprays For Your Hair Type

Your natural hair type will help you determine the best product for you. If your hair is fine and soft without a lot of natural volumes, you’ll want to opt for something that is specifically designed to add volume to the roots. For those with naturally thick, voluminous or curly hair, a volumizing formula isn’t necessary. If your hair falls somewhere in the middle, you can try out a few different options to see what you like best. Most sprays are available in smaller sample sizes so you can get a feel for your preferences before investing in full size.

Top Hair Spray’s Hold

If you’re just looking for something to lightly smooth your hair, something with a light hold will be plenty. However, if you have particularly unruly hair or regularly style your hair in elaborate updos, you’ll want something with a stronger hold to keep hair in place all day.

Typically, hairspray hold can be classified into three types: flexible or light, medium, and strong or maximum.

Light hold hairspray is suitable for most casual styles and leaves hair shiny, soft and touchable. Medium hold gives a little more control to make styling easier for simple styles like a sleek ponytail. If you’re a glamour girl who loves to rock elaborate curls and fancy updos, a stronghold hairspray will be your best friend.

Top Hair Spray Humidity Resistance

Depending on where you live, humidity can be a real hairstyle buzzkill. If you live in a particularly humid climate, opt for something with humidity resistance to keep hair soft and frizz-free. Even a light misting of humidity resistant hairspray can make a world of difference when you’re dealing with uncooperative weather.

Top Hair Spray Heat Protectant

Depending on the purpose of the hairspray you choose, you may or may not need something with a heat protectant included. If you’re looking for something to use before blow drying and styling, you’ll need something that can protect your hair from the heat. Repeated heat damage on unprotected hair will result in dried out, brittle locks and frizz. If you choose something without an included heat protectant, be sure to pick up a separate heat protectant spray to keep your hair shiny and healthy.

Best Hair Sprays Scent

Although it’s not the absolute most important feature in a hairspray, you don’t want to purchase something with a scent you can’t stand. Find something with a scent you enjoy so you won’t have to hold your breath every time you apply. This is another great reason to check out sample sizes.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Oribe’s Royal Blowout spray has proven to be nothing short of miraculous for a number of users. By cutting down significantly on drying time while infusing strength and moisture to every strand, this styling spray brings you unbeatable convenience and beautiful hair all in one. Integrated heat protectant keeps hair healthy to promote luxurious shine. The combination of convenience, performance and exceptional styling ability has earned the Royal Blowout spray the top spot on our list.

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