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Sunbeam Quilted Polyester Heated Mattress Pad

Our Top Pick for 2019: Sunbeam Quilted Polyester Heated Mattress Pad

Winters are tough, especially for those who always seem to be cold no matter what the weather conditions are. We can wrap up in tons of blankets and crank the heat up, but can never seem to find a comfortable temperature. Luckily there are products that are designed to keep us warm despite everything else we may try to do. One of the great things about a heated mattress pad is that you can turn down your heat and save a fair amount of money on your bills. What could possibly be better than staying warm during the cold winter nights and saving money while you do it?

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Sunbeam Quilted Polyester Heated Mattress Pad

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There are so many different benefits to using a heated mattress topper, some of which include a lower gas bill and tons of warmth. One of the least apparent reasons to get a mattress topper however may lie in the fact that is also doubles as a mattress topper. If you have had your mattress so long you can’t even remember when you got it, you probably have some weak spots and dips in the fabric like most couches get when they become too old. If you purchase a heated mattress pad, not only will your mattress be warm and stay warm throughout the night, but it will also make your old mattress a lot more comfortable.

Sunbeam is a relatively well known household name that has been bringing heated products to families for years. No matter if you’re looking for a heated mattress, heated pad or even an entire blanket, you can rest assured that with Sunbeam you are getting a wonderful product that will keep you warm for years to come. This product in particular is able to bring you an entire heated mattress pad to keep you warm and cozy despite the cold winter weather.

Created out of 100% polyester, if you choose to sleep right on the mattress topper itself, you will be surrounded by so much warmth and happiness you never knew you could feel during the winter. Polyester fabrics and fibers tend to be extremely strong and will withhold years of issue-free use and kids jumping up and down on the bed. It is also well known for being durable and resistant to most chemicals, stretching out and will not shrink when you choose to wash it. In addition to all of these other wonderful features, it will remain wrinkle resistant so you can enjoy a smooth feeling free of wrinkles and lumps when you settle down at night.

This quilted mattress pad in particular features a dual zone temperature control for comfort if you and your partner tend to be picky about room temperatures. If one of you likes it cooler than the other, you no longer have to get up during the middle of the night and turn the thermostat down or up when you find you aren’t comfortable with the temperature. In fact, with this heated mattress pad alone you may be able to turn the heat off as a whole. Before you go to bed, you and your partner can set your ideal temperature that you would both be most comfortable at and drift off to sleep. One of you can even choose to not set a temperature at all if there is only one cold person in the room. This is a great option for those who tend to have different levels of temperatures where they feel most comfortable.

The controller has a total of 10 different heat settings that range from 1 to 10 for you to choose your ideal temperature. If you tend to also be forgetful when it comes to turning things off, there is a 10 hour auto-off function that will automatically turn the heated mattress pad off. This however, cannot be disabled if you want it to stay at the same temperature for longer than 10 hours. It is fairly easy to turn it back on though if you find that you outlast the 10 hour auto-off feature.

When you lay down on this mattress pad, you will feel nothing but softness throughout the entire blanket as a whole and you won’t have to worry about feeling any uncomfortable wiring while you sleep. When this mattress pad was created, the wires were specifically woven through the pad to give you the comfort you want when laying on top of a mattress. There is also a total of 5 ounces of fill throughout the mattress to keep it nice and plump despite the amount of weight on the bed or the length of time is it being used for. With a total of 140 thread count, you can rest assured that this is one of the softest heated mattress pads out there and you will be warm and comfortable with this for many years to come. Sunbeam also uses a softness rating that ranges from soft, extra soft, ultra-soft and finally premium soft for ultimate softness. This mattress pad in particular lands right on the ultra-soft scale.

Lastly, when purchasing a heated mattress pad, keep in mind that this could be a wonderful product for those who have back issues or achy joints. Instead of purchasing a heating pad for one specific area of your body, why not have a heating pad for your entire body? This is a great product that comes in an all-white color and is available to fit a twin sized bed for $47.44, Twin XL for $54.64, Full for $69.99, Queen for $94.57 and King for $109.99 on Amazon.

