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Periea Handbag Organizer

Our Top Pick for 2019: Periea Handbag Organizer

Whether you are enjoying a night on the town or planning a trip to the park with your children, there is a good chance you’ll end up digging through your purse to find something. The frustration of unloading your entire purse to simply find your keys can be maddening, especially if you are in a hurry.

A purse organizer allows you to place an insert into your purse that gives you dividers and pockets to separate the contents of your purse. With a place for everything, you’ll be better able to find what you need when you need it.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Periea Handbag Organizer

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The Periea Handbag Organizer (Periea) provides you with the pockets and pouches you need to keep your purse or bag tidy and neat. It comes in three sizes with the following dimensions:

  • Small: 5.5-inch height x 8.5 inches long x 1 – 3.5 inches deep
  • Medium: 6.5-inch height x 11inches long x 1 – 5 inches deep
  • Large: 8.1-inch height x 13.2 inches long x 1 – 7 inches deep
  • Each size sold separately

The three sizes come in 18 color variations. Giving you the option of choosing a complementary color for a pop of color or you can choose something that will blend in with your purse so that the organizer does not stand out. Color choices give you some room to express your personality and personal style.

There are two straps that make lifting the organizer out of your purse fast, simple, and easy. The handles are reinforced so that they won’t break if the organizer is holding a lot of weight. You can the transfer the organizer to another bag while still keeping the contents of the organizer in place, saving yourself valuable time.

If you plan to use the organizer to transfer contents from one bag to another, be sure to take the measurements of all bags in which you plan to use it. That way you’ll be sure to fit in both bags.

The Periea has 13 inner and outer compartments. It has snaps on the ends to hold it in place when it is collapsed. When collapsed, no matter which size organizer you have, it will only be one inch deep. If you have a slim purse, this organizer should be able to fit inside as long as the purse is wide and tall enough.

A large inner compartment gives you room for big items like sunscreen, sunglasses, wallet, and hand lotion. While around the outside are several smaller net and pocket compartments that can hold essentials like your cell phone, keys, passport, or band aids. With smaller items around the outside, they won’t get lost amongst other contents. There are also two zippered pockets that allow you to store personal items that you don’t want to show every time you open your purse. With a variety of pocket sizes and types, you’ll be able to keep items separate for easy retrieval.

Purses can become soiled with makeup, dirt, and crumbs. The Periea can be removed and machine washed. It is made of polyester and nylon, making it durable and lightweight. Because you’ll be using the organizer on a daily basis, durable materials are a necessity. The last thing you need is a heavy purse organizer adding to the load on your shoulder.

When removing items from the organizer, some users found that it made loud crinkling noises that they found disruptive. The noises made were inconvenient during important situations like work meetings or during church events. Some users also had problems when they removed items, such as a brush, that would then cause the sides to collapse. When they tried to replace the item they had to use two hands. This isn’t a big problem but one worth noting.

Overall, users enjoy this purse organizer as it provides ample room to store items and gives many different pocket sizes and types in which to separate the contents of a purse.

#2. Pursfection EXPANDABLE Purse Organizer

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The Pursfection EXPANDABLE Purse Organizer is large organizer that can fit well even in a large bag. This organizer measures 6.25-inch height x 9.5 inches long x 4 inches wide when expanded it becomes 5.5 inches wide x 12 inches long.

Expandability is an important feature when choosing a purse organizer, especially if you plan to use it to transfer the contents of your purse from one bag to another. With the expansion feature of this organizer, you can potentially transfer items into two different sized purses. This also gives you the ability to hold and organize more items.

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The Pursfection comes in two different models that expand in different ways. One model has two handles to help you pick up and move the organizer to a different purse. The other has two fabric flaps that zip together closing the top of the organizer. Consider which would be best for you. If you have concerns about the contents falling out of your purse, the zippered option would be a good choice. If you change bags often, you may want the handled option.

It comes in four colors – black, brown, teal, tan. The black and tan organizers have a cheetah print interior. The teal has a pinwheel interior, while the brown has a giraffe print interior. These choices give you some room to customize the look of your purse. The teal provides you with an option that adds a little color.

The Pursefection has 11 total pockets. There is a large area in the center that is lined pockets that can hold lipstick, cell phones, keys, and lotions. Along the interior, there is also a zippered pocket to hold items you would like to keep hidden from view when opening your purse. There are also two side pockets on the outside of the organizer that you can slip items into.

