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Bauer Vapor X600 Griptac Senior Composite Hockey Stick

Our Top Pick for 2019: Bauer Vapor X600 Griptac Senior Composite Hockey Stick

Hockey is a sport of speed, precision, power and finesse. Weaving through opposing players while trying to protect the puck is no easy task. To be a great hockey player, you must be a master of control, and to have great control over the puck, you must have a great hockey stick. But how do you find a great hockey stick? What kind of stick can give you the touch, feel, and power needed to control the puck at your maximum ability? The following four sticks are great choices that will provide you exactly what you need.



#1. Bauer Vapor X600 Griptac Senior Composite Hockey Stick

Bauer Vapor X600 Griptac Senior Composite Hockey Stick Gold Pick

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Founded in 1927, Bauer has a long history of making great hockey equipment, from helmets to skates to sticks. When people hear the name Bauer, they think hockey. But not only do they think hockey; they also think of quality and prestige. It should then come as no surprise that the Bauer Vapor X600 Griptac Senior Composite Hockey Stick is one of the most prestigious sticks on the market today. It features quality in every aspect of its construction, from its technologically advanced blade, to its excellent grip-ability and firm but forgiving shaft.

The Vapor X600 is simply the best hockey stick on the market at the moment. There are a great many reasons for this. A two-piece construction, and composite material keep the stick lightweight, durable, and powerful, making it very effective and practical for hockey players of any level.

Let’s talk about the flexibility of the shaft. It has a flex rating of 87 on a scale of 75-115, meaning that it has a pretty flexible shaft for a stick of its length and kind. The lower the number on the scale, the more flexible the shaft is. Because this shaft is relatively flexible, this stick would be most appropriate for puck handlers such as forwards. The flexibility provides a great amount of power on wrist shots, and gives the puck handler excellent feel for precise and controlled handling. The shaft can be found in 3 different types: P88 Lie 6, P92 Lie 6, and PM9 Lie 5. It has a tapered carbon composite design with a Griptac finish that provides you with a fantastic grip, and lightweight feel, making the stick easy to hold and control. All of this added together equals a stealth, powerful shaft that makes close range wrist shots easy.

As far as the blade of the stick goes, it has an accentuated upward trajectory, making it great for getting shots high in a hurry. The blade is also very stiff and has a low kick point, giving it a large and effective sweet spot. This makes it an excellent stick for players who spend a lot of time around the opposing team’s goal and need to get shots off in a hurry. It’s probably not an ideal stick for defenders because it won’t provide as much control on long range shots and passes, but that’s really up to personal style and preference.

The stick can be purchased with either a left-handed blade or right-handed blade. Connecting the shaft and blade is a basket weave that ensures excellent and long-lasting durability. With a shaft measuring in at 60 inches long, it’s a great stick for any teenager or adult, whether they’re short or tall.
Online reviewers laud this stick for how light it is as well as its ability to withstand wear and tear. One reviewer noted that he had been using the stick for an entire season and that it was still in great condition despite many slapshots, wrist shots, and puck battles. Reviewers have also stated that it works great for both ice hockey and street hockey.

The only flaw reported by online reviewers was that the stick wore down faster on road than on ice. This, however, is typical, meaning it’s not a flaw that should be worried about too much.

The Bauer Vapour X600 Griptac Senior Composite Hockey Stick is the best stick on our list because of its lightweight, but powerful construction that affords puck handlers superb control and precision. It’s price of $59.99 is very affordable and cheap for a stick of its caliber, making it a great stick for players of all levels.

#2. Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp 1020 Power Force Hockey Stick

Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp 1020 Power Force Hockey Stick

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Franklin is a company renowned for making quality sports equipment of all kinds. From baseball to basketball to soccer to hockey, they’re a leading entity in the sporting equipment industry. When it comes to hockey, Franklin specializes in making great street hockey sticks. Currently, their gold standard street hockey stick is the Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp 1020 Power Force Hockey Stick. It combines quality construction with powerful technology to create a stick that is both functional and durable. An excellent choice for newcomers to the game, it’s also a quality stick for any street hockey player looking for a great stick at an affordable price.

What makes the 1020 Power Force such a great street hockey stick is its ability to endure a great deal of wear and tear without losing any of its effectiveness. If you purchase this stick, you can be sure that you’re purchasing a product that you can use for a long time.

The shaft of the stick is made from a multi-ply poplar and birch combination, making it very stiff and durable. This allows it to withstand falls and soften a great deal of the damage inflicted by other sticks when fighting other players for the ball. Though the shaft is stiff, it is not necessarily a bad stick for forwards and puck handlers to use. Because street hockey is typically played with a ball instead of a puck, shaft flex is not quite as important as in ice hockey. This is because it’s easier to control and manipulate a ball than it is for a puck, meaning a flexible shaft is not a necessity for quality wrist shots and precise handling. In addition to the shaft’s durable construction, it’s very lightweight, making it easy to carry and move around.

