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BOSTITCH T6-8 Heavy Duty Powercrown Tacker

Our Top Pick for 2019: BOSTITCH T6-8 Heavy Duty Powercrown Tacker

So long as there are things in the world that need to be fastened, staples will always be invaluable allies for productivity. The very first stapler was invented in the 19th century by Colin Bisset as a simple fastening device, and since then, the sophistication of stapling has come a very long way. We now have access to thousands of technologically-optimized staple guns for everything from warehouses to hospitals, and the following staple guns have been rated as some of the very best for any job the owner needs them for.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. BOSTITCH T6-8 Heavy Duty Powercrown Tacker

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The Bostitch T6-8 staple gun has been made with an easy-squeeze mechanism to maximize the ease of use. The frame of the staple gun is made out of die-cast aluminum, durable enough to withstand the test of time while still lightweight enough to be picked up and moved around quite easily.

The staple gun’s handle is made of steel, and the steel is molded over with a rubber grip that keeps the grip consistently comfortable in the user’s hands. The stapler features a heavy-duty PowerCrown tacker for the optimization of maximum strength piercing.

To account for the possibility of any staples getting jammed up into the guns, the T6-8 is made with a breathable anti-jam magazine in order to ensure that it always operates smoothly. When the staple gun runs out of ammunition, the owner can use the convenient bottom loading functionality to bring the staple count back up swiftly.

The sliding surface of the staples is made all the more durable through the user of nickel chrome plated steel. With nickel chrome plated steel, the smoothness of the magazine and the core can be taken to the next level for more efficiency.

If the user has any need to use the staple gun for driving staples into furniture, the T6-8 can be loaded with staples that are 5/16″ or 3/8″. Some lesser-quality heavy duty staple guns have a habit of just bending the staples on impact against durable material instead of actually penetrating it, but customers testify that the T6-8 consistently drives its staples home without any issues whatsoever. Customers have testified that the strength of the staple gun is high enough for it to produce just as much power as the owner is capable of squeezing.

Customers should be advised that the T6-8 in particular is only compatible with Powercrown staples. Powercrown staples are uniquely designed with an arch at the top, making them relatively easy to distinguish them from conventional staples that won’t work with the gun. The Powercrown staples that work with the gun will not be included with it by default when purchased, so prospective customers should make sure to add them to their cart before checking out.

One reviewer testified that the T6-8 had a simpler overall design than the older staples that they had grown accustomed to over the years. The reviewer found that even though the staple gun had a much simpler design than what they were used to, the simplicity didn’t impact the performance of the gun in any negative capacity.

The reviewer found that the design of the gun lent itself towards an overall smaller chance of jamming down the line. The reviewer also noted that the staple gun has a certain load factor that demanded a substantially higher amount of hand strength than their older staplers had in the past.

While the older staplers that the reviewer had didn’t require quite as much hand strength, the reviewer found that the higher demand for hand strength in the T6-8 actually lent itself towards a greater overall degree of piercing power. The only drawback that the reviewer noted was that the ends of the staples used by the gun were slightly blunter than the sharper ends of other brands.

#2. Dewalt DWHTTR350 Heavy-Duty Aluminum Stapler

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The Dewalt Heavy-Duty aluminum stapler can be used with any 18-gauge staples that you have, and some customers have reported using staples that are 9/16″ and 3/8″. The Heavy Duty aluminum stapler is perfectly capable of being used for a variety of intensive tasks, such as upholstery. Customers have testified that the staple gun can be dependably used for tasks such as tacking speaker wire up off the floor.

True to its name, the staple gun is powerful enough to pierce through even the most durable of materials without being hindered or damaging the staples in the process. Some customers have testified that the strength of the staple gun is sufficient enough to easily pierce through surfaces as hard as sheet rock. One reviewer, a licensed contractor, found that the staple gun was powerful enough to push its ammunition through pressurized wood without much trouble.

One customer testified that they had purchased three different staple guns over the years, and they were confident in their belief that the Heavy-Duty aluminum stapler was easily the best one that they had ever invested in. Another customer reported that the Heavy Duty stapler was the best product they’d had for sinking quarter-inch staples firmly and consistently.

A customer who had recently gotten rid of their Stanley unit decided to give the Heavy Duty aluminum stapler try. The Stanely unit had constantly been misfiring and jamming, but with the Dewalt, the user didn’t find any such problems. They found that the stapler felt satisfyingly solid in their hands and fired very smoothly. Thanks to their Dewalt, the owner was able to staple chicken to a wooden frame without having to worry about the poultry suddenly sliding off as soon as they walked away.