The construction of this organizer is solid and rigid. The sides are rigid enough that will not collapse in your purse. This can help prevent anything from getting crushed or squished in the purse. This also helps when you are replacing items in your purse. Once items are removed, the sides of the Pursefection don’t collapse and close off the pocket into which you want to place the item.

This organizer is large and works well for those that tend to have purses that are longer and deeper than average. It can hold a lot and makes transferring to another purse simple. This organizer is made of 100% polyester and can be wiped clean.


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#3. Gaudy Guru Clutter Control Handbag & Purse Organizer


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The Gaudy Guru Clutter Control Handbag & Purse Organizer provides sturdy support without adding extra weight to your purse. The dimensions are 6.7 inches tall x 11.3 inches long x 4 inches wide.

This compact organizer has 13 pockets to keep the contents of your purse secure and organized. With four flat pockets, 8 tailored pockets, 1 zippered pocket, and 1 large center pocket. It has a flat, stable bottom that keeps the organizer from collapsing and allows you to see all the items in your purse. An organizer, such as this, can not only keep your items organized but can also protect the lining of your purse.

Lose makeup or leaking sunscreen can ruin the liner of an expensive purse. But with the Gaudy Guru, and most purse organizers, you can protect your investment by putting a barrier between any leaks and your purse.

While the Gaudy Guru gives you ample storage space, it does not add a significant amount of weight. It comes in at only 3.3 oz., a manageable weight addition that won’t cause you extra shoulder or back strain.

The Gaudy Guru is not expandable but it does have side tabs that allow you to close it slightly. This gives you the benefit of being able to make a tighter fit when you aren’t carrying as many items or are using a smaller purse.

This organizer is made of nylon. It can be machine washed and air dried. It also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means if you aren’t happy with it, you can return for a refund.

#4. Superbpag Purse Insert Organizer

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The Superbag Purse Insert Organizer is good compact organizer that has some expansion abilities and can be folded down for easy storage. The dimensions are 6.8-inch height x 11.2 inches long x 3.6 inches wide. There are tabs on the ends that allow you to collapse the organizer to fit into a smaller purse or if you aren’t carrying a lot of items and want a tighter fit to keep things secure.

The Superbag comes in four colors – black, pink, purple, yellow. The black will let the organizer blend in with a neutral colored purse while the other options will give you a fun touch of color.

It has 13 pockets. There are six net pockets, four tailored, two zippered, and a large interior center pocket. The Superbag provides a good variety of pocket types and sizes. Net pockets are good for items that you need to be able to see or need good expansion to fit in the purse. The tailored pockets are nice for a cell phone and keys, as they tend to have a tighter hold on items. Having two zippered pockets will make keeping personal items private even if someone has to get into your purse.

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There are two handles to help you lift the organizer out and transfer it to a different purse. This allows you to keep everything organized when transferring, saving you time and frustration. The handles are not excessively sturdy so it is possible for them to break if the organizer is loaded with a lot of weight.

When the Superbag is not in use it can be easily folded down and stored in a drawer. The sides do not stand up on their own and are not intended to create or hold the shape of a purse. They work best in a purse that already has some structure on its own.

This is a good budget pick but the construction of the bag is not very durable. If you are looking for an inexpensive, quick fix, this organizer will work well.

Pre-purchase considerations


The number, size, and type of pockets in a purse organizer can make all the difference in its ability to successfully organize the contents of your purse. Net pockets expand well and allow you to see what is in the pocket. Tailored pockets are better at holding items securely, while zippered pockets give you some privacy.

Look for an organizer that has a combination of these different types of pocket. You’ll be better able to hold keys, phone, lotion, makeup, and passport secure if you have the right pocket in which to place them.


Purses can be a catch all. Before you know it, you’re carrying extra clothes for your kids, snacks, and water bottles. The last thing you need is a purse organizer that adds extra weight. A good organizer will be made of lightweight materials such as nylon or polyester. Both are lightweight and easy to clean. The trick is to be able to find an organizer that is lightweight yet still provides the stability you need.