Now let’s talk about the blade of the stick. Made out of high impact polymer, the blade provides a lot of power while also withstanding a lot of abuse. And if the blade does wear down, it can be easily replaced with another one. This is because two screws strongly connect the blade to the shaft. The screws do a great job of keeping the blade in place, but if you ever need to replace it, it’s very simple to unscrew. A molded Shot-Zone texture covers the blade, allowing for precise and controlled handling and shooting. It has a slight upward curve to make wrist shots easier, but as with the shaft, because it’s primarily created for playing with a ball instead of a puck, it works for either forwards or defensemen.

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The stick can be purchased in either a right-handed or left-handed model and comes in a bevy of different colors, including blue, yellow, green, and others. It can also be purchased at either 40 inches or 52 inches, making it a great choice for 6 and 7 year olds as well as adults who are on the shorter side.

Online reviewers love this stick for how durable it is at such an affordable price. Many parents bought this as the first stick for their 6 or 7 year old and have said that their children think it’s great. One reviewer was in high school and said that he uses the stick all the time with absolutely no problems. It’s a great stick for people just getting into the game.

The one true flaw of the stick is that it’s not a good stick for playing ice hockey. The blade is too thin to be allowed in most ice hockey leagues, and even if it was allowed, it would not be a great blade for hitting a puck.

Overall, the 1020 Power Force is a great stick for casual and serious street hockey players. Whether you’re buying it for your son or daughter as their first stick, or you’re buying it for yourself so that you can join in with your friends, it offers durability and functionality at a reasonable price.


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#3. Mylec 57-Inch Ultra Curve Air Flo Pro Stick

Mylec 57-Inch Ultra Curve Air Flo Pro Stick

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For decades and decades, Mylec Hockey has been making some of the best street hockey gear around. They have always been on the cutting edge of street hockey technology. In the 1970s, they created the first no bounce street hockey ball which helped to popularize the sport and bring it to a new level. Another example of their cutting edge technology is their Air Flo blade which reduces resistance on shots and cuts down on the overall weight of the stick. The Mylec 57-Inch Ultra Curve Air Flo Pro Stick is currently the best Mylec stick on the market. It makes use of this Air Flo technology, providing excellent touch and feel to street hockey players of all skill levels.

The stick’s shaft is reasonably firm which keeps it from breaking under the stress of the hard asphalt and concrete that it’s meant for. As with any street hockey stick, the flexibility of the shaft is not as important as with an ice hockey stick. Because you’ll be playing with a ball, you won’t have a need for as much stick whip, meaning that a stiff shaft with reduced stick whip will be just as effective as a flexible shaft with added stick whip. In short, the shaft is still very good for wrist shots and ball handling, making it a great stick for both forwards and defenders. Helping to provide the wooden shaft with stiffness and durability is a Mulit laminate that toughens it up while keeping it light and easy to carry.

Glued to the bottom of the shaft is the blade which is lightweight and fiberglass reinforced, making it both quick and durable. One online reviewer said that the blade was twice as thick as any other blade he had used before, making it even more durable. In addition, its Air Flo design, which is essentially three holes in the top half of the blade, helps to reduce weight and wind resistance against the blade. This will make slap shots smoother as well as provide a quicker and more precise touch and feel while ball handling and taking shorter shots. The blade has a slight upward curve, helping you to get the ball up quickly and with minimal effort so that you can handle the ball superbly around the goal. In the case of street hockey, this stick is appropriate for both forwards and defenders.

The stick can be purchased with either a right-handed blade or a left-handed blade, though the left-handed one costs a bit more money. Measuring in at 57 inches, the stick is best fit for someone around 6 feet tall. However, many people above and below that height have used the stick with no complaints.

Online reviewers laud the stick for how durable it is, saying that they can be as hard as they want on it without it showing any signs of wear. The one exception to this is, of course, on the blade, which wears down over time with too much asphalt friction. Reviewers also love the stiffness of the shaft, as it’s a lot stiffer than other shafts of its kind.

One complaint from an online reviewer is that the blade is glued to the shaft. Because of this, it’s impossible to replace the blade when it gets worn down. You have to buy a completely new stick instead. Another complaint is that the stick can’t be used for ice hockey, as it doesn’t meet regulations.

All in all, the Mylec Ultra Curve is an excellent street hockey stick for teenagers and adults. It’s durable, functional, lightweight, and easy to hold. If you’re looking for a street hockey stick that offers performance and durability, this stick will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

#4. Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick

Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick

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If you’re buying a hockey stick on a budget, this Mylec stick is definitely one to look at. It can be found for as low as 6 dollars on many online retail sites. It’s made with the same expertise and care that Mylec puts into all of their equipment, meaning it’s still of very high quality despite its price.

Let’s talk about the shaft first. Made out of solid wood, it’s very firm, making it perfect mixing it up with some friends in an aggressive street hockey game. It won’t snap under pressure or whither away before its time. As with all street hockey sticks, the shaft flexibility is not terribly important. You will still be able to handle the ball and snap off wicked wrist shots with little effort. This means that it’s a great stick for both forwards and defenders.

