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KitchenAid KHM926CU 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer

Our Top Pick for 2018: KitchenAid KHM926CU 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer
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A hand mixer is an indispensable kitchen tool to have in your arsenal of small appliances. As any chef will tell you, whether you specialize in savory treats or sweet desserts, there is always a use for a hand mixer. Maybe you want to make a loaf of bread, bake a cake, or simple whip your mashed potatoes, then you will need to make sure that you have a device to accomplish these tasks. The most efficient tool to handle all of those tasks is a hand mixer, but which design is best for your kitchen needs? We have created a list of some of the best hand mixers on the market for you to consider as well as a budget friendly option. Sit back, relax, and take a look at the guide we whipped up for you.


#1. KitchenAid KHM926CU 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer


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The first pick on our list is an amazing product that is manufactured by KitchenAid. The company has been creating hand mixers using the same timeless design that they began using in the year 1919. Technology has advanced the design, but the basics of it are the same as they were almost 100 years ago. Our gold pick, which is the KitchenAid KHM926CU, is designed with the company’s high standards in mind, and they are a durable selection that is adored by critics and consumers alike.

The KHM926CU is a lightweight option that only weighs about two pounds, so you will have no issues holding it upright for a long period of time. This hand mixer has nine different speed options that range from an extremely slow option that is great for mixing dry items to a faster option that is great for creating whipped cream. Since it is hard to mix ingredients at a fast speed, the mixer has a soft start option that allows you to set the hand mixer to start out slowly and speed up as the ingredients are incorporated.

This appliance has an 85 watt motor that can blend, whip, and mix ingredients with ease at up to 1300 RPMs. The sleek design of this hand mixer will look great in any kitchen, and it features a compact design that can easily be stored out of sight if you prefer. The cord of this mixer is a full 62 inches, so you will have plenty of length to reach from the outlet on the wall to counter space you are using. In addition, this hand mixer features a swivel cord that is great for moving around the kitchen. You can easily keep the cord in a safe location, whether you are left-handed or right-handed, and then you can simply lock it in place.

The handle of this hand mixer is designed with an ergonomic style that features a soft grip area that gives you more control as you are using the mixer. The handle also features the digital control for this small appliance. There is an on and off switch as well as an up and down button to set the speed the way you want it. In addition, this model has a heel rest that is designed to be used to place the hand mixer on the counter without allowing the batter on the beaters to drip everywhere. When you are completely done mixing your batter, then you can simply make use of the quick eject button that is located above the digital display.

This hand mixer comes with a great combination of attachments; all of which are made from a stainless steel material. These attachments are all extremely durable, and they are all dishwasher safe. You will receive two turbo beater II attachments to use for standard mixing purposes, a pro whisk that is great for aerating egg whites, and two dough hooks that are used to knead and combine bread dough or thick batters. You will also receive a blending rod, which works similarly to an emulsion blender. It can be used to create unique sauces, salad dressings, and milkshakes. A storage bag is also included, so that you have a convenient place to store all of the attachments.

Since kitchen décor can vary, KitchenAid has made this hand mixer available in several different color options. These include white, onyx black, candy apple red, contour silver, and empire red. There is also a one year warranty to cover the parts and the labor for the first 12 months of ownership. When it comes to the reviews of this device, there are quite a few available on Amazon and other similar sites. 87 percent of all of the reviews posted on Amazon have rated this hand mixer with a four or a five star rating.

Many reviewers love the fact that this mixer comes with a variety of attachments, which makes it a very versatile tool to have in any kitchen. They also like the fact that it has a slower start to help prevent splatter from getting all over the kitchen as they are mixing. Here is an example of one five star testimonial: “I love the attachments: beaters, whisk, dough mixers and milkshake maker, but mostly I love the slow start. It really prevents making a mess. The buttons on top are intuitive and easy to use and very strong as well. I make a lot of mashed potatoes and this works well in the thick stages of making mashed potatoes.”

#2. Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer


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Cuisinart has been manufacturing a large variety of culinary appliances to be used in home kitchens since 1973. They are dedicated to bringing professional grade products to the homes of chefs across the world. Their high standard for quality products can be seen in our silver pick, which is the Cuisinart HM-90S. This hand mixer is designed to be a compact appliance that is easy to use in the kitchen and convenient to take on the road, since it only weighs about two and a half pounds.

This hand mixer is one of the most powerful available at this price range; in fact, it has an amazing 220 watts of power. More than power is needed in a hand mixer, speed is also required. This device is designed with nine different speeds. The first three are slower speeds that are designed to incorporate and slowly combine dry ingredients without causing a lot of splatter on the counters. Then, you can move on to the medium speeds that are used to simply combine and mix batters or the higher speeds that are used to create light and airy batters, like what you would use to make an angel food cake. In addition, no matter what speed you set the mixer on, it will incorporate the smooth start feature, which is a functionality that starts off slower than the speed you set it at to better incorporate the ingredients.

