Engagement Ring Shopping Rules

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When you’ve found that perfect someone you know you want to spend your life with, the next step is proposing. Since this is a massive milestone in any relationship, you want to get it right.

You want to surprise your other half, but you want them to fall in love with the ring as well. To ensure this intimate moment runs smoothly, there are certain things you should know before making the purchase.


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Check out eight engagement ring shopping rules that will ease the process and take the stress from this major step away as much as possible.


  • Set up a Budget


Before you begin your quest for the perfect ring, you need to consider your finances. Calculate how much you can afford to spend on an engagement ring. The most frequent answer you’ll find online is to pay the amount equivalent to one or even three month’s salary.

If you are comfortable with that, it’s perfectly fine. If not, ditch this outdated myth. Bear in mind that the “right” amount is the one that works for you. 

Aim for the ring that suits your preferences without the need for a major debt. And don’t worry, whatever your budget is, you’ll be able to find something special for your loved one. 


  • Keep Your Partner’s Taste in Mind


It’s common for partners to ring shop together these days, but for those of you on a more traditional side looking to sweep your partner off their feet, you’ll have to put some effort into it. 

To awe your significant other, stick to their style and taste when shopping for the engagement ring. Start your research with the jewelry he or she already wears. 

To get a grip on their signature style, pay attention to the metal (is it gold, silver, or platinum) too. If you can’t tell the difference between a vintage art deco ring and a modern cut, turn to your partner’s close friends and family to clue you in. 


  • Consider Other Precious Stones


Although diamonds are the most popular gems for engagement rings, they are not for everyone. Other precious stones can also make a delightful ring. Emeralds, sapphires, opals, rubies, and moonstones can make your engagement ring unique. 

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Some people prefer colorful gems, regardless of the price. But since we are on the subject, gemstones are a budget-friendly option aside from their unique appeal.

Follow this link to explore stunning opal engagement rings your fiancé-to-be will surely fall in love with.

Your partner’s style should be your guide at all times, but also take into account that some gems aren’t as durable and resistant as diamonds and sapphires. 


  • Pay Attention to the Shape of the Stone


Before we even get to the four Cs, there is a more important feature to take into account – the shape of the stone! The geometry of a gem matters hugely. It has an immense effect on the overall looks of the ring, so this is one of the first decisions to tackle.

There are 12 most popular diamond shapes to know, and some of the most popular ones include the timeless round cut, the princess, cushion, and emerald shape. This also applies to the other precious stones.

The shape of the gem determines its appearance, brilliance, and of course, the price. 

People sometimes confuse shape and cut, but cut refers to other characteristics of the stone-like symmetry, facets, and reflective qualities. Visit Larsen guide in choosing diamond cuts and shapes. 


  • Find the Right Combination of Shape and Setting


The right combo of setting and shape makes all the difference. The metal framework in which the stone is mounted needs to complement the gem since it sets the tone for your significant other’s ring. 

The way the stone is connected to the band can make it appear sparkler, more massive, and even more striking, so that’s why the right setting is essential. 

For instance, prong settings show more of the diamond and exhibit their brilliance more compared to bezel settings. When more of the diamond is covered by a mounting, the smaller and less brilliant it will look. 

Finding the right balance between safety and the gem’s visibility is also significant. Settings that cover more of your diamond tend to be more secure, protecting it from direct hits, getting nicked or chipped. 


  • The Four Cs


The four Cs stand for cut, clarity, color, and carat. Diamonds are graded and priced according to these characteristics. Cut determines how much the stone will sparkle, so it’s one of the most important qualities in a gem.

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Diamond’s clearness or the color varies from entirely colorless to yellow. Go for a G or H color grade to get the most for your money. Clarity refers to the imperfections a stone has, although noticing them can be difficult without a magnifying glass, so opt for an S11 or S12.

The four Cs determine the stone’s quality, but if you like a particular ring and feel that’s the one, then these features aren’t that important.


  • Choosing the Metal for the Band


You’ve got several metals to choose from when it comes to your partner’s band. Platinum is a popular choice due to its purity, durability, and hypoallergenic properties. 

Gold comes in a variety of colors to choose from, like rose, yellow, white, and even green. Yellow gold is the most traditional option, but white gold is stronger, more durable, and less susceptible to scratching. 

Consider rose gold for the fashion-forward individuals. It is beautiful, romantic, trendier, and more durable than both white and yellow gold. 

Think about your fiancé-to-be’s everyday jewelry when choosing the metal of an engagement ring.


  • Determine Your Partner’s Ring Size


Not all rings can be resized if they don’t fit well. If you bring your partner’s often-worn ring to the jeweler secretly, they might notice it missing. Heres an interesting option for wooden rings.

The safest option is to use a ring sizer to determine the size of the ring your beloved one wears on her ring finger.

You can use a piece of string, ribbon, or a thin strip of paper to wrap it around the inside of your significant other’s ring and mark the spot where the string or paper overlaps its end. Use a ruler with millimeter measurements and determine the ring size according to the chart.

Finding that perfect engagement ring is a process, and sometimes it takes time. Don’t let the wide selection scare you. Just think of your partner’s amazement and bliss when you pop the question and you’ll find it easier to push through the occasional frustration.