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BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller

Our Top Pick for 2018: BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller
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Exercise is an important part of anyone’s lifestyle; especially the lives of the parents of a young child. Maybe you are a new mother who is attempting to get your body back into the same shape it was before you became pregnant. Maybe you are a new father who wants to include your young child in your exercise routine. Having a jogging strollers is a great way to ensure that you can instill good habits to maintain a healthy body at an early age. By including your child in your exercise routine, they will see that time as a bonding experience between the two of you. How do you know which jogging strollers are best? You want to make sure that they are safe and comfortable for your child, but being a new parent, you are unsure of the features to look for. Take a look at our guide to help you decide which options are best for you and your family.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller Gold Pick

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Our gold pick, which is the BOB 2016 Revolution Flex Stroller, is a great option for parents who want a jogging stroller. It is a durable, yet lightweight option that is great for jogging across most terrain. This stroller is designed to be great for children who are only eight weeks old to those who are reaching the toddler stage. If you have an infant or a baby who is under eight months old, it may be a good idea to secure them in the stroller using a baby insert. The Flex stroller is conveniently compatible with the BOB B-safe 35 infant car seat, so you will easily be able to transfer your baby from the car to the stroller. In addition, this jogging stroller is designed to be ridden by children until they reach the 75 pound limit, so it will provide a few years of jogging enjoyment and bonding time.

This Flex stroller is designed to be easy to fold, which means that traveling to a park will be a breeze. To collapse the unit, you will need to follow the two step folding method. First grab both of the handles near the top of the stroller, which will fold down the handlebars. Then, press the foot latch to collapse the unit the rest of the way. Be careful not to press the parking brake when you are trying to collapse the stroller.

Starting with the wheels, you will notice that the front and the back wheels are two different sizes. The front is a 12 inch diameter, and the back two wheels are 16 inches, which makes it a great stroller for both smooth pavement and off road terrain. Many parents enjoy taking this stroller to the park to enjoy a jog along the perimeter. The wheels are designed to be high impact, so you can even take it across a gravel path without feeling many bumps. In addition, these wheels are air filled, which means that they will take bumps better, but you will need to have a pump to make refilling the tires more convenient when they get low. Another feature of the wheels that you will appreciate as a jogger is the fact that the front wheel is a swivel wheel that can be locked in place whenever you need. This is a feature that makes this stroller great for maneuvering in a tight, populous location as well as along a straight path where you may wish to have a locked wheel control.

The suspension is designed to give your child a smooth, comfortable ride every time they are in the stroller. It offers two different weight stages as well as three additional levels of adjustability. The handlebars are fully adjustable as well, which means that it will be a great stroller for multiple parents to use. It has nine levels of adjustability, so it will be easy to use for anyone, whether you are 5’2” or 6’4” tall. This stroller does not have hand brakes, but it does have a wrist strap to ensure that the stroller remains in your control when descending hilly paths.

The seat is both comfortable and adjustable for your child. It is padded to ensure that every bump and difference in the terrain is not felt. It is also an extremely adjustable seat; which ranges from an almost straight, upright position to a nearly flat one. This means that your child can sit up and enjoy the scenery, or if they prefer, they can lay back and look at the clouds.

The seat is complete with a five point harness, which is one of the safest ways to assure that your child is secure in the stroller. To make sure that irritation does not occur from the straps at any point, the safety strap is also padded. It also has a canopy that can be adjusted to multiple positions. This ensures that the sun will not be too intense on your child’s sensitive skin at any time, even when the sun is low at sunset. In addition, there is a viewing window on the canopy that will allow you to take a peek at your child to make sure that they are being good.

Insofar as storage, there are a few different options available to you on this stroller. There is a large storage bin that is located under the seat, which is perfect for carrying a diaper bag. The back of the seat is also complete with a pocket to store other small objects. In addition, there are internal seat pockets that give your kid a place to keep their toys and snacks. This stroller does not have a bumper bar or a cup holder, so the interior pockets are a perfect addition. A baby tray is possible with this stroller, if you would like to attach one at snack time.

This stroller is available in three different color variations, which are meadow, lagoon, and black. This gives you a few different options that can be great for either a boy or a girl to ride in. In addition, it comes with a five year warranty on the frame of the stroller as well as a one year warranty on the fabric.

