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adidas Performance Conext15 Glider Soccer Ball

Our Top Pick for 2019: Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

Soccer is mostly about talent, but a huge part of it is about the ball that you play with. Whether you are searching for a soccer ball for your team or you want to play in the park with your kids or friends, choosing the right soccer ball takes an understanding of what is available on the market. From the right size to the materials and pricing, there are a number of things to think about when choosing a soccer ball. Following are the four top soccer balls on the market, each offering something special to consumers.

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Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. adidas Performance Conext15 Glider Soccer Ball

adidas Performance Conext15 Glider Soccer Ball Gold Pick

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What makes the Adidas Performance Conext15 a favorite soccer ball for experienced soccer players? There are a number of top features and things about this beauty that make playing soccer a much more enjoyable and smooth experience than ever.

There is nothing like purchasing what you think is going to be a long-lasting and durable soccer ball, only to find that after a few games the stitches come undone and you have yourself a problem. What makes the Adidas Performance Conext15 such an attractive buy are the excellent machine stitches and the butyl bladder that help to make it a durable ball that can last through many kicks and plays.

Not only is the material and strength of the Adidas Performance Conext15 extremely reliable, but the look of this baby makes it a favorite pick with its attractive and colorful design. The bold pattern and color keeps it standing out on the field so you never lose sight of the ball. It also offers a fun change from your typical white and black soccer ball.

While people may not pay much attention to the quality of a soccer ball when shopping for one, thinking that it may not really matter if you just want to play around, if you want to be able to get plenty of use out of it at a good price, then you will like the Adidas Performance. For only $35.00, the Adidas Performance Conext15 offers durability, strength, and good looks. These things will matter to you when it comes to playing great games without having to worry about the ball breaking apart or getting ruined after only a couple of games.

If you are an avid soccer player, you can tell the difference between size and quality in different balls, and the Adidas Performance Conext15 is a favorite for these two features. If you pick a size 5, it’s a good size for your team or playing with your pre-teen kids.

The Adidas Performance Conext15 has a beautifully smooth exterior without seams, making it not only a good looking ball, but also one that will help to keep water out when its left out in the rain, as well as allows a smoother and better feel.

Made out of 83% polyurethane and 17% imitation leather, it holds up well in rough matches or wet weather. This matters as soccer balls are often left out when not in use or sometimes there may be a match in the rain and knowing that your soccer ball can withstand water and wet conditions and still provide you with plenty of life is a top feature of this Adidas ball.

If you like a bit of bounce without going overboard, this soccer ball provides you with just the right amount. It is neither too hard nor too soft, which any football player knows matters. You want your ball to fly well through the air during a pass or kick and the Adidas Performance Conext15 is just the right weight to get the job done.

If you are looking for a brand name soccer ball that is made out of quality materials and provides you with months of use at an affordable price, the Adidas Performance Conext 15 Glider Soccer Ball may be just what you are looking for. As a soccer ball made from the Adidas brand, it has to stand up to their testing standards and be the quality that is expected from such a highly recognized sports brand. For this reason and many more, this soccer ball is the best pick for anyone looking for an affordably priced ball that will last for months and many games to come.

#2. Under Armour 395 Blur Soccer Ball

Under Armour 395 Blur Soccer Ball

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The first feature that you will notice on the Under Armour 395 is going to be the fabulously vibrant color. There will be absolutely no way that you will miss this ball while playing on a large field. With its bright orange color base and double green-that-fades-into-yellow stripes, you will be able to follow it no matter where it goes. While the color doesn’t make or break a soccer ball, it surely matters to some people and if you want a colorful soccer ball that stands out and looks good, this is a great option for you.

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Another attractive feature about the Under Armour 395 is the EVA Foam Layer that provides it with a soft layer making it smoother to kick and a great ball for playing with your children. As anyone who has ever played soccer knows, a ball in the face can be a painful experience, but the soft cushion found in the Under Armour Blur helps to soften the blow and if you are a parent, this may something that interests you. This same softness also helps it to have a great bounce and smooth flying. While it is heavier than some other soccer balls on the market, it is still light enough for older kids to play with.

One fantastic thing about the Under Armour 395 is that it has a TPU cover. What the TPU cover can do is to help to keep the ball from being marked up by scratches and abrasions. This is one reason why the Under Armour 395 Blur is trusted as a durable and reliable ball. The Blur is a soccer ball that has a number of top quality features typically found in professional balls, making the price of $19.99 a very attractive reason to buy this soccer ball, whether for you or for your kids to play with.

The Under Armour 395 Blur has a bladder which helps it to maintain its shape through all types of games, whether they are hardcore matches or simply a group of friends playing at a park. While it may be best to avoid using it in the rain or leaving it out due to the cloth covered bladder, you will appreciate your ball staying round throughout its months of use. Anyone who has had a ball easily deflate or lose its round shape knows that it can be annoying and when you buy a soccer ball, you want one that you will be able to use for months to come.