Depending on your needs and the kind of purses that you use, stability will be more or less important. Purses with strong, structured sides may not require an organizer with equally sturdy sides. However, if you have large, bulky items in your purse, an organizer with stiff side and sturdy construction will make getting items in and out easier. Stiff sides will keep the organizer from collapsing in on itself when an item is removed.

The amount of stability you need is greatly based on your personal preference. Some people that have a soft-sided purse prefer an organizer that gives some stability, while others would prefer one that did not alter the shape of their purse.

Consider what type of items you carry in your purse. Items like lotion and sunglass cases take up more room and require stable sides, while items like books and a wallet will need less structure to stay in place while in your purse.


Many women have more than one purse and often they are of different sizes. Having a purse organizer that can expand and reduce in size will help when transferring the contents of your purse. Expansion is also important if there are times when you need to add a large number of items to your purse. For example, if you are taking a day trip and need sunscreen, snacks, water, maps, and flip flops, then you will need to be able to expand your purse organizer to accommodate those items.Similarly, if you are transferring the contents of your purse to small, sleek purse for an evening out, you want to be able to remove a few items and reduce the size of your organizer.

Look for a purse organizer that can expand in width. This will give you the greatest flexibility in the number of items you can hold. Some organizers use zippers while other use snaps that open to allow organizers to expand. Zippers tend to be more durable than a snap or tab, but it is mostly a matter of preference. There are some models that can be expanded lengthwise as well. If you have a long purse or could use the extra room, a model like this would give you more options.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

With better organization you’ll be able to find your keys, phone, or other items without emptying your purse. More than the organization, a purse organizer can prolong the life of your possessions.

The interior of a purse goes through a lot of wear and tear. Makeup spills, open pens, and sharp corners can damage the lining of your purse. A purse organizer can eliminate some of this wear and tear and is more durable than a purse lining. A good organizer can also help you transfer items from one purse to another quickly and easily.


  1. Marissa C Whitaker on September 4, 2020 at 4:38 am

    Call me crazy but I had no idea something like this even existed! I love how you can choose what’s best to suit your needs such as both the size and style of pockets & pouches as well as size of the organizer itself. I really like how I can also choose the weight being that the weight of my purses differ and I can purchase a lighter weight insert if I’m using a heavier bag.My purses have always been a disaster. I’ve even had to re-buy items only to find them later, lost amongst a bazillion other things smashed inside my bag. I used to love changing my bags out to match my clothes/shoes and season, but I always ended up dumping my current handbag on the bed or bathroom sink, tossing things all over the place to find the bare minimum of what I need to carry in my new purse. You guessed it! When I came back home and needed to organize all the contents I dumped out beforing leaving for the day, or my husband was complaining that he had to brush his teeth in the kitchen sink because it looked as if my purse threw up all over the bathroom counter, for whatever reason those items never made it back into their home. What’s worse is being “that person” that holds everyone up in the checkout line as I drop my change, I.d. or debit card because I’m in a frenzy desperately digging through my purse to find “something”…” Anything I can use to pay the clerk, while constantly apologizing to the ever growing line of people waiting on me. That happened so often that I started digging my wallet out while leaving my purse in the car. We all know what that could to. Try pushing a shopping cart, full of things I plan to purchase, toddler jumping off and on the end of the cart, baby screaming, drooling all over my grocery list, and trying to dive from the front, phone repeatedly ringing in my pocket, 4 y/o tossing anything and everything into my buggy, and once again, my wallet is lost! Wait! Is it lost or stolen?? Ahhhhhhhh! No more panic! I may not be able to keep my kids from turning into obnoxious little people the second they see bright lights and Oh so many things within reach, but at least with the Super bag Plus Insert organizer I can carry all my essentials, while keeping my purse clutter free!! My friends and family will be gifted one for Christmas, and I might just surprise myself with another one on Christmas Morning

  2. Marissa C Whitaker on September 4, 2020 at 4:50 am

    As per my previous comment, Im excited to order this organizer! I’m traveling in a few weeks and wonder if this would be a good product to contain a few sewing items that I might want to use when I’m there. I.E. 6″ scissors, Needles, a couple spools of thread and 4 pieces of thin fabric measuring 12″ × 12″ folded into 4″ × 4″ squares that are barely an inch high, all together. Sewing caddies are expensive and I’ve yet to find one with the color and print that I like.

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