When it comes to the reviews of the BOB Revolution, there are some amazing statistics on Amazon. All of the reviews seen on Amazon have given this product a positive rating of four or five stars; in fact, 84 percent of them have given the stroller a five star rating. Here is an example of a five star testimonial: “This BOB product is the Cadillac of strollers. It really is an excellent all around stroller for on and off road jogging with your little one as well as normal day to day use. This is the only stroller you need and will easily last through multiple children.”


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#2. Graco Relay Click Connect Performance Jogger

Graco Relay Click Connect Performance Jogger

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Our sliver pick, which is the Graco Relay Jogger, is a great stroller for any parent to own. It is designed with an aluminum frame that is durable enough to traverse across all types of terrain, yet light enough to easily be picked up and stored in the trunk of your car. To fold the stroller, you simply need to grab the carry handle that is located directly on the seat, and then pull up, which allows the stroller to collapse upon its self. This stroller is also compatible with any Graco click and connect car seat, which makes it easier to transfer an infant from the car to the stroller.

The seat of this stroller is designed from a durable fabric that’s breathable, which makes it more comfortable for your child during hot summer days. The seat can recline into several different positions, which gives your child the chance to sit up and take in the view or lay back and relax as you jog down the street. It comes with a large canopy that is capable of covering the sun from any angle. The canopy is made from a material that is designed to give your child the equivalent of UV 50 protection, which means that you do not have to worry about their sensitive skin becoming scorched in the sun. In addition, the canopy comes with a peek-a-boo window that makes it convenient to check on your child while you are running.

To help make your child more comfortable, the stroller is fitted with a premium suspension system, which will reduce the amount of bumps that they feel while in the stroller. The wheels are created out of a thick, durable rubber material that is great for off road situations. In addition, the front tire is designed to swivel, but if you prefer a stable front wheel, it can be locked in one position. This stroller features a five point harness that can easily convert into a three point harness whenever it is preferred. There is also a wrist tether that is designed to help you keep control of your stroller in all situations, which includes situations where you are traveling downhill at a decent speed.

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The stroller is designed to carry up to 70 pounds at once, which accommodates for a child that weighs up to 50 pounds as well as 20 pounds of storage. There is a large storage bin that can be seen underneath the seat to store personal items for you and your child. There is a storage area on the back of the stroller that is perfect for keeping items within reach. There is a cup holder for you, a pocket to store your phone, and a zipper style pocket for any other small things you may need to carry. The front of the stroller comes with a removable padded arm rest that comes with a cup holder as a location for your child to place their sippy cup.

To make sure that the stroller you select fits your other baby gear, you can select from five different color options. You can select from fern, which is bright green in color; tangerine, which is a burnt orange; lynx, which is jungle green; cougar, which is a variation of red; and pierce, which is a shade of grey.

When it comes to the reviews of this Graco stroller, there are a little less than 200 on Amazon. Out of all of the reviews that are present there, about 93 percent of them have given this stroller a positive rating of at least four stars. An overwhelming 73 percent of those reviews were rated with five stars. Here is one such testimonial: “I love this stroller! The shocks on the back wheels combined with the rubber tires provide a smooth ride for my baby. It’s very easy to push and steer. Folding and unfolding the stroller can be done one handed.”


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#3. Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller

Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller

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The Chicco Activ3 is a stroller that is great for jogging across smooth pavement as well as rugged terrain. It is constructed from a lightweight aluminum material that is durable enough to withstand wear and tear throughout your child’s toddler years. The fabric is a soft material that is designed to make each ride a comfortable experience, and the cover is capable of being removed in the event that a spill occurs. This allows you the opportunity to clean the seat cover by hand without being forced to maneuver around the seat. It may not hold up to machine washes, as the manufacturer has suggested that it should be washed by hand. It is also a water resistant fabric, so you do not have to worry about it getting wet during a rain storm.

The tires of this stroller are designed to be a wide rimmed variety, which means that it will be able to handle gravel and slippery surfaces with ease. The 12 inch wheels are made for a rubber material that is completely maintenance free; you will never need to add air to the tire. In addition, the front wheel features a swivel design that is great for moving around in small, tight spaces, but it is also capable of locking in one position. The lock for the wheel is conveniently located on the handlebars of the stroller, which means that you will never accidentally bump the button at any time. The parking brake is also located here, which means that accidental brakeage will not happen when you are running in the park.

This stroller is designed for children who are six months and 50 pounds. It is compatible with the Chicco KeyFit infant seat, so if you want to take your youngster jogging, it is easy to ensure that they are secure in the stroller. It also makes transferring them from the car to the stroller a simple process that can be completed in seconds. Once your child is big enough to use the stroller without the infant seat, there is a five point harness that can be used to secure them in the seat. This harness is designed with comfort in mind, so it comes complete with an extra exterior padding.

