What to Do if You Have Rats in Your Apartment

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Seeing rats on the streets are bad enough, but seeing one in your apartment is another concern entirely. At first, you can try to avoid it, but the constant scratching and gnawing will make the problem hard to ignore. Though nobody wants unwanted visitors, the intrusion of rodents and wildlife is some of the most common experiences people have in their homes.


Unfortunately, rats have started adapting to the surrounding circumstances ever since the pandemic. Bugs, termites, and rats plague many households.


The potential dangers associated with the presence of rats in the home include the destruction of items like furniture, photos, diaries, cables, and wires. Additionally, there is the likelihood of infection and diseases, such as hepatitis B and Ebola. If you ever stumble upon rats in your home, here are some ways to get rid of them that are simple and effective.


The Species of Rats That Invade Homes

One of the most encountered pests, rats, can be found all across the country. In fact, they find their way into nearly 21 million homes in the US each winter.

The most common rat species that invade houses in the United States are:

  • House mice (Mus musculus).
  • Wood mice (Apodemus sylvaticus).
  • Yellow-necked mice (A. flavicollis).
  • Brown rats (Rattus norvegicus).


All these rat species can invade homes and equally cause problems with their feeding, gnawing, dropping feces, and acting as disease carriers.


What Attract Rats to Homes

Two primary things attract rats to your home — first, food and then shelter. Rats and mice require shelter, especially during winter, to survive. The same rings true when they are looking to find a warm spot to raise their young. So, a heated home will definitely attract more rats, and an untidy home with poorly disposed waste especially so. 

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Furthermore, the prevalence of cracks in walls of homes will also attract rats, as they can squeeze through gaps less than 2 cm in diameter.


Signs Of Rats in The Home

Rats are nocturnal and are hence mostly active at night. So, it is best to keep an eye and an ear out for signs of a rat’s presence, which include:

  • Rat smears, smudges along walls, and piles of droppings along paths or near food.
  • Evidence of gnawing of personal belongings and electronic equipment.
  • Live or dead rats.
  • Droppings around human or pet food and trash areas.
  • Strong odor arising from the discharge of ammonia by rats.
  • Noises such as squeaks, squeals, and scratching in the dark which make it hard to sleep.


Getting Rid of Rats Already in Your Home

If you identify a rat problem, you can take several simple steps to mitigate the risk of a full infestation.


Keep Things Clean

Maintaining a clean and healthy apartment is vital to prevent rat infestation. Keep clutter to a minimum and consistently check walls behind furniture to ensure no rodents hide behind them. Less clutter means fewer hiding spaces and thereby fewer chances of infestation.


Fill In the Gaps 

Exterior gaps and holes are a gateway for rats to enter your home. So, seal any gaps with caulk, wire wool, cement, or metal kick plates. In case you are unaware of how rats could potentially find their way into your home, hire a pest control expert to analyze your home and advise on the potential cause of the issue.

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Store Food Carefully

When it comes to storing food, use airtight containers or tightly-sealer containers. Also, no food should be left sitting on counters and make sure you clean up any spillages.


Rat Traps 

Rat Traps are an old way to get rid of rats in the house. Set traps for rats by keeping baits and then throwing these pests outside the home. Rat Traps are extra efficient at getting rid of these pests.


Using Poison

In case you have no kid or pet in the house, you can use rat poison. Alternatively, you can also use home-friendly rat repellent spray like vinegar, peppermint, or bleach to keep rat infestation at bay.


Professional Help 

Suppose all else fails, and there already exists an infestation in your home. In that case, you might want to hire professional help. For Illinois state residents specifically, consider affordable pest control in bloomington il. Professionals have access to several products not on sale to the general public to help get rid of poison-resistant rats. They will also be able to prevent you from being a target of another rat infestation.


Dealing With Rats in Your Apartment

Having rats in your home is a pain, but it isn’t uncommon. Also, as you can see, there are several easy ways to remedy this situation. With the right information and application, you can quickly get rid of rats and prevent them from entering your home in the future.