#2. Soft Heat Micro-Plush Top Low-Voltage Electric Heated Mattress Pad

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For this choice the name quite literally describes the product that you will be purchasing. It will keep you warm while remaining very soft to the touch for you and anybody else who chooses to use it. As for the company making it, Perfect Fit Industries is a respected American textile company that was founded in 1932 and has since been providing wonderful products to its loyal customers. Ever since 2000, they began producing excellent quality warming blankets and heated mattress pads. Overall, reviews of a variety of their mattress pads have been very positive. When 2004 rolled around they converted all of the warming products to the “Safe and Warm” technology to give their customers the additional peace of mind that they needed when heating blankets were beginning to become quite a fire hazard. With the low voltage system, you can rest assured that you will be sleeping safe and sound during the many nights you are using this mattress pad.

One of the main reasons this mattress pad is so popular is because of the small and thin wires that keep you safe from fire hazards as well as prevent you from feeling them through the padding. Traditional wires have been thick and rigid so they don’t lay flat, and are easily detectable underneath the fabric. Because of this, not only is the blanket uncomfortable, but there are also many spots that are too hot, and many more that are too cold. Due to their patented technology, Perfect Fit has created a mattress pad that uses thin flexible wires that will lay flat throughout the padding so they remain unnoticeable to the human touch.

They will also deliver an even and consistent warmth throughout the mattress.
When it comes time to clean your mattress topper, it is easier than ever since some traditional models made it extremely hard to keep them clean before. This is surprisingly machine washable and will be able to withstand many future wash and dry cycles to come. Once you’ve finished washing it, feel free to throw it right into the dryer and you are all set to go. It will heat up quickly when you are ready to use it due to the pre-heat function. No more shivering during the night. Simply turn it on when you’re getting ready for bed, and by the time you hop in your bed will be nice and toasty. The overall fabric of the mattress pad is a luxurious micro-velour so if you choose to, feel free to just lay right on top of the mattress topper.

Just as with the previous mattress topper option, this also has built in temperature controls if you and your partner disagree on what the temperature should be set at. Before you go to sleep, simply set it at your own preference and you are all set to go. It also has the auto off function so if you haven’t done so yourself, the mattress pad will turn off after 10 hours of use. If you are interested in purchasing this warm mattress pad off of Amazon, it is available for $63.99 in a Twin size, $90.01 for Full, $110.62 for queen, $127.99 in King and finally $133.02 for a California King. Keep in mind that only the Queen and up sizes have dual temperature controls on either side of the pad.

#3. Serta Sherpa Plush Electric Heated Mattress Pad

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Up next on our list is a product by the very well-known Serta Company. Serta can easily be considered a pioneer when it comes to comfort since they introduced their very first Perfect Sleeper mattress in 1931. Since then they have created many different firsts when it comes to the mattress world including the iComfort Sleep System and gel memory foam technology. They are labeled as the #1 mattress manufacturer in the United States and are considered a leading brand across the world. If you choose to purchase this mattress topper, you can be sure you are purchasing something that will last you for many years to come.

Serta uses only the highest quality fabrics in their products and this one is no exception. The mattress pad as a whole is made out of 100% polyester as well so it will remain extremely durable and is a very comfortable fabric. Unlike most heated mattress pads, this will not only provide you with unlimited warmth to get you through the winter months, but it also features an exceptionally plush material. This is probably the most mattress topper like material in the review so far, and will give your old mattress the additional comfort it needs to give you a restful sleep. The pad as a whole will wrap around your old mattress and can fit any mattress that is up to 18 inches deep. Not only will you be able to fit it around one mattress, but if you choose to you should be able to get it around your box spring as well.

Completely programmable, the digital controller has a dual zone individual control so you and your partner don’t have to duke it out at night over what the temperature should be set to. Every person is an individual with different preferences and your mattress pad should offer absolutely nothing less. The built in timer will also keep you comfortable at night so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on too long or forgetting to run it off when you get out of bed in the morning.

