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Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart, Best Head Shaver, Good Head Shavers

Our Top Pick for 2019: Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart

In today’s society, many individuals, men and women, have decided that bald is beautiful. Without the natural process of male and female pattern balding in play, many simply shave their heads to achieve that shiny, smooth-headed look that’s more en vogue today. While this is an almost guaranteed way to achieve an almost entirely bald pate, standard razors aren’t really designed for removing the hair that you have on your head. For the most part this is because of the natural curvature of your head and the straightness of the standard razor, but this can also have something to do with the coarseness and grain of scalp hair as well. To help solve this shortcoming of standard razors, the head shaver was invented. With this device you can cut your head hair much easier and soon has that balded section or gleaming scalp that you crave. To help you find the device that will work best for your scalp, we’ve created this guide to provide some literature that you can use to help you on your way.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Best Head Shavers:


#1. Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart 

Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart, Best Head Shaver, Good Head Shaver, Best Head Shavers

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Skull Shaver is a company that’s very name is a testament to its product goals; the majority of its products are designed to simply shave your head with as little difficulty as possible. They have an extensive line of shavers, for both women and men that use various cutting systems to completely remove excess scalp hair with ease. Of this wide catalog of skull shavers, there is one that the company has received the most accolades for, Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart Head Shaver. This device, which is regularly at the top of many “best of” lists, is well-fitted as our Gold Pick, since it is beloved by both consumers and critical groups alike.

To start, when you see the Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart Head Shaver, you’ll think it looks a bit odd. There is a largish cube at the top that is supported by a column-like midsection, which rests atop a four-cornered “foot”. Despite this unique aesthetic design, the Bald Eagle Smart has a very functional, easy to use the design that has earned it accolades aplenty.

The large cube-like surface structure houses the motor and the controls. On its topmost section, you’ll find a small LCD that will alert you to the device’s power level and mode. The power button is also located in this part of the head shaver, and despite its block-like design, you’ll find that this part of the Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart Head Shaver is very easy to hold; partially because it has finger grips on the underside so that you won’t be able to drop it easily.

The base “foot” of the unit sports five rotary blades units. These blade units of the Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart Head Shaver are designed to capture as much hair as possible and house five spinning cutters that complete 10500 revolutions per minute to ensure that should a follicle be missed; the blades will be back around again in no time flat. One of the coolest features of this rotary shaving structure is the fact that each circular shaving assembly is mounted directly on a separate structure that can pivot and adjust to the shape of your skull. This ensures that this device will avoid the issue where your shaver can’t cut that area where your skull and your neck meet.

Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart Head Shaver is also easy to clean. Simply submerge the shaving assembly in a cup of water and turn it on. Since it’s water resistant, this won’t hard the device and it’ll be able to release any leftover hairs that are left inside of it. After cleaning, you can charge the device through any wall outlet, and when you need to take it on the go, Skull Shaver was kind enough to include a carrying pouch for your convenience.

The Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart Head Shaver has 1,218 reviews on Amazon as of this writing, and of these reviews, 70 percent are positive. The overall consensus is that this is a great device that you’ll need to maintain in order to get the best performance out of it. Here is an example of a five-star review:

“I have always wanted to get Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart Head Shaver but hesitate because it seemed like it would be too weak. Well, I was completely wrong. I’ve been using it for about two months and it is worth every penny.”

#2. Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Balding Clipper Shaver

Wahl Professional 5-star Series Balding Clipper Head Shaver, Best Head Shavers, Good Head Shaver

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Wahl has been producing hair cutting products for humans and animals since 1967. During that almost 50 year history, they’ve developed one of the first cordless clippers and the first mustache and beard trimmer commercially available to consumers. Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Balding Clipper Head Shaver, which is our Silver Pick product, has a lot going for it. It blends traditional clipper design with a powerful motor to ensure that you’ll get all the clipping power that’s required; right when you need it.

To start, it should be noted that Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Balding Clipper Head Shaver is actually heavily used in many barbershops across the country due to its well-known versatility. The clipper comes with an adjustment attachment so that you can vary the height of the cut. Aesthetically, the device looks like many of the Wahl clippers that you’ll find on the market today. It has a red coloration with an easy to grip handle that extends for about five inches, from front to back. This is a wired device, but you’ll have no problem with pulling, as this device has about eight feet of cable to work with. The cutting assembly is topped with a metal plate that will help you properly position the clipper.

