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Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Kitchen Range Hood

Our Top Pick for 2019: Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Kitchen Range Hood

Day to day cooking can produce moisture, grease, heat, and smoke that will eventually take their toll on your kitchen cabinets and walls. Many foods also leave behind unpleasant odors. Installing a range hood over your cook-top area will help eliminate many of these issues, but with so many makes and models on the market, picking the right one can seem over whelming. Whether you are simply upgrading an existing kitchen or totally remodeling the area, the following information will help you find that perfect range hood for your needs and budget.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Kitchen Range Hood

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The Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Stainless Steel Kitchen Range Hood is our #1 gold pick due to its sleek design and excellent functionality. This piece includes quality LED lighting that is three times brighter than what is available in comparable models. There are two LED lights. Each of these quality lights feature 49 bulbs. To give you an example of how this compares to similar range hoods on the market, you normally only find 15 bulbs per light. To have good task lighting while cooking is just as important as good ventilation. You’re getting both with this range hood.

This 18 gauge stainless steel wall-mounted hood is controlled by a touch screen pad. The 304 corrosion resistant steel means this model is built to last. There are three speed settings to choose from, and the adjustable, two piece chimney includes sleek curved lines without any visible weld seems. You’ll find it has an elegant and stylish look from all three sides that won’t interfere with your kitchen décor in any way.

Flexible aluminum ducts come with this range hood for easy attachment to the kitchen ceiling or wall. It has a UL certified motor as well as aluminum micro-cell, dishwasher friendly grease filters. An added bonus to this range hood is the fact that it can be installed without vents. This can be accomplished without having to buy an additional kit. It includes the charcoal carbon filters needed for optimal vent-less installation. This gives you, the homeowner, more options when deciding on the placement of your range and hood.

The technical specifications are very important when deciding which range hood to purchase. With the STL75-LED you can expect a six inch vent exhaust diameter. The dimensions of the actual range hood are 29.6 inches wide by 19.7 inches deep. The height of this model is adjustable up to 41 inches. It is designed for use with standard voltage operation in the United States as well as Canada equaling 110v/60Hz.

There are 700 cubic meters per hour of maximum suction capacity. This is equal to 412 CFM. You will need to make sure this is enough suction for your particular stove. When dealing with a gas range, there is a minimum of 100 CFM that is required for every 10,000 BTUs that a stove can emit. Using this model of hood with an incompatible range will void the warranty as it is a safety risk.

Duct output with this range hood is 150mm, and the noise reading is a maximum of 58db (A) and a minimum of 48db (A). In everyday terms, this means that the noise level is not very loud. One can easily have a normal conversation while standing next to the range hood without the need to shout at one another. The entire unit weighs 30 lbs., and it comes from China.

The online reviews of this product are quite positive. The fact that the Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED hood doesn’t look cheap for the price point is mentioned often. Owners enjoy the attractive design of this particular model. The LED lights are another hot topic mentioned within the reviews. People enjoy the angle of the light which gives them plenty of task lighting while cooking. It also gives a decorative glow to the wall behind the range due to the angle in which the light is cast. It is a bright light with a bluish glow.

Reviews also state that this range hood is ideal for everyday cooking. There is plenty of suction to keep odors from lingering within the home, and the with the two lowest settings, the noise form it is definitely not a problem. One reviewer mentioned that the highest setting is rather loud, but not unbearable. They described it as “what is to be expected.” Those who did have issues with the loudness of the fan realized there was a problem with the installation that was causing the components to rattle. It was easily fixed.

Most home owners agreed that installation was simple. Many were able to do it themselves with the help of a friend. A few tools were required, most importantly a level. The touch pad controls are well loved. They make the range hood easy to operate, and it is much easier to keep clean than a traditional push button control panel. Over all, those who purchased this model felt they received a very good range hood for the cost.

#2. Cavaliere SV218B2-30 30-inch Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood

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The Cavaliere SV218B2-30 30-inch Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood is the silver pick due to its powerful suction,900 CFM, and beautiful looks at an affordable price. This contemporary design has a brushed stainless steel finish that works with a wide range of kitchen décor styles. It fits nicely into any home kitchen with ceilings measuring nine foot or less. Ten foot or higher ceilings will require the optional extension kit.