The power button is located on the handle along with a digital display and a means to increase or decrease the speed of the beaters. The handle itself is designed to easily and comfortably fit in the palm of your hand. Under the handle you will notice a button; this is the quick release button that allows you to remove the beaters without touching them when they are covered in batter. There is also a heel rest on the bottom of the device that is designed to set the mixer on the counter while it is not being used.

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All of the parts of this mixer that have any chance of coming in contact with any food item are all BPA free. The attachments are all made from stainless steel material, which means that they are not only durable, but they are also dishwasher safe. In addition, this hand mixer is designed to be used by anyone, whether they are left-handed or right-handed. The cord is designed to swivel to the location that you need it, and then it locks in place until you need to move it again.

This small appliance comes with two extra long beaters that are great for making cakes and brownies. It comes with a whisk that can be used to make a lemon meringue pie. Two dough hooks are also included, which can not only knead and combine the dough for bread, it can also be used to make pretzels, pie dough, and biscuits. In addition, a spatula is included with the purchase of this hand mixer as well as a convenient recipe book that will have you baking for a long while. Since so many attachments are included with this hand mixer, Cuisinart thought that including a convenient carrying container would be useful. It is a plastic storage bin that latches to the bottom of the hand mixer, which is a great way to make sure that all of the mixer attachments stay with the mixer.

This model is available in either a white or a chrome finish, which will look great in any kitchen. One feature that you will love is that this hand mixer is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for a period of three years after you purchase it, which is an exceptionally long period of time for hand mixers in this price range. When it comes to the reviews of this Cuisinart hand mixer, there are quite a few on Amazon. Out of all of the reviews posted on the site, 86 percent of them were given a positive rating by the consumers.

Here is an example of one five star testimonial from a consumer who is extremely happy with her purchase: “I must say that I have struggled with a hand mixer to always reach that true “creamed” state with sugars and butter very easily. Many times I would just add the egg and/or vanilla and order it to “cream already!!” This hand mixer makes the butter and sugars become creamed and fluffy in no time.”


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#3. Hamilton Beach 62695V Power Deluxe Hand Mixer


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With more than a century of manufacturing small household appliances under their belt, Hamilton Beach creates more than 33 million devices each year. The 62695V hand mixer is one of the products that were created to be a durable tool to assist you with your kitchen needs. It is a compact hand mixer that is designed to be lightweight and easy to use.

This Hamilton Beach hand mixer is fitted with a powerful 275 watt motor that is capable of running at six different speed settings. The slower settings are designed to prevent the dry ingredients from dusting up and covering the countertop, while the faster options can whip egg whites into a beautiful meringue. There is also a quick burst option for quickly mixing an ingredient into an already mixed batter. In addition, the back end of the mixer is indented to create a bowl rest for when the mixer is not being used.

All of the attachments that are included with this device are designed to be durable and dishwasher safe. Two standard beaters are included, but they do have a middle rod, so it is great that they are dishwasher safe to make cleaning up an easier task. A whisk also comes with this mixer, which will be a great addition for anyone who likes to bake, even if it is on occasion. A plastic storage bin is also part of this purchase. It gives you a convenient location to store your attachments, and it connects directly to the mixer, so that the attachments can never be misplaced. The storage compartment also has an easy to access door that is placed on the side of the unit.

Some other features that this hand mixer have going for it are the quick release for the attachments that is located on the handle. There is a wrap and snap cord design that gives you a convenient place to store the wiring of this hand mixer. In addition, when you purchase this Hamilton Beach Mixer, there is a one year warranty that is included to cover the cost of the parts and the labor during the first 12 months that you own the device.

When it comes to reviews, there is not a company that is better known in households across the country. Out of the almost 500 reviews posted on Amazon, a little over three fourths of them have given this hand mixer a rating of four or five stars. Many reviewers love the value that you get from this durable device. Here is one five star testimonial from a user who was satisfied with their purchase: “I found the Hamilton Beach Power Deluxe Hand Mixer to be handy and versatile. It’s light to hold but powerful enough to do the job. Its comes with two different styles of attachments which fit nicely in bottom of snap-on storage case(no more searching for the beaters at the last minute & which makes the mixer itself easier to store).”

#4. Proctor Silex 5-Speed Easy Mix Hand Mixer


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Everyone needs a dessert once in a while, especially those of us who are ballin’ on a budget. Many people think that having extra kitchen tools is an added expense that is not needed, but our budget option, which is the Proctor Silex 62507, proves that opinion is not a fact. Proctor Silex is a Hamilton Beach brand, so this is the second time they are seen on our list.

This hand mixer comes with a 100 watt power source that is great for mixing standard cake mixes and cookie batters. The device only weights 1.5 pounds, so it is a lightweight option for those of you who like to cook or bake on the go. This mixer is a budget option, so digital displays have been reduced to manual switches, but that is all that is required with this five speed mixer.