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A problem that is often reported with Wahl Professional 5-star Series Balding Clipper Head Shaver is the fact that some of them, with their constantly moving vibrating motors, can get hot to the touch. Fortunately, Wahl has found a way to reduce the ambient heat that’s generated by these types of motor, resulting in a set of clippers that you can run for hours without uncomfortable overheating.

Internally, Wahl Professional 5-star Series Balding Clipper Head Shaver has a powerful motor powering its cuts. While many of the clippers on the market today feature a V5000 motor, this balding clipper actually features a V9000 oscillating motor that almost doubles the previous motor’s output. Also, since this clipper is required to cut very close and very accurately, the blades are positioned closer to the scalp than with traditional clippers. The blades are also comprised of surgical quality steel, so that you’ll know you’re getting the cut you need. There is one caveat with this cutting system: you can actually cut yourself very easily with these, which isn’t typical of these types of clippers.

With the purchase of Wahl Professional 5-star Series Balding Clipper Head Shaver, Wahl has also included a brush for keeping the clipper clean, some oil to keep it running smoothly, an edge guard for storage, and the aforementioned two cutting guides.

On Amazon, this Wahl Professional 5-star Series Balding Clipper Head Shaver is a very popular product with over 1400 reviews on the site, of these, 84 percent are positive reviews, with the general consensus that this clipper will cut closer than the majority of its competition. Here is an example of a review:

“I purchased this Wahl Professional 785110 5-star Series Balding Clipper because my fiancé’s old one is really dull. I am really impressed on how sharp is this product. I trim my fiancé’s hair within 5 minutes… It really exceeds my expectation. I like the style and it’s not that heavy which is great. I just wish it came with a bag. For its price, it’s definitely worth it to buy…”

#3. Wahl Professional 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver Shaper

Wahl Professional 5-star Series Rechargeable Head Shaver Shaper, Best Head Shavers, Good Head Shavers

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Our Bronze Pick is Wahl Professional 5-star Series Rechargeable Head Shaver Shaper of hair removal devices. Wahl, once again, displays its expertise in all things clipping with a device that’s not just an excellent hair cutter but also has built-in portability and wireless functionality; right out of the box.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Wahl Professional 5-star Series Rechargeable Head Shaver Shaper is a foil-based shaver shaper. It’s relatively small; only about three inches from top to bottom, and like our Silver Pick, is colored red and black. The foil-based cutting surfaces are gold colored and are crafted of a hypoallergenic metal that is designed to grant you a “bump free shave”. You can change the heads on this device via the button located on its side, simply depress and the foil will be removable. Wahl offers a few choices for heads for this shaver, so it’s worth looking into when you want a different cut.

As we’ve mentioned, Wahl Professional 5-star Series Rechargeable Head Shaver Shaper is a wireless-capable device. You can simply charge it with the included cable and use it while tethered to an external power source, or you can remove the cable and rely on the device’s internal power reserves when you need to cut the hair on your scalp and a power outlet isn’t convenient. For ease of storage and safety, Wahl also has included a blade guard, so that the foil is protected when not in use. In addition to this, they’ve also included a cleaning brush that’ll keep the device free of detritus over its years of use.

On Amazon, out of the 1619 reviews for this Wahl Professional 5-star Series Rechargeable Head Shaver Shaper, about 69 percent are positive. Here is an example of a testimonial from a military professional who uses this device:

“As an African-American military member, Wahl Professional 5-star Series Rechargeable Head Shaver Shaper is the closet shaver I have found that does not leave my face with ingrown hairs two days later. I am very impressed with it. I used to use Wahl beard trimmers turned upside down, and sometimes the BumpStopper razors. This is, by far, the best product for a very, very close shave and yet no razor bumps. If only it cost a little less, I would like to buy them as a Xmas gift for every professional black men in my family.”

#4. Headblade Sport Ultimate Head Shaver

Headblade Sport Ultimate Head Shaver, Best Head Shavers, Good Head Shavers

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The Headblade Sport Ultimate Head Shaver is one of the most well-known head shavers on the market today. It has been readily available for 16 years now, and has experienced many accolades, including being awarded one of the ten best designs of 2000 by Time Magazine. Since then, many other products have come into the limelight, but many can’t question the simple effectiveness of the Headblade; our Ballin’ on a Budget Pick.

Firstly, the Headblade Sport Ultimate Head Shaver is kind of shaped like a little car; it even has wheels that let you glide it easily across your head. There is a rubberized finger grip to help you hold the little device. To use Headblade Sport Ultimate Head Shaver, simply run the wheeled razor across the surface of your scalp; the blade assembly will even pivot as you go, so that you don’t miss any of your scalp’s features.