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The blade of the stick is made out of a flexible, but tough plastic that provides extra whip to wrist and slap shots, making it very useful around the goal. It’s made with a Jet Flo design, reducing weight and wind resistance, and ensuring the quickest and most precise shot possible. To help get the ball up quickly, the blade has a slight upward trajectory, making it easy for you to flip shots above the sticks of your opponents.

The stick can be purchased with either a right-handed blade or a left-handed blade. Attaching the blade securely to the shaft is two screws which can be undone at your convenience. This means that you can replace blades whenever they get worn down by asphalt, giving the stick a very long lifespan. It can be ordered in 43 inches, 48 inches, and 53 inches which makes it a good stick for small children and adults up to around 5’10”.

Online reviewers laud the stick for being durable and functional at a very low price. Many parents bought this stick as the first one for their child, stating that their children beat on it pretty hard without it becoming damaged. Many reviewers loved the blade of the stick in particular, noting that it was very hard and capable of connecting solidly with balls or pucks.

A few reviewers said that the shaft was not the most comfortable to hold and that they could feel vibrations through it when they hit the ball. Also, it does not meet the standard for organized ice hockey, meaning that it’s only good as a street hockey stick. But at such a low price, you can’t expect it to measure up to the standard of ice hockey sticks.

If you’re a casual hockey player that just wants to play casual street hockey with you friends and family, the Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo is a great hockey stick to purchase. It provides you with durability and functionality that far exceeds it’s low price.

Pre-purchase considerations

Shaft Flexibility

Shaft flexibility is one of the most important aspects of any hockey stick. A shaft with too much flexibility might have trouble holding the weight of heavier players. On the other side of the coin, a shaft with too much stiffness might make it difficult to handle the puck with feel and precision.

Traditionally, defensemen use sticks with more stiff shafts, as these shafts are better at holding the heavier weight typically possessed by defensemen. Also, defensemen usually take more slapshots, which would necessitate a stiffer shaft. Forwards, on the other hand, typically use shafts with more flexibility, as these shafts generate a more powerful shot. Because forwards are normally smaller than defensemen, they need extra help in generating power. However, this does not mean that your position strictly ties you to either a stiff or flexible shaft. Personal preference plays a large role in which type you should choose. Simply choose a shaft that feels comfortable to you.

Blade Curve

The blade curve is an important aspect of a hockey stick because it determines what type of trajectory you’ll get out of your shot. If you want to keep the puck low when hitting slap shots, you’ll want a blade with less upward curve. If you want to get the puck high in a hurry, you’ll want a blade with a lot of upward curve.

Because they need to control the puck for outlet passes and slap shots, defensemen typically use a blade with less upward trajectory. On the other hand, because they take more wrist shots that necessitate precision and trajectory, forwards typically use a blade with a greater upward curve. Again, this is not a strict guideline. Any player can use any type of curve he or she is comfortable with. It’s important to try out different trajectories to get a feel for what works best with you.

Construction Type

There are several different types of construction in which you can find a hockey stick. One type is an all wood stick. Though not as powerful and durable as other sticks, it’s the traditional type of stick, which makes it appealing to many. Another construction type is a wood stick with a composite blade. This is a more durable and powerful type of stick than the traditional wood stick. Composite shafts and blades is another construction type. These sticks are as powerful as wood and composite sticks, and are more durable as water does not rot composite material in the way that it would rot wood. The latest, and perhaps most effective type of stick is the single-piece composite stick. It provides the feel of a traditional wooden stick and combines it with the durability, lightness, and power of a composite sticks. Different types of sticks are appropriate for different levels of play. You should choose a stick that feels right to you.


As with any product, you should purchase a hockey stick that fits within your budget. There are a lot of great hockey sticks that come at a lot of different prices. Many average sticks cost an arm and a leg while many great sticks can be found for very cheap prices. It’s important to consider what skill level you’re playing at when considering the price of your stick. If you’re in a casual roller hockey league, you don’t want to spend $200.00 on a high-quality stick that won’t be used to its full potential. You could easily find a great stick for around $20.00 to $50.00 that would suit you just fine. Don’t overspend on a stick you don’t need when you could find a bargain buy on a stick that’s perfect for you.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

A hockey stick is an extension of a hockey player. It should feel so natural in a player’s hands that he or she doesn’t even notice that they’re holding it. Handling a puck takes a great deal of finesse and precision, and being distracted by a stick that you’re not comfortable with could greatly affect your overall performance.
You want a stick that suits your strengths and playing style. Don’t choose a stick with a stiff shaft just because an unwritten rule says you should. Practice with a lot of different types of sticks. Get a feel for each and every one of them and figure out what type of sticks feel comfortable to you. Once you have done this, you will be ready to purchase your ideal hockey stick.

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