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The staple gun does not feature a wire guide. To assist the user in attaining the best level of precision that they can, the stapler is designed with special etching in the metal that shows exactly where the staple should hit if the user keeps a steady hand. If the staples have been properly into the gun, then there shouldn’t be any shifting or sliding while the staple gun is in use.

If prospective owners have any reason to do so, they can use the staple gun with brads just as easily as staples. One of the only drawbacks found among all of the testimonies has to do with the red safety plastic. Some customers report that the red safety plastic near the area where the staples are loaded can be slightly difficult to remove. Users should also be aware of the fact that the Heavy Duty aluminum stapler doesn’t come with any staples included with the purchase of the product by default.

#3. Stanley TR150HL SharpShooter Heavy Duty Staple Gun

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The Stanley Sharpshooter heavy duty staple gun can be shifted between a high and low power level for the users’ preferred level of piercing power, for hard or soft materials. To save time on all of your stapling jobs, the staple gun has an anti-jam mechanism that can prove to be extraordinarily helpful.

New staples can be loaded into the gun with the use of an easy slide full-stick, saving the user from the tedium of having to manually stick individual staplers into the gun one-by-one. The staple gun is made of lightweight materials, allowing the user to pick it up and use it without the need for any strenuous effort.

While the staple gun is easy to pick up and use without the need for much muscle power, it is also a highly durable tool. The frame of the staple gun is composed of aircraft aluminum housing, which protects it from even the heaviest use. The aircraft aluminum housing is fortified even farther with chrome-plated steel construction, ensuring that it would take nothing short of an intentional vigorous effort for the user to do lasting damage to the staple gun.

As an added convenience, the staple gun is designed with a highly visible yellow color scheme that to ensure that it can be easily found at all times in the workshop or the user’s toolbox.

For easier storage capability, the staple gun is made with a handle lock. The handle itself has been optimized for total ergonomic comfort with an easy-squeeze handle, protecting the user from any chance of hand fatigue after extended use.

One customer testified that they used a staple gun about four or five times a year for various DIY projects around the house. The customer had wound up needing to throw out their last two staple guns due to the fact that they jammed every other time they’d tried to use them, but when using the Sharpshooter, they were very pleased to find that jamming wasn’t a problem at all.

The customer only had a few minor drawbacks that she could think of in her review. As a woman, she did note that she believed the staple gun would be better-suited for a man’s hand due to the fact that it took a fair bit of strength to operate; she also noted that she wished the trigger was slightly closer to the gun itself. Despite her small grievances with the strength requirement and the trigger placement, she found the handle to be pleasantly comfortable and the overall experience of using the gun a very pleasant one.

The sizes of the staples that are compatible with the gun are 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″, and 9/16″. The Stanley SharpShooter is compatible with SharpShooter TRA700 series staples and Arrow T-50 heavy duty staples. The staple gun can be purchased for the price of $15.97, and all purchases come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty by default.

#4. Stanley TR45K Light Duty Staple Gun

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The Stanley TR45K light duty staple gun has been designed as a strong solution for easy stapling in the office and home. With a quick-jam clear feature, users can ensure that their schedule doesn’t get impeded by sudden hiccups in the mechanism at inopportune times.

For durability, the staple gun has been built with chrome-plated steel construction. The stapler uses Arrow JT-21 and Stanley TRA200 light duty staples, which are included alongside the unit itself in a plastic case of 1,0000. The stapler kit also comes with a convenient storage case.

As the staple gun is light duty, it is intended for use on anything but the hardest woods. One customer testifies that if the user does choose to staple wood with it, a viable strategy would be to add some additional pressure to the top of the gun with their free hand.

The dimensions of this staple gun are 8.1 x 7.1 x 2.8 inches, and it weighs just a single pound. Each of the staples is 6 millimeters. The Stanley TR45K Light Duty Staple Gun Kit can be purchased for $11.08. All purchases come with the guarantee of a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Pre-purchase considerations

Staple Capacity, Staple Type, and Loading feature

The staplers in your staple gun will have to be periodically refilled at different intervals of time, depending on the specific staple capacity and the frequency at which you use them. To make the stapling reloading process slightly easier, certain staple guns have been outfitted with special staple-loading features.