There are a lot of features on this stroller that can be adjusted with ease. Starting with the suspension, you can adjust the absorption level with just one click. The handles are also extremely adjustable, which makes it convenient when more than one person is using the stroller. The handles adjust from 39 inches from the ground to 45 inches, which means that most people can find a comfortable height to set the handlebars at that is convenient for them.

The seat of the Activ3 is padded with a thick, comfortable material that is designed to be used on any type of terrain. It can be adjusted into four different positions, which give your child the option of lying down or sitting up during their ride. There is a baby bumper on the front of the stroller to further protect your child, but it can be removed if you prefer not to have one on the stroller.

Insofar as storage, there are plenty of options on the Activ3. There is a compartment that is located under the stroller seat that is large enough to carry many of your child’s necessities. There is also an area for you, which has a convenient cup holder for both of your drinks as well as a compartment for your phone or keys. In addition, this stroller features a large canopy. No matter where you are jogging, the canopy will be able to fully shade your child from the wind, sun, and rain. There are two separate peek-a-boo windows that are located at different locations on the canopy to help you keep a watchful eye on your youngster.

One feature that you will enjoy is the fact that this stroller collapses without laying down on the ground. All you do to fold it up is apply the back wheel brakes to prevent the stroller from moving. Then, push the button on the handle while you twist the handles and lift upwards. At this point it is compact enough to fit in any trunk or storage space. The Activ3 is available in two different color options; one is Polaris, which is a color that has a bluish green tint, and the other option is called snap dragon, which is a vibrant shade of red.
When it comes to the reviews of this jogging stroller, there is really not an ample supply of them on Amazon. Out of the reviews posted there, 86 percent of them have deemed it worthy of four or a five star rating. Here is an example of a testimonial that was written by a satisfied parent: “I’m not a runner, but this stroller is awesome for walking and does great on dirt trails! I read a lot of stroller reviews before buying, and I couldn’t be happier with this one. I bought based on the ease of use with the brake and swivel controls on the handlebar, but those aren’t my favorite features! My favorite is the canopy — it extends far enough down that you can shield your little one when you are walking into direct sunlight”

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#4. Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller

Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller

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Not all jogging strollers are going to cost you a fortune; in fact, our budget option is less than half of the price of many of the other selections on our list. When it comes to the Baby Trend Range, the quality is there and the features you desire are included; all at a reasonable price point. It is a jogging stroller that is designed with all terrain wheels that work great on paved surfaces as well as in gravel or sand. The back wheels are 16 inches in diameter, and the front wheel is designed to swivel in tight spaces. It is also capable of locking in place for when you want to jog across a more rugged surface.

The seat is fitted with comfortable fabric that is designed to make your child’s riding experience more comfortable. It is capable of reclining into a few different positions, which means that your child will have options while you are working out. They can either decide to sit up and enjoy the scenery, or they can decide to lay back and relax as you jog along. Your child will be secured to the seat with an adjustable five point harness, which is one of the safest ways to secure a small child. There is also a tether strap that is designed to help you control the stroller while you are venturing downhill. This stroller also comes with a canopy that can be moved away from the handle. In addition, it has a peek-a-boo window to let you look in on your kid.

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This stroller is easy to collapse and store away. Whether it is in a closet or the trunk of your car, you will find that the quick release lever that is located near the handle makes it a very easy one step process. There is a swing away tray that is positioned in front of your child, which is a great feature for a child who likes to take snacks on their outings. There are also two cup holders on the tray, so your child can have both water and juice on their ride. There is also a parent tray that has two additional cup holders, which means that you can have a water bottle for yourself as well. In addition, there is a large storage area that is located under your child’s seat that is great for diapers, toys, or blankets.

The Baby Trend Range is compatible with all Baby Trend infant car seats. This makes it easy to go from car to jogging in a little bit of time. This stroller is only available in one color, but it is a style of grey and black that looks very stylish for a jogger. When it comes to the reviews of this ballin’ on a budget option, there are only 38 reviews available on Amazon. Out of that small number of testimonials, 31 of them gave this stroller a positive review of four or five stars. Here is an example of a five star testimonial from a satisfied parent: “I just got this stroller the other day and I am very pleased with it! I took it out for a three mile run with my daughter and it worked great. I did not have any issue with the front wheel wobbling when locked. I have used other fixed wheel joggers and I definitely prefer this.”