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This wall mounted range hood includes a 900 CFM centrifugal blower that works well at removing lingering odors from the kitchen area. It performs exceptionally well when an open window or door allows for an air flow through the room. The six speeds are selected by using the touch sensitive control panel with LCD lighting. This model also includes a delayed power auto shut off feature that can be programmed for anywhere from one to 15 minutes. The two 35w halogen lights are dimmable for better control over your task lighting. This feature lets you have bright light for cooking and a dimmer glow for evening ambience. Each of the MR-16 type light bulbs are found at the back of the unit.

The Cavaliere SV218B2-30 features 19 gauge stainless steel construction that won’t rust over time from steam and moisture. The telescopic chimney easily fits 96 inch to 108 inch ceilings. The 900 CFM airflow creates very little noise for the power you’ll be getting. Noise levels range from 25 dba on low speed to 56 dba on the highest setting. The lower four settings are rather quiet when compared to the average noise level that come from similar units.

Venting includes a six inch round duct vent. You do have the option of a ductless installation with this model, but you’ll have to purchase an optional recirculating kit separately. The 30 hour cleaning reminder helps you keep this unit at its optimum level of performance. There are three six layer mesh grease filters. These are dishwasher safe which makes cleaning them simple. Specifications for this range hood include a weight of 46.3 pounds. The unit itself measures 30 inches wide by 20 inches deep. A chimney extension comes with it for ceilings up to 120 inches.

Online reviews for the Cavaliere SV218B2-30 range hood are generally favorable. Most owners agree that it is a powerful and good looking unit for the price point. It does a good job of removing lingering odors from cooking with a powerful suction. It even works well with Asian and Indian foods which tend to be spicier and emit more scents throughout the home. The noise level was not an issue with those who have purchased this range hood. Many comment on how quiet it is compared to their previous range hoods.

Reviews show that home owners enjoy the contemporary look of this unit. It fits in nicely with newly remodeled kitchens without giving a cheap appearance to the room. The fact that the hood won’t rust over time is a big plus for many as well as the ease of cleaning it. Those who did the installation themselves warn that it is very important to follow the instructions exactly without skipping any steps. A level, screw driver, and sheet rock saw are all the average DIY handyman needs to put this unit in.

#3. Z Line ZLKB-36 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood

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The Z Line ZLKB-36 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood, 36 inch, works as well as it looks. An aesthetically pleasing piece for any home kitchen, this range hood has a 760 CFM four speed motor with the added feature of a three minute auto timer and a delayed auto shut-off. The high quality 430 stainless steel design has a modern look and style to it.

Every thing needed to install this range hood comes with it. Installation is simple and considered one of the easiest in the industry. The chimney fits a variety of ceiling heights as it extends from 26.3 inches to 40 inches. Chimney extensions are available at an additional cost to fit ceilings with a height up to 12 feet, making this a very versatile piece. It easily converts into a ductless unit when you add the optional charcoal filters.

The Z Line ZLKB-36 is built to last. The durable construction is designed to give you trouble free service for an extended period of time. It comes with the factory tested blower already installed within the unit. As a whole, this range meets CE, CCC, and GS safety approvals in both Canada and the United States. Even with its industrial construction, this brushed metal range hood operates quietly and efficiently.

Features of this wall mounted range hood include a speed and timer control panel with LCD push buttons. The interior blower has four speeds to pick from, and it has a venting size that fits a six inch round ducting outlet. A transition piece with a backdraft damper is included. The stainless steel baffle filters are dishwasher safe which makes keeping this particular model clean is quite easy. The two directional lights brighten the cooking surface with 20 Watt tilting Halogen Lights.

Specs for the Z Line ZLKB-36 include a total weight of44 pounds. It measures nine inches from top to bottom with overall dimensions of 36 by 19.7 by 10.5 inches. It has a voltage of 110v/60Hz, and it comes from China.

The online reviews for this range hood are favorable. Many comment on how attractive it looks in their kitchen. It fits in nicely with existing kitchens as well as newly finished remodels. One owner describes it as the “eye candy” of his kitchen. Its size makes it a huge statement piece without over whelming the room. Home cooks enjoy the fact that the lights are directional. They can tilt them in any direction, making it a very functional piece when it comes to task lighting.

