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Snap-E Mouse Trap

Our Top Pick for 2018: Snap-E Mouse Trap
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A mouse trap is a special type of trap used mostly for mice, but they have been known to work on other small rodents such as chipmunks. If you are having a problem with mice, you’ll want to find a trap that is reliable, easy to set, and simple to clean. There are so many on the market that it can be confusing for the average homeowner to find the ideal solution for their infestation. The following information should help you narrow down your options.


#1. Snap-E Mouse Trap

Snap-E Mouse Trap Gold Pick

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The Snap-E Mouse Trap is a high quality small rodent trap that eliminates chipmunks and mice. It comes in a six pack, and the quick response feature ensures that once a pest is caught, it will stay there. The performed bait cup, along with an accurate triggering system, allows you to easily bait this trap. It is constructed of steel and polystyrene for lasting durability. This particular trap can be used over and over for many years to come. Unlike the traditional wooden traps, this trap resists stains and odors.

The Snap-E Mouse Trap is safe, simple, and sanitary. It is as easy to set as it is to release, and your fingers will never come in contact with the rodent. It is constructed with a vertical strike bar which travels half as far as the strike bars on old-fashioned traps. The oversized trip paddle will catch each pest from the front as well as the side and back, making it virtually impossible for it to get away. Once released, the trap can be cleaned and reset.

This set of mouse traps is made by the Kness Company, and they weigh 8.8 ounces each. Each individual trap measures 2.12 by 8 by 8.3 inches. This size allows you to fit it into many areas where these small rodents find their way into your home. It’s also small enough to remain inconspicuous to you, your family, and guests.

A common complaint with the older wooden traps is that once one mouse is caught, the others will stay clear of the trap. This isn’t exactly what is happening. Mice and other small rodents aren’t that smart. The first one gets caught and the others simply finish eating the bait before running off. With the Snap-E’s design, you’ll be able to put only enough food in the bait area to entice a rodent into the trap. Once the trap is emptied and rebaited, you’ll soon be catching your second mouse. Using the trap while it faces the wall allow these pests to step directly into them.

Those who have bought and used this type of mouse trap have mentioned that you don’t want a light touch when setting them. The bar needs to be pushed firmly into place in order to work. You’ll hear a small snapping noise and notice a slight bounce to the platform when it is done correctly. What most online reviews rave about with the Snap-E is the easy clean-up. The rodents don’t show any signs of blood. There is a yellow bumper that stops the wire from actually cutting them. To empty it you simply pull back on a loop and shake.

Reviews on this product state that the Snap-E is an instant success. Mice and other small rodents can’t lick out the bait without tripping the bar. The bait reservoir is deep enough and positioned where they have to trigger the trap to get to the food. One man who purchased these after using traditional traps throughout most of the winter without catching anything, found he could catch 12 within the first hour of use. He states that in his case the traps stopped going off after the first 24 hours. Not because they quit working, but because the mice were finally gone.

Customers also like that the Snap –E Mouse Tarp is more humane than other similar traps. The bar almost always comes down on the pest’s neck, killing them instantly. Rarely does an owner find a small rodent still alive, kicking and thrashing, causing them to have to kill it by hand. Overall, online reviews are positive for this trap. Its unique design, durable construction, and easy to use abilities have made it a big hit among customers who have purchased them.

#2. Intruder The Better Mousetrap

Intruder The Better Mousetrap

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The Intruder 30442 comes in a six pack, and it is considered to be “The Better Mousetrap.” It is an easy to set trap with a simple design and very few mechanical parts. You will pinch the trap to set it, and squeezing it will release any caught prey. It can then be rinsed off and used time and time again. It will capture small rodents quickly, and it is designed to suffocate the pest. No mess is involved or any unhealthy contact with the mouse. It is the ideal design for homes with small children or pets as it is a safe and effective choice.