A number of staple guns feature the ability reload staples with the use of an easy-slide full-stick function, though this isn’t always the universal case. A staple gun that lets you reload the staples in a stack can save you valuable time, whereas a staple gun that doesn’t have the same functionality might wind up being more trouble than it’s worth.

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The staple capacity of the gun that you decide on should be considered alongside the specific types of staples that you intend on loading it up with. Different staples have different levels of power. While some staples are heavy-duty, others are just strong enough to pierce through two or three centimeters and not much deeper than that.

Based on your particular needs, you’ll want to invest in a staple gun that holds the exact type of staples that you specifically need; this is an easy factor to overlook, but the importance shouldn’t be underestimated.

Auxiliary Mechanisms

The basic staple-dispensing feature won’t be the only thing that plays into just how valuable of a device the staple gun really is. When it comes to separating the truly valuable staple guns from the junk, the difference becomes immediately apparent in the number of extra features that have been implemented for the user’s convenience.

If the stapler is truly a top-of-the-line selection, then chances are that it will feature mechanisms that prevent any unexpected malfunctions from interrupting the flow of work. One of the biggest annoyances that staple gun users can run into while working is an unexpected jam. The inclusion of a jam-preventing feature, for example, can prove invaluable when you least expect it.

Even when the staple gun isn’t in use, it’s important to ensure that it’s kept in the best possible shape for when you actually need it. Another auxiliary feature that your stapler may feature is a handle lock, which can be highly valuable for preventing the stapler from damage during storage.

Ideally, you won’t have to make use of the features that have been put in place to account for sudden troublesome obstacles to the stapling job; however, it can’t hurt to simply have those features on the table.

Power Level and Stapling Ability

Depending on the type of material that you plan on stapling, either a high level of power or a softer level of power might be more appropriate for the job in question. Different staple guns will all be built with different levels of penetrating power. Without proper penetrating power, you could easily run the risk of wasting money on a staple gun that’s of more used to you as a paperweight.

The varying levels of maximum power that you’ll find in different staple guns, if those guns are of a certain caliber, will often be possible to directly manage via switches. The power switches on high-end staple guns will commonly allow you to toggle between the staple guns’ high power settings and low power settings, though it’s possible for there to be in-between levels of power as well.

Before investing in the staple gun of your choice, it would be in your best interest to examine just what type of staples are the best fit for your particular staple gun. Different staple guns will also have varying compatibility with different styles of staples in general.

It’s common that the manufacturer of staple gun will also manufacture specially-made staples that are meant to be what the gun exclusively uses, though it’s possible that there might also be room for some exceptions to be made.


A staple gun doesn’t just only need to be able pierce deeply, it also needs to be able to live long. The maximum lifespan of your staple gun can be assured with the right combination of high-durability materials to protect it from the elements and unexpected impact.

You might not typically be in the direct line of fire of metal-denting impact, but you never known when a slip of the hand might suddenly put the staying power of the machine to the test against gravity. In addition to being tough, the idle staple gun should also be made of material that is light enough to facilitate a smooth workflow that isn’t too labor intensive.

A model that’s too heavy to be used comfortably can completely cancel out its convenience by being too much of a pain to use. The perfect ratio between toughness and durability can be accomplished with materials that are both tough and lightweight at the same time, such as aluminum.

Ergonomic Handle

Just like the weight of the staple gun is an integral part of the staple gun’s usability, the ability to hold it with minimal discomfort is also extremely important. Even if the staple gun is perfectly optimized in every other way, a handle that hasn’t been properly optimized can make the staple gun impossible to use effectively for very long.

To facilitate a maximum degree of ergonomic handling, many high-end staple guns will be made with padded handles to minimize any strain on the user’s palms over extended periods of time. Many high-end staple guns will have the steel of the handle molded over with a rubber grip for maximum ease of squeezing. With the perfectly ergonomic handle, the act of dispensing the staples shouldn’t feel any less comfortable than squeezing a stress ball.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

The right staple gun can make the often-tedious process of stapling documents nearly seamless and instantaneous. For a staple gun to effectively fulfill its single simple role, multiple different important factors need to come into play. The perfect staple gun will be ergonomic, fast-loading, deeply-piercing, and sufficiently durable while still being lightweight enough to be used easily.

In addition to making sure that the staple gun possesses all of the right qualities for comfort and power, you should also ensure that it can hold a sufficient amount of the right kind of staples that you personally need. Keeping track of all of the little, seemingly-consequential details of the model before you buy it can mean the difference between doubling or halving your frustration.

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