The Best Toenail Clippers

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KlipPro Toenail Premium Quality Clippers

Our Top Pick for 2019: KlipPro Toenail Premium Quality Clippers

A pair of the best toenail clippers will not only make the job of keeping your nails trim much easier, but it can keep your toes healthy, too! If you’ve only ever used cheap toenail clippers sold in bins at the local pharmacy, you may not know what you’re missing. Proper nail trimming with a good set of clippers will greatly reduce the risk of splits, snags, and painful ingrown toenails. Even if you already have thick or ingrown nails, you’ll be amazed at what a difference using the right tool can make.

Let's Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. KlipPro Toenail Premium Quality Clippers

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They don’t look like the cheap, drugstore toenail clippers you’re used to – and they don’t cut like them, either! KlipPro premium clippers can trim even the toughest toenails with ease.

While the long-handled design may remind you of wire cutters, these nipper-style clippers provide the leverage you need to make tough cuts. They are 5” long in total, providing a substantial increase to your reach. The extra-long handles also help users with hand pain or weaker grips to cut through thick nails.

Even if you have extremely tough or gnarled nails, these KlipPro clippers can handle them! It can be a struggle to snip extra-thick nails with regular clippers. Not only do you have to apply a lot of pressure, but flimsy clippers may slip and cut the nail too close to the nail bed, or even slice your toe! For some with super-thick nails or limited flexibility, it can be such a tough task that regular trips to the doctor are required. You can save the time and expense of medical visits by using the right tool. With the leverage provided by the KlipPro’s long handles and the super-sharp blades, you can get a quick and precise cut every time, no matter how thick your nails are. While the average toenail trimmer only opens to 1/16th of an inch, the blades of the KlipPro open to over 1” wide, so there’s never a worry about the clippers fitting around your nails.

For those who have suffered from the pain of ingrown toenails, the pointed tips of these KlipPro clippers can provide much-needed relief. Unlike regular nail clippers with their blunt-faced design, the KlipPro’s pointed tips can slide in under the nail, allowing you to precisely snip the offending nail before it gets too deep.

Made from stainless steel, these clippers are resistant to rust and are extremely easy to clean. Since nail clippers can hold on to fungus and re-infect the nail, or even spread fungus between users, choosing a stainless steel model is a great idea if you suffer from any kind of nail infection. Steel clippers can be quickly and easily sterilized by wiping them with alcohol after using them.

The KlipPro’s handles have ridges, improving the grip and preventing finger slippage. They fit well in either the left or right hand, and the anti-slip design makes them very easy to maneuver.

The handles are spring-loaded and return to the open position when you relax your grip. While there is no way to lock the handles themselves into place, these clippers also come with a rubber tip cover, so you can keep the extra-sharp blades clean and prevent them from getting dull or damaging other items.

The blades are just slightly curved, making it easy to snip nail edges without risking the blade cutting too deeply, as some highly-curved designs are prone to do. The blades themselves are wonderfully sharp, cutting accurately without leaving any rough edges behind.

The KlipPro’s sharp blades, long handles, and excellent construction can save you a lot of hassle when clipping even tough toenails. In fact, KlipPro is so confident in their product, they offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee!

#2. Tweezerman Professional Stainless Steel Toenail Clippers

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If you’re looking for quality, precision, and a pair of clippers that can last a lifetime, these Tweezerman professional clippers are what you’ve been seeking.

As you might guess from the name, New York-based Tweezerman is most famous for its first-rate tweezers, but their nail clippers are also top-quality. Made with stainless steel blades, thesy also resist rust and are easy to clean and sterilize with alcohol. The blades are extremely sharp, and snip through strong nails with precision.

The Tweezerman professional clippers are about 2.6 inches long, providing good leverage for tough nails without being too bulky. Their powerful clipping action is especially good for acrylic tips, too. The overall design is heavy-duty, and the clippers feel substantial in the hand, with a good heft to them.
These clippers have a straight edge rather than a curved one. Which style of blade you prefer really depends on you and your nails. Some people prefer curved-bladed clippers since they follow the contour of your nails, and may even let you cut the whole nail at once. However, this approach does have risks. Cutting the entire nail all at once can put too much stress on the nail bed, causing cracks or splits. If you have wider fingernails, a curved-blade nail clipper may cut too deeply at the blade edges, making it more difficult to cut the whole toe evenly or even causing injury. Straight-edged clippers like this pair from Tweezerman allow you to clip across a wide nail with great precision, while protecting your nail from cracking.

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Unlike the KlipPro’s wide-mouthed nipper design, the Tweezerman clippers have a limited opening size of about 1/16”. This is fine for nails of average thickness, but those with extra-thick or damaged nails may find this too limiting.

If you’d like your clippers to last a lifetime, sharpening is key. Luckily, Tweezerman offers free re-sharpening services! Even if your clippers have been damaged to the point they can no longer be sharpened, the company will provide a coupon to purchase a new pair at half price.

#3. MoxyCut Clippers

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Looking for a comfortable grip on your clippers? The MoxyCut Toenail Clippers have a smooth, padded edge to their handle for maximum comfort while you snip, providing an extra sure grip from any angle.

MoxyCut clippers are made from a tough zinc alloy, and the action of the clippers is wonderfully smooth. The blades are strong, sharp, and line up very well at the edges, so you’re sure to get a clean and accurate snip every time. At about 3 ¼” long, these clippers are large enough to provide good leverage when cutting tough or thick nails, and can help provide a little extra reach as well. They’re large and robustly built, and feel sturdy and secure in the hand.

These clippers have ridges on both the handle and the underside of the clipper body for an extra-secure grip and maximum control. MoxyCut clippers also feature a hardened rubber padding on the edges of the handle for added stability, so they won’t slip even if you’re working in a damp environment like the bathroom. The broad handle is comfortable to grip, and provides an extra-safe feel in the hand. This superior ergonomic design makes these clippers a great choice for those with weak or painful hands, or for those with low grip strength.

Inside the base of the clippers is a pad for nail filing. The pad is covered by a protective strip of blue plastic when packaged, and for good reason – it’s tough and effective! With these MoxyCut clippers, you’ll be able to trim and file your nails quickly with just one tool.

The curved blades makes it possible to use these clippers for both fingers and toes. If you have smaller fingers these may be a bit too large to use on your hands on a regular basis, but they can certainly be used in a pinch. And for those who need extra grip or power when cutting fingernails as well as toes, these clippers could be a perfect multi-tasker.

Best of all, these clippers really are designed to last. In fact, MoxyCut clippers come with a complete lifetime replacement warranty, so you can be confident that you’ll always have a good set of clippers on hand.

#4. Mehaz Japanese Made Professional Curved Blade Clippers

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For our budget pick, we wanted to find a sturdy set of clippers that are a step above cheap drugstore items, but at an affordable price. The Mehaz professional clippers pass every test with flying colors!

Mehaz is a brand originally famous for its top-quality kitchen knives, so you’d expect them to know a thing or two about cutting. They certainly do, and the blades of the Mehaz professional clippers show the company’s craftsmanship with their razor sharpness and smooth edges.

Made from stainless steel, these clippers are easy to sanitize and resist rust. The brushed steel finish is especially attractive, and the handle is wide and easy