The Intruder 30442 mouse trap has many unique features that make it a favorite among many customers. Each trap includes a precision stainless steel spring with 30% more force than found in a traditional wooden trap. It will hold the rodent tight, eliminating the ability of the pest to escape the trap or simply eat the bait before moving on. The non-absorbent plastic that each trap is molded out of will suffocate small rodents neatly. Because no skin is broke by a sharp wire, you’ll have no bloody mess or odors to deal with. The reusable never touch design allows you to release the dead rodent easily without having any type of physical contact with it.

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This mouse trap measures 3.5 by 1.8 by 1.8 inches. This especially small size allows you to place it in corners and behind furniture and appliances where mice often scurry through. These are also places where your small pets and children won’t be able to find them. The instructions recommend setting the traps so they face the wall. This adds to the safety of the mechanism. The entire set of six traps weighs 7.2 ounces, and doesn’t require any batteries to operate.

Online reviews describe the Intruder 30442 as being ridiculously easy to set. The pinching that is required is similar to pinching a clothespin. The ridges on the back of the trigger lever made the bait stay in place. Once a rodent is caught, the trap can be held over a trash bin and once again pinched to release the pest. Many people liked that you can then set it back down, and it is ready to catch another mouse.

Some people noticed that the trap doesn’t snap with a lot of force. This fact worried them until they used the product. It is actually a good thing that it doesn’t have extreme force behind it. They don’t require as much pressure to set, and when it catches a small rodent, it won’t make a splattering mess to clean up. The design is often described as awesome.

Online reviews also like the sensitivity of the design. Even tiny mice are easily caught as it doesn’t take much to set each trap off. Even with severe infestations, the Intruder 30442 worked well. The traps instantly started catching mice as soon as they were put in place. They are recommended by previous customers for basements, near wood piles, and in barns where mice are prevalent as well as for home invasions.


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#3. made2catch One Click Mouse Trap

made2catch One Click Mouse Trap

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The One Click Made2catch Mouse Trap comes in a set of six. It is unique due to its adjustable trigger. Each trap is easy to set, and they are constructed of a durable, reusable black metal. It is easy to adjust the trap’s sensitivity with the rear bar. A slight bend downwards will increase its sensitivity, and by bending it up, the sensitivity is reduced.

Made2catch traps are simple to bait, set, and release. One simple click will set each trap as well as release caught rodents in a sanitary fashion. You will never touch the mouse. The unique construction is clever and reduces your risk of injury. These traps will capture each pest and quickly kill it in a humane way. Each trap can be used over and over. The durable metal design is an effective solution for any small rodent problem.

These mouse traps are safe to use within your home. There are no poisons or chemicals being used that you will have to worry about. They are totally eco-friendly traps. They are even safe enough to use around food as well as water sources. The packaging and trap itself are made from recyclable paper and metal that are friendly to our environment. No plastics are used in its construction.

The entire set of six made2catch mouse traps weigh 0.11 pounds and each one will measure 1.42 by 1.65 by 3.27 inches. This allows them to be set up in smaller spaces where mice tend to roam. The metal used in making this trap is iron, and it comes in a solid black color.

The trap sensitivity doesn’t have to be changed, but if you want to, it is a simple process. You will want to set it before baiting. A metal tool can be used to check for sensitivity by pushing on the metal pedal. It is adjusted by bending the back bar in either a slightly upward or downward position until the desired sensitivity is reached. Keep in mind that too high of a setting can cause the trap to accidently go off while handling it. Too low of a setting may allow your pests to eat the bait without being caught.

Once the sensitivity is adjusted you can bait the trap with foods such as chocolate, peanut butter, or hazelnut spread. The bait is placed on the metal pedal with a toothpick or cotton swab so that no human odor is left behind. The trap is set once you press the rear set bar. The end of the trap where you find the bait should be facing the wall in areas where you have noticed a lot of rodent activity. Once caught, the pest can be dropped into the trash by opening the trap. There is no need to actually touch the rodent.

