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Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

Our Top Pick for 2019: Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

As pet owners, it is our responsibility to provide the best environment we can, especially for those smaller furry companions like hamsters. Since these animals generally spend much of their lives in their cages and are not able to roam as freely as a dog or cat, it is important they have enough space to roam as well as other accessories for play so they get plenty of exercise and have healthy, happy lives. With that in mind, here are a look at a few of the best hamster cages that you will enjoy almost as much as your pet.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

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This is one of the best cages on the market, not only because of the large amount of space but also the quality of design and attention to the needs of your pet. The construction employs a plastic bottom and metal top that is very sturdy, and the clip assembly is fairly simple despite the number of parts and accessories. The instructions are intuitive, mostly visual and not too complicated, but still definitely worth looking over before attempting to put it together.

An impressive range of essential accessories are included, starting you out with everything you need without having to buy additional items. It comes with two food bowls and a water bottle with holder. There various enclosures including a hamster penthouse, which are ideal places for them to get some privacy and rest. Two upper platforms that are accessible by slides increase the surface area even further, and an especially deep base gives your hamster more space to burrow around. The play tunnels plus a large wheel all help ensure and active and healthy environment for your pet, however, there is still ample space for accessories like chew toys, hanging ladders, more play tubing or various other items you may think of or already have.

All of these features and space are not only more beneficial for the pets, but increase enjoyment for owners as well. Healthy and active pets will generally be more sociable and fun to play than those that feel too confined in their space or are allowed to languish due to lack of exercise. This is not hard to understand or relate to, since people also feel more confident and outgoing if they are in good physical shape. Many animals, especially smaller ones, will feel particularly vulnerable and stressed when they are fatigued, which makes it all the more important they stay fit and energized. Hamsters instinctively forage for their food and hiding some around different areas for them to find will give them something to do. This minimizes unwanted behaviors resulting from boredom or restlessness, such as chewing on the bars or other parts of the cage.

At first glance the playground or gym-like appearance might give the impression that all of those areas, accessories and other parts might make cleaning more difficult and time consuming, but there are several other convenient features designed with this in mind. There are handles on either side so the habitat is easy to move and the upper metal part detaches with the removal of two large clips also located on the sides of the cage. The rest of the items also clip or snap in and out of place and are easy to clean, while the large size of the cage leaves enough room for pets to move about as you work around them. Maintaining the play tunnels can require more effort when pets decide to routinely leave their waste behind in them. If cleaning them becomes an issue, there is the option to remove or block off the tunnel resting top the cage with the blanking plates that are included along with the other accessories.

Along with the advantages provided to pets by the ample room, this high quality hamster habitat is also free from any issues that would make it unsafe, even for very old and young pets. The only exception would be for dwarf hamsters because of the distance between the bars, however, there are other cages designed specifically for these smaller breeds.

All taken together, this hamster cage may be one of the more expensive, but is ultimately well worth the price of around $170, especially given all the items included that do not need to be bought separately. The longevity and well being of your pets are also worth the investment.

#2. Ferplast Hamster Cage

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This hamster cage is less expensive than the first, costing about $75 on average, though it comes in at a very close second for reasons that have less to do with the cost and more about the features and design. Also known as the Favola model, it is well made and constructed with versatility and enjoyability in mind, providing an enriching environment for pets and a great deal of fun and satisfaction for their owners as well. While this cage may not come with a plethora of accessories, it does include all the basics and is an excellent starter cage, especially for those who may want to add to it in the future.

There are two main sections, a platformed metal wire cage locks onto a clear plastic base below that contains the bedding material. A ladder connects the lower level to the upper, where the hamster’s food bowl, water and nest house are located. An exercise wheel is mounted on one side of the cage through an opening in the upper platform. It is smaller in size, about six inches, but there is enough room to replace it with an eight inch wheel if you have a larger hamster. While the top part of the habitat has a somewhat low ceiling, the base is extra deep so there is plenty of room for burrowing and the clear base makes it fun for the keeper of the pet as well.