As far as its performance as a range hood in a frequently used kitchen, this unit does an excellent job of removing odors. Online reviewers have stated that it will even remove lingering scents from food like cabbage. Others have noticed that it helps cut down on the grease you normally find building up on the cabinets near the range. It does all this at a tolerable noise level that many owners describe as being low enough to still carry on a normal conversation while it is running. All agree that the unit is as easy to install as the manufacturer states, although some felt more comfortable using their own hardware rather than what is included with the range hood.

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#4. Broan Economy 30-Inch Two-Speed Non-Ducted Range Hood

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The Broan 413004 Economy 30 inch Non-Ducted Range Hood with two speeds in stainless steel is a traditional style, under cabinet range hood that looks great and operates nicely for the price. It is ideal for any smaller kitchen or remodel project where a vented duct unit isn’t an option. This range hood is Broan’s most economical version of a duct free model with a Microtek System that filters contaminants from the air. It is installed as a ductless piece only, with charcoal filters included. It can easily work in any ADA-compliant application.

This range hood’s non-ducted filter removes odors and smoke effectively. The lighting feature adds much needed task lighting to any cook top. Light is distributed evenly over the range top due to the protective lamp lens. This unit accepts any bulb up to 75 Watts. The bulb must be purchased separately. The lights also help to illuminate the area where the switches are found. Switches control the fan speed as well as the lights.

The Broan 413004 range hood is created to Broan’s exact standards. It provides efficient filtration with a stainless steel finish at an affordable price. The high quality design will provide you with years of worry-free service. It measures 33 by 20 by 7.6 inches, and it comes with a one year limited warranty. It works by directing the air flow through its filter, which is found on the underside of the unit. Air flow comes back out through the three vented slat columns on the front of the hood. No connection to ducts through the roof or wall is needed. The fan is surprisingly quiet for this type of range hood.

Reviews are quite positive for such an economical range hood. Many who have purchased this unit describe it as being inexpensive but not cheap. It looks at home, even in modern kitchen designs. Those who installed this model themselves said it requires very few tools and takes one hour or less of your time to complete. The control switches are described as very basic, but this doesn’t seem to bother most owners. You’ll find an on/off switch for the lights, and it has a high, low, or off setting for the fan. Those who have bought this range hood did not expect multiple lighting options or fan speeds for this price point. Over all, people are quite pleased with the Broan 413004 range hood, saying it looks like it costs more than it does.

Pre-purchase considerations


When selecting a kitchen range hood for your kitchen you need to decide which type of ventilation will work best for your home. Vented or ducted designs will connect the hood to the outdoors where it will send its air flow. This type completely removes all odors and irritants. A duct free design will pull the air through its charcoal filters where any irritants will be trapped.


The strength of the range hood is important. CFM, or cubic feet per minute, is used to measure the air movement through a range hood. If you’re going to do a lot of heavy cooking with plenty of steam and odors, you will need a range hood with a CFM of 350 or more. When using a gas range, you will need one CFM for every 100 BTUs (British Thermal Units) the range uses.

Sound Level

The sound level you find with your range hood can determine whether you enjoy it or not. Loud fans that interrupt normal conversation can be highly irritating. Keep in mind that the higher your CFM is, the louder the range hood will sound. A good range hood should have a sound level equivalent to a refrigerator running when it is on the lowest setting. Higher settings can reach the same noise level as heavy traffic, but these settings are not used as often as the low ones.


Most people purchase a range hood for its task lighting just as much as they do for its ability to remove odors and smoke from the air. Lighting is included with most models, but you do have several options to choose from. These include fluorescent, incandescent, LED, and halogen bulbs. Range hoods will have anywhere from one to four lights to illuminate the cooking surface. Low light options are ideal for evenings. Think about the other lighting in your kitchen as well as the way foods look under each type of bulb.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Finding the perfect range hood for your kitchen will depend upon your requirements such as how much cooking you do, which foods you’ll be working with, how much space you have, and your personal budget. If you’re looking for a quality range hood with several extra features, the gold pick will be an excellent choice. The Cavaliere SV218B2-3O, as well as the Z Line ZLKB-36 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood, will provide you with reliable, quiet performance in addition to adequate lighting for your cook-top area. The Broan 413004 Economy Range Hood cannot be ruled out either. As the economy pick of the group, this range hood is an excellent fit in many already existing kitchens. This is especially true for smaller spaces or areas where construction doesn’t allow for outdoor venting. All of these models have been selected for their excellent performance, attractive designs, and value for the money spent.

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