If what you are looking for is a reliable soccer ball with advanced technology and excellent features at a low price, the Under Armour 395 Soccer Ball is a fabulous choice. It’s a great choice for parents with kids as they love the color and it works well for beginners. It may not be a soccer ball that you will find on a professional soccer field or the very best on the market, but for what it offers as a whole for an excellent price, it definitely deserves a place on this lists of best soccer balls.


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#3. Nike Pitch Premier League Soccer Ball

Nike Pitch Premier League Soccer Ball

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The Nike Pitch is most definitely the ball for anyone who is a Barclay league fan, but it also captures the attention of any soccer player who likes a soccer ball with intricate patterns and made out of quality materials. The Nike Pitch has a beautiful black design that contrasts perfectly with the silver base and of course portrays both the Barclay logo and Nike logo, making it a favorite for brand and league aficionados.

The Nike Pitch has a TPU cover like the Under Armour Blur and is machine stitched will helps it to be a long-lasting ball that can withstand plenty of use and hard kicks. This is important for people who are looking for a ball that they can use continuously, whether for a team or simply for fun with friends. You don’t want to spend money on a ball that you will only be able to use a couple of times before it tears apart.

Another feature that makes this ball a highly durable one is the 32 panel design. What this does is help the air to be distributed evenly throughout the ball to ensure that it is smooth and light in flight and can be easy to maneuver. Whether you are just having fun playing around with the ball at a park or you need a ball for your team, you want a ball that is the perfect weight that allows the ideal curve and flow in your passes and goals.

Unless you have played for a long time or in a league, you may not have paid too much attention to the weight, or size of soccer balls, but it actually does have an effect on the ease and ability for passing and shots, and it’s important to pay attention to these components when purchasing a ball.

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It’s made out of mostly rubber, PU, polyester, and EVA, materials which make it a strong soccer ball that will stand up to even the roughest plays and kicks. It also has padding, which is perfect for head shots. Any soccer player that has played with a hard ball knows just how painful those headers can be without cushioning, so whether you are a coach or a player, you can trust that this ball won’t result in a concussion.

Another attractive factor of the Nike Pitch is that it is a Nike product, which means something for a lot of people. As a well-known sports brand, their soccer balls are typically dependable and durable. The fact that it is machine stitched and made out of reliable materials, helps to prove that it is a ball that will stand up to many others on the market.

If you want a name-brand soccer ball that is both affordable and durable, the Nike Pitch Premier League Soccer Ball is a good choice for you. You can expect to get a lot of life and great games out of it and if you like Barclay, then you will love the extra detail, apart from the eye-catching design on this version.

#4. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

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If what you want is a traditional looking soccer ball, the Wilson Traditional is a fabulous choice that will not only provide you with quality and durable usage, but can also be found for a price as low as $9.99. While it doesn’t have a fancy design like some of the other soccer balls on our list, it has other attractive qualities that make it a great buy for anyone on a budget.

With a butyl bladder, the Wilson Traditional will keep its shape throughout all types of games and experiences. It can take a beating and still stay round and keep its air throughout many matches. With its white and black traditional pattern, it’s the typical ball to play around with and while not as fancy as other balls, it is a low-priced ball that is made out of strong quality material, which is what really matters when playing.

You wouldn’t expect a cheap soccer ball like this one to provide you with the durability that the Wilson Traditional does, but the fact that it is made out of synthetic leather helps it to stay strong throughout all types of rowdy and rambunctious soccer games that could happen. It is neither too heavy nor too soft, which matters if you are thinking about buying a ball for your children to practice with.

When it comes to finding a good ball for your kids to get started with, nothing beats the Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball. It’s a simple yet durable ball that will hold up well for months of fun and play while they get used to playing.

While brand doesn’t always matter, more often than not when buying a soccer ball it does and when it comes to finding a quality ball for a good price, Wilson more than delivers and is a brand that many trust to be reliable and dependable for a number of quality sports’ products. The Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball isn’t very fancy or as high-end as others on this list, but it’s a trust-worthy ball for playing around with, for your kids, for beginners, or even for your team.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

With plenty of soccer balls on the market, these four balls all provide players with strong and durable options at low and convenient prices without taking away from quality.

The winner on the list gets its place for being a ball that both beginners and soccer enthusiasts can appreciate. From its excellent design and quality materials to its bounce and beauty, the Adidas Performance Conext15 is a soccer ball that you can feel proud to play with.

The runner up also gets a lot of attention, not only for its bright and beautiful color, but because it can stand up to rough matches and is a long-lasting soccer ball that won’t tear apart after only a couple of games.

The Nike Pitch is close behind with similar qualities and is machine stitched with a TPU cover. Anyone who wants a soccer ball from a trusted brand such as Nike will appreciate the features on this beauty. From the padding to the right weight, this ball allows for easy playing and maneuvering.

The last but not least choice on the list is still a reliable and durable ball for a low price. It’s perfect for your children to learn soccer with or for anyone who wants to get a great ball while on a budget.

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