Online reviews praise this mouse trap. The fact that it is easy to set up as well as to get rid of the caught rodent makes this design appealing to many people. They also appreciate the eco-friendly design that doesn’t use chemicals to function. Everything from the construction of the trap to its packaging reflects a respect to the planet. Reviewers also liked the easy disposal of pests once they were caught. They state that there was no mess, and they didn’t have to touch the pest, just as the description stated.

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#4. Victor M154 Metal Pedal Mouse Trap

Victor M154 Metal Pedal Mouse Trap

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The Victor M154 Metal Pedal Mouse Trap is an affordable option if you are searching for a basic design that will help you fix your rodent problems. It doesn’t have any high tech features, but it will provide you with quick and clean trapping at a reasonable price point. It is extremely easy to use without any additional settings to deal with. It is safe around children and small pets when used with caution, and it is made in the United States. Once a rodent is caught, you will be able to visibly see the results.

Each Victor trap measures 0.6 by 3.9 by 1.8 inches and the entire set of six traps weighs 0.1 pounds. The small, lightweight design allows you to place these traps in tight spaces where rodent activity is highest. The design reflects the traditional mouse traps we are all familiar with. It has a wood base and a wire snap line. Trusted for more than 100 years, this type of mouse trap can be used for maximum control of rodents and pests. Once the trap is triggered, the spring immediately closes on the pest. You can then dispose of it quickly by either lifting the wire up to release the rodent, or by simply throwing away the entire trap.

Gloves will be needed if you plan to reuse this trap as you will come in contact with the mouse while removing it. No poisons or chemicals are needed, and no batteries are required. It is safe to use around water and food. Each of these Victor traps includes a platform created from environmentally responsible wood which the Forest Stewardship Council has certified. The result is a straightforward mouse trap that provides instant results.

The Victor M154 is easy to set. Peanut butter can be placed on the metal bait pedal with a cotton swab to avoid human scent. You will then pull back the kill bar. Next, you need to latch the arm bar over top of the kill bar. Slowly release your pressure until the bar holds. Once a rodent nibbles the bait, the pedal releases the trap’s kill bar causing an instant kill.

Many online reviews show that homeowner’s still appreciate the old school design of the Victor M154. They do mention that these types of traps are not as reusable as similar plastic and metal designs, but with such an affordable price point, they don’t mind tossing the trap, prey, and all. With the right bait, users say these traps work like a charm. Many have found that they work just as quickly as the more expensive designs. They are described as the tried and true mouse trap.

Pre-purchase considerations


Once you begin searching for the ideal mouse trap, you’ll discover there are many types available. Jaw traps have a shark-like mouth. When the rodent steps inside to get the bait, it snaps down on them and kills them instantly. Similarly, spring loaded traps have a bar that comes down on their neck. There are live capture traps for mice, but once the rodent is released, he’ll more than likely find his way back into your home.

Disposable or Reusable?

Your choice here can depend on how much you can tolerate when it comes to dealing with a dead rodent. Wood spring traps can be reused, but you will have to wear gloves and actually touch the pest as you attempt to release it. Fortunately, these old school traps are cheap enough that most people won’t mind throwing the entire trap away. More costly traps are definitely reusable, but they offer special features that allow you to release the dead rodent without ever coming in contact with the pest.


The size and weight of a trap may seem unimportant, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Smaller traps will fit nicely in tight places such as behind appliances, in the corners, or behind furniture. These are the areas mice love, and when a trap is hidden away like this, children are less likely to accidently get hurt with them.

Environmentally Safe

If you want to have an eco-friendly mouse trap, read the descriptions carefully. Many are reusable as well as constructed out of recycled materials. Reusable designs keep these traps out of the landfills. Look for wooden traps to be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and be sure the trap you select doesn’t require any type of chemicals or poisons.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Knowing what features you require in a mouse trap will help you narrow down your selections. If you’re looking for a quick and clean option that is easy to use over and over again, the Snap-E Mouse Trap will serve you well. The Intruder 30442 and the Made2catch Trap will offer you an affordable trap that catches rodents quickly with little effort involved, but if you simply want a basic design that won’t break the bank, you’ll be completely happy with the old school Victor M154.

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