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Pre-purchase considerations

Wheel Type and Size

One of the main things that differ between a jogging stroller and a regular one is the fact that jogging strollers have three wheels instead of four. There are also many other differences that you should consider for a good jogging stroller. Firstly, the size of the stroller wheel will be much larger in a jogging stroller. It can range in diameter from 12 inches to over 20 inches.

The smaller wheels are great for walking around a mall or jogging on a sidewalk, while the larger wheels are great for off road locations, such as jogging along a beach or taking a trek along a path in the woods. The size of the wheel on your jogging stroller should be selected based on where you like to jog the most. Remember, the wider the tire is, the better it will perform off road. The amount of tread on the wheel is also an important consideration. A bumpier tread will be able to grip better on loose gravel and wet surfaces.

Another consideration to make when it comes to the wheels of a jogging stroller is whether the front wheel should be able to swivel or not. Fixed wheels are larger, which means that they can maneuver through off road situations better. To turn, you will need to tilt the entire stroller back a bit, so this is not the best for tight areas like shopping malls. A swiveled wheel stroller is easier to steer, but if you hit a rock in a mountain pass, then the stroller can switch directions suddenly. This can be a hindrance for someone who jogs a lot.

Comfort and Adjustability

One of the features that affect the comfort level of your child while they are in the stroller is the suspension. The suspension is what allows the stroller to bounce without your baby feeling all of the movement of the stroller. The spring that absorbs the shock in a jogging stroller is often found on the back wheels of the unit. Some higher quality options even allow you to adjust the suspension levels to give your child a smooth ride that will never wake them from a nap. On the other hand, some cheaper options may not even have a suspension system, so make sure that you consider this feature when purchasing a stroller, especially if you plan to take it on off-road adventures. When looking for a stroller for your child, you may also consider buying a doll pram for your child’s dolls’ this way they can feel all grown up like mommy and daddy.

Another feature that is associated with comfort is the seat of the stroller. If your child is not comfortable, they will likely become fussy, which will decrease the length of your jogging time. Starting with the seat, make sure that it is padded so that your child can enjoy a soft ride. Some jogging strollers allow the seat to be adjusted to different reclining levels, which also helps absorb the shocks felt by your child. Also, make sure to get a stroller that has a five point safety harness; this is a great way to ensure that your kid is secured by a means that will not be too uncomfortable on a bumpy path. Padding on the safety belt is also an option that is often available.


Safety is always a concern when children are involved, and one feature that should be considered on a jogging stroller is the brakes. All jogging strollers should have a parking brake that can be used to secure the stroller while it is not in motion. These brakes are often operated by foot, which makes them convenient to use. Hand brakes are also a great tool to have when jogging down a hill. It allows you to maintain control of the stroller rather than it pulling you down the hill. If you decide to go strollerblading, then you will need to have a hand brake to maintain control of the stroller and ensure the safety of your child.

Of course a five point harness is a great safety consideration, but on that you may not think about is a canopy. Your baby’s skin is most likely very sensitive, so make sure that the stroller you select has a canopy that will cover them. One that separates and allows you to adjust the canopy to where it is needed is the best option. Some canopies even offer a peek-a-boo window that allows you to see what you child is doing while you are jogging.

Additional Features

Once you get past the main features of a jogging stroller that you need, you will find that you want other features that will make your outing more convenient for you as well. On consideration that you may want to think about is how much storage is available on the stroller. You will need to carry essentials for both you and your baby, so it is important that there is a place to put it rather than toting a bag across your shoulder or on your back while you are trying to jog.

Some other features that you may wish to consider is a cup holder to carry water for both you and your child. A baby tray, which is can be used for your child to enjoy a snack while you are out. The best part about a tray is that it is often removable, so you can assure your child’s safety while going over bumpy terrain. Some jogging strollers have attached pedometers to help you track how many steps you take, while others have built-in speakers that allow you to enjoy your music as you jog. Choose a jogging stroller that has all of the features you want instead of simply settling for the first one that you see.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Having a jogging stroller can be a great way to create a bonding experience between you and your child. It is a way to instill good values into your kid at a young age. Suspension is important to making sure that a ride in the stroller is smooth and enjoyable, but other features can be great as well. Which are important to you? If you are a new parent, then you may want a guide to help you decide. We have created just that, so sit back and enjoy reading our best of list before you race to the finish line.

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