Designed with a simple style in mind, this device can only be purchased with a sleek black exterior, which will fit nicely with any kitchen décor. There are only two beaters included with this unit, but that will be able to cover most jobs that an amateur cook will need completed. The beaters are durable, but the manufacturer does suggest that they should be washed by hand instead of in a dishwasher. In addition, the back end of this hand mixer sports an indent that functions as a bowl rest.

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There are not many extra frills to experience when you purchase the Proctor Silex hand mixer, but if you are looking for a durable device that gets the job done, then this may be for you. In addition, it comes with a full one year warranty that will replace any parts that malfunction. Insofar as reviews, there are only about 350 on Amazon and 70 percent of those reviews have been given at least a four or a five star rating. Here is one such quality review: “I have a heavy-duty mixer but was looking for something lightweight that I could use to mix up lighter food such as brownies, cakes etc; things that didn’t require the use of the heavier mixer. I found exactly what I wanted in the Proctor Silex Hand Mixer.”

Pre-purchase considerations


The power of a hand mixer is measured in watts. A good mixer will typically range between 200 watts and 250 watts. Make sure that the hand mixer you select is powerful enough to whip potatoes and mix a heavy brownie batter without causing strain on the motor. If the device is struggling to mix even simple batters, then you may need a higher wattage to properly mix the ingredients that you need blended together. A good hand mixer has a combination of good power and good speed; having one without the other is like having a sports car with no gas pedal.


When you are mixing together ingredients, you will need to utilize different speeds throughout any given recipe. For instance, you will want to use a slower speed to mix together dry ingredients. If you mix them together too quickly, then you will more than likely have a mess to clean up on the counter top. If you are trying to make a soufflé or a meringue, then you will need to whip the egg and sugar combination at a faster speed to create an airy mixture that will be light and fluffy. Most hand mixers range from 200 RPMs to 400 RPMs, but you will be able to find professional grade mixtures that go above this speed. If you are a home chef, then you will want to find a hand mixer that has at least three speeds. You can find them with as many as seven speeds, but for the most balanced mixing options, you should select a model with three to five different speed options.

Attachment Functionality

When you select a hand mixer, you need to make sure that the one you choose is a versatile device. You will want to do many cooking tasks with the hand mixer, so the first important consideration to make is concerning the attachments. Make sure they lock into the mixer as a safety precaution that will ensure that they do not come loose while you are mixing. The basic beaters that come with most mixers are great for mixing together most items, but what about when you need additional functionality? Some hand mixers also include a whisk attachment, which is great for adding air to the batter that you are mixing together. It is great for creating meringues and whipped cream. Another attachment that you may want to consider is a dough hook. Some batters are thick, which can be hard for a traditional hand mixer attachment to work through. Having a dough hook is a great option for kneading bread or mixing together ingredients for a heavy brownie batter.

Ease of Use and Comfort Features

Hand mixers can be simple devices, but they can also have features that will be useful to have. For example, having a quick release button on the beaters will allow you to remove them from the mixer without touching them when they are covered in batter. Also make sure that the hand mixer you select has an ergonomic design that is going to be comfortable to use, especially when you have to mix or cream ingredients together for an extended period of time. You will want a lightweight option that basically feels like it is mixing the ingredients by itself.

Make sure that your electric cord is long enough to reach any place on your counter where you may need to use the mixer; in fact, some cords are able to swivel, which is great for a left-handed baker. In addition, silicone grips on the handle can help make sure that your hands can keep a firm grip on the device, even when your hands are wet. Also, make sure to consider how you will store your new mixer. Some devices come with storage containers that keep all of the attachments with the unit, but not all have this feature, so you may have to make sure that your cabinet space can accommodate the appliance you purchase.

Style and Design

Some people have a color theme or a certain style of décor in their kitchen. If you want your appliances to match your kitchen, then you may want to consider that before you purchase one. They are available in colors such as black, white, red, or even stainless steel. Some design aspects of a hand mixer are also functionally important as well. One such feature is a bowl rest, which is an indentation on underside of the mixer that provides a place to rest the mixer on the bowl without causing a mess in your work space.

Easy to Clean

Old mixers have a lot of crevasses where food can venture into, which is extremely hard to clean, especially that tiny space around the outer edge of the buttons. Hand mixers of today can have digital displays that can simply be wiped clean. The beaters are made from stainless steel, which can easily be placed inside of a dishwasher to be cleaned. Also, not all beaters are designed the same way. If you get a beater with a center post, the batter will most likely just cling to the center part of the beater, which is hard to reach. Make sure to avoid center posts so that the beaters can easily be licked clean before they are placed in the dishwasher.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

In the world of cooking, a hand mixer is a great tool to have, but knowing exactly what features are important can be troubling. Take a look at our pre-purchase considerations as well as our gold through our ballin’ on a budget picks, and decide what you need for your kitchen. Comfort, efficiency, and quality are some of the considerations you need to make, but is the color of the hand mixer important to you? Do you need specific attachments to accommodate your baking addiction? Once you consider what you cook the most and the features you need on your hand mixer, then you will be on your way to making a purchase that will benefit your cooking style for years to come, especially if you bake on a frequent basis.

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