Unique to this mattress pad in particular is the 19 foot power cord that gives you easy placement of your mattress. If your bed is nowhere near an outlet, or the outlets are all taken up by alarm clocks and phone cords, you won’t have to worry about getting an extension cord out to try and make the topper reach. This cord has the ability to go long and far with no issues at all. If by any chance you purchase this mattress pad and find that you aren’t fully satisfied with the product, it does come with a 3 year warranty so you can return it for a replacement or a refund. We highly doubt you will need to though. This mattress pad can be purchased on Amazon for $53.20 in Twin size, $85 for a Full, $122.24 for a queen, $123 for a King and only $54.39 for a California King.

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#4. Sunbeam Non-Woven Thermofine Heated Electric Mattress Pad

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Last but most definitely not least on our list comes another Sunbeam product to consider. Once again Sunbeam is a top company that only delivers top products, so don’t think that since this is our budget pick that is would be of any lesser quality that the previous options on this list. The Budget pick in our reviews simply means that if you are on a budget, there is a great option for you that you can purchase without spending too far out of your comfort range, and you can also enjoy the same great quality that is seen on other options in this article.

Overall, this mattress is another top notch choice that makes it even harder to pick and choose what one you want from this review. With a 100% polyester fill, there is no doubt that this will last you a lifetime and any sort of spills and drops you may have on this topper. It can wrap around mattresses that are 16 inches deep so you won’t have to worry about it slipping off and bunching up.

One of the worst things about purchasing any sort of topper for your mattress is the idea of it slipping off during the middle of the night. Not only will it make your position more uncomfortable, but it will also make you get up in the middle of the night to adjust. No worries with the pad though, you won’t have to ever worry about this problem since it is so deep.

When you turn your heat down a little bit and plug this blanket in, you can save up to 10% a year on your heating bills. It truly is as simple as that. This mattress pad will keep you warmer than your thermostat could no matter how high you turned it up. There just never seemed to be any sort of cure for those cold toes at night. While this may not have quite as many different heat settings as the other options did, this one will offer you 5 different temperatures to choose from. No matter how cold it is, this is guaranteed to keep you toasty and warm. This once again does offer dual controls so you and your partner can agree to disagree about the most comfortable temperatures at night.

Finally, this mattress pad features a 5 year limited warranty so you can return it or replace it for a full refund if you are unhappy for any reason. This mattress pad is offered on Amazon in a Queen size for $64.95 and King size for $69.95.

Pre-purchase considerations

How soft would you like the fabric to be?

While not all of the mattress pads on this list come with the super easy Sunbeam softness scale, you’ll still have to choose how soft you want your fabric to be. A majority of the mattresses on this review are made with some sort of polyester which is not only durable and easily washable, but it is also very soft to the touch. There is also a micro-velour fabric if that is something you are interested in. However, if you plan on using sheets on top of this heated mattress topper, you have nothing to work about when it comes to softness.

How thick is your mattress?

While most of the mattress pads on this list are thick enough to hold a wide variety of different mattresses, double check what the height of your mattress is before you make your final purchase choice. Most of these can hold at least 16 inches, but there is one on here that will hold up to 18 inches if you have an extra thick mattress.


These are all generally easy to wash believe it or not. Even though they do have wires running through them to keep them warm, they can be washed like any old sheets can. Just keep in mind the precise washing instructions before you purchase something to make sure they don’t have any specific requirements.

How many different temperature settings do you need?

If you are planning on using this topper alone, you only have to consider what your preferences are and nothing else. However, if you plan on using this with a partner or having children sleep on top of it, keep in mind how specific their requirements are. Most of the options above have a maximum of 10 different heat settings, however there is one that only has 5. While this may not be a make or break part of your decision, if you plan to purchase this for someone who is very specific about temperature you may want to spring for the one with 10 different settings.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

All in all, not matter what option you choose from the list above, you will wind up very happy and warm for the colder months of the year. Each one brings its own unique qualities to the table and is sure to satisfy.

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