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The design of this cage employs a modular strategy, which means it is designed to connect to other enclosures and be expanded upon with additional play tubes. Although this is already a spacious habitat with ample area for hamsters to run around in, it is still great to have the option to add more areas for playing and exploring. The connection port is located on the side of the upper cage and remains sealed off by a plastic cover plate when not being used. Ferplast offers a variety of compatible accessories that can be connected with each other as well as the main habitat, so there are many possibilities for configuring the ideal setup for your hamster.

The upper portion of the cage has a wireframe mesh with very narrow spacing, so smaller pets like dwarf hamsters or mice will not be able to work their way between the bars and escape. The diminished headroom in the top area is also not an issue for the smaller breeds. There is only one door on the very top of the cage, so reaching your pet may mean separating the top and bottom if it is in the lower section and not feeling very social. Alternatively, the pet may be lead or lured into other areas that have been connected to the habitat for a more easy retrieval. You can always interact with them through the transparent plastic as well, especially if the animal is particularly shy or furtive and needs time to be socialized.

Maintaining the cage itself is fairly simple and only requires removing top part to access the base and refresh the bedding. Because it is located below the platform, the bedding material does generally not end up in the area outside the cage but some pets will always find a way to give you a little extra mess to tend to. If the habitat has been expanded upon, the scale of the cleanup will depend on what other types of areas you have added and the whims of each individual animal.

#3. Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat

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This is another pet cage that is highly versatile, making an excellent habitat for hamsters as well as bigger animals like rabbits or guinea pigs. The larger pets will have plenty of room to move around and there is enough space for several hamsters for those who want to have more than just one or two. It is even available in large and extra large in addition to the standard size if you want them to have even more space. Many habitats are specifically designed to fit the requirements of a particular kind of animal, usually to the exclusion of others. The design of this cage is simple and the features are very basic, however, this is what makes it so easy to tailor the habitat to suit the needs of a variety of small pets.

Because this pet cage is made to house different kinds of animals besides hamsters, it does not include some of the usual accessories more specific to them, such as an exercise wheel or play tubes. A water bottle and spill-proof food dish are included, but adding in a few other items to play with will allow pets to get some exercise and make them much happier. There is more than enough room to set up some play areas inside the habitat. There are two levels, a the main lower level and a balcony level, which are connected by an access ladder for your pet. Additional accessories may be placed on the balcony and away from the bedding material. Underneath the balcony is an enclosed area for the animal to hide and feel secure.

The basic design of this cage makes it quick and easy to put together. There are a minimal number of parts to assemble and no tools are necessary. The upper and lower sections are held together with eight plastic clips, which unlock easily when it is time to clean the habitat. Sometimes with the larger sizes, however, the cleaning can be more of a chore, especially in sinks or bathtubs too small to fully accommodate the base. The interior is very easy to access though, since the wireframe top opens in two separate sections and there is also a wire door on the front of the cage. The hay guard and water bottle are located externally, making them more convenient to maintain while conserving space inside the cage.

The price of this cage is around $90 to $95 for the extra large model, which may seem high compared to other cages made for guinea pigs, rabbits or similarly sized pets. These usually have bars with wider spacing that would allow animals like mice, hamsters and gerbils to escape. This is one of the few cages of this size with bars spaced narrowly enough to safely contain these smaller pets and ranks among the highest for versatility. It is an attractive model for those who keep different kinds of small animals and need some extra flexibility where habitats are concerned. For these reasons, this is also makes a fantastic starter cage, especially for those who have yet to settle on a favorite kind of animal to keep and would rather have a cage that makes a great home for a variety of small pets.

#4. Habitrail Cristal Hamster Habitat

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This last hamster cage may be small and sells for around $25 or less, but it contains all the essential accessories for your hamster. It includes a mounted exercise wheel, food bowl and water bottle. There is a ladder leading up to an elevated nest loft, but the area underneath also provides some cover for nervous hamsters.

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Although this habitat has all the basic accessories inside it, it is smaller than generally recommended for a standalone cage and depending on where you live, there may be specific regulations regarding the minimum habitat size for various animals. Hamsters are very active creatures and require room to run around in order to maintain their health and well being. When the feel to confined they can become more skittish and unsocial, even display other unwanted behaviors like chewing on bars or latches.

No one wants their hamster to be unhappy or unhealthy. Fortunately, this habitat employs a modular design, making it able to connect to other habitats or play tunnels. A connection portal on one end of the cage stays sealed off with a plastic cover when not in use. This habitat has a stylish design and makes an excellent addition to cages containing several hamsters for those times when they need their own space.

There are not many safety concerns except for the small size, which can have a negative affect on the well being of the pet in the long term. The bars allow plenty of air circulation and are sufficient for keeping most types of hamsters contained, however, the distance between the bars may be just wide enough for the smallest breeds to squeeze their way through and escape. Some have mentioned a tendency for their pets to chew on the plastic parts of the cage, including the latch. Some tenacious hamsters that perhaps feel restless or trapped persist with the behavior until they manage to get out. Whether this mostly happens in instances when this was being used as a standalone habitat is uncertain, but this is why it is essential to give hamsters enough space and minimize the chances this will happen.

Apart from the space issue, which is easily addressed by the expandable modular design, this is one of the best compact and affordable habitats for moderately sized hamsters. Many cages at this price range do not include every accessory that may be needed, resulting in additional expense. While it would be to restrictive as a standalone cage, it makes a great addition to other habitats as well as an excellent starter cage for those intending to add more areas for their pets to forage and play in.

Pre-purchase considerations


This is one of the most important concerns when selecting an enclosed habitat for a pet. Even if they are tame or domesticated, animals being kept in spaces that are too confining generally end up suffering from a variety of issues. They tend to be lethargic due to lack of activity and the absence of stimulation increases aversion to handling, making it harder for their owners to offer comfort and make them feel confident and secure. Because they would be food to animals like predatory birds, cats, snakes and many others, it is only natural them be a little skittish and wary of their surroundings. Giving pets like these enough area to explore where they can still feel secure will allow them to live longer, healthier and more satisfying lives.


Another thing to consider is how the habitat for your pet will be furnished and accessorized. Many cages will come with some basic items, such as water bottles, food bowls, exercise wheels and hamster houses. A few of the more fully featured habitats will include a variety of toys in addition to the essential accessories. If you already have most of the things your pet will need, then one of the more basic but and cages might be preferable. Things like connectable tunnels and play areas for expandable modular cages should be checked to make sure the will fit. Depending upon the brand, some modular habitats, play tunnels and other connectable enclosures sometimes have different designs that might not be compatible with one another.


The biggest danger for most small pets like hamsters is the potential for them to escape. Because they are bred as pets, they are generally unable to fend for themselves without their human caretakers and would be easy prey for a number of different predators. Cages with plastic parts can pose more of a risk since they are more susceptible to chewing and gnawing than those made of metal. Metal cages also tend to have better ventilation, however, but smaller breeds of hamsters might be able to squeeze through the bars if they are spaced to far apart.


Pet habitats need regular, frequent cleanings to prevent the buildup of waste and maintain a healthy environment for both pets and their owners. Reduced area in smaller cages and low levels of airflow in poorly ventilated ones can cause odors to build up very quickly if not refreshed often. Because cleaning the habitat will be an important and routine task, any features that make the process easier or more difficult should be taken into account. Larger cages or those with complex designs tend to require more time and effort, thought most have upper and lower areas that can separate for fast access.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Choosing the best hamster cage is an important decision, especially since the well being of your pet will be a primary concern. Most purchases are a matter of personal taste, but often deciding the best home for your pet means putting tastes aside and making the most sensible choice. Pet owners have a responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for the animals they keep. There is no single type of cage to fit every situation. Depending on the kind of hamster or other type of small animal being kept, the demands of the habitat will vary. It is important to understand the features will best meet the needs of your pet to choose the best type home for them.

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