There are no mechanical parts, so cleaning this Headblade Sport Ultimate Head Shaver is akin to the way you’d clean any other standard razor. One thing is recommended though, you should try and use the company’s head glide product, as it will make it much easier to slide the wheels and blades across the surface of your scalp. It is recommended that you use the Headblade only when you have about three days worth of hair or less, as longer hair can interfere with the sliding process.

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On Amazon, there are currently only 11 reviews for Headblade Sport Ultimate Head Shaver, with a 91 percent five-star rating. The other nine percent are four star ratings, so the only reviews on the site are positive. Here is an example of a five-star review:

“Headblade Sport Ultimate Head Shaver works great, just as advertised. My wife laughed when I got it today. After I used it, she thought it did an amazing job.”

Pre-purchase considerations when choosing a good head shaver

Ability to Cut Accurately Around Your Scalp

Scalps are miraculously varied things, but unfortunately, with all of the different shaped scalps in the world; it’s really hard to find a blade that will cut all scalps easily. A scalp can have folds on the underside, an egg-like shaping, or even a more rounded flat oval shaping, so it’s hard to have a one-size-fits-all type of razor. Fortunately, as you’ve seen in our guide, different head shavers have different solutions to this overarching problem. Some have blades that actively pivot in order to take into account the disparate shapes that a scalp can have, some have natural curves that work on mot head types, and most are designed to get as close as possible, so that your head will appear completely hairless on top. Most head shaving systems work in accurately removing hair from the head, so it’ll be a matter of which system you like the best.

Ease of Cleaning

When you’re getting a close shave, you better believe that there’ll be a lot of tiny pieces of hair to contend with. How a shaver manages these tiny hairs is a great way to judge how easy the best head shaver is to clean. In cases like our ballin’ pick, it’s just a matter of running your device under some water and removing all of the lather that you can from your scalp and your device, but in cases like all of the mechanical devices that we’ve featured in our guide, it might be slightly more complicated. For some mechanical devices, you’ll have to remove or expose a compartment that catches all of these tiny hairs, which can be relatively easy to manage, and some devices can even be fully submerged in order to clean them completely. In any case, before you make a purchase, try and consider the cleaning process for one of these products so that you know what you’re in for.

Cuts per minute

This can also be measured in revolutions per minute on rotary blade systems. In any situation, how many cuts per minute your head shaver makes really depends on the manufacturers specifications, but as a general rule, you want a shaver that can make a lot of cuts quickly, since this will simplify the grooming process greatly. Since there are two systems of cutting with powered devices, it might get confusing. Here are a couple of examples from our guide to make it easier.

• Gold Pick: This is a rotary type of device, meaning it operates in a RPM, or rotations per minute mode. The blades on this type rotate and the amount of cuts per minute are based on how many times the rotating blade cuts the same area as it spins.

• Silver Pick: This is a clipper-style device, meaning that the blades move side to side cutting as they move. You’d typically measure these types of devices in cuts per minute, or CPM. Typically, you’ll have a higher cutting rate with this type since there is less action on the blades.

Powered vs. Electric Head Shaver

There are several models of each on the market today, so making a decision on a device that is human-powered in its cutting system versus one that will need to be plugged in or charged, can be difficult. Honestly, both have their plusses and minuses, so let’s do a little comparison:

• Human-powered shavers: These can vary in shape and size, with some looking like toy vehicles that wheel across your head while cutting to rounded shavers that look like the devices that you cut your beard with. By their nature, these shavers are usable in the shower since they are unpowered and you can also change the blade when it gets dull, but there are negatives too. Firstly, your head will bleed for ages if you nick yourself with one of these, and it’s really easy to irritate your scalp with one of these types of devices as well.

• Electric-powered shavers: These are great; especially if you need to cut quickly and go about your day. There’s very little struggle with this type, though you can expect to have to do a lot of your cutting outside the shower, since not all of these are completely waterproof. Also, you might not get as close a shave with an electrical head shaver, though this will vary from model to model.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Shaving the scalp is made much easier by the devices that we’ve featured in this guide. They will each cut your hair down to your skin and provide a shiny new look for you to show off in your day-to-day life. To achieve the bald look that you want, you can use a plethora of devices similar to the ones we’ve featured here, but our picks are still some of the best that are available on the market. Still, if these don’t work for you, please don’t neglect to use our pre-purchase section to find the best head shaver that’ll provide a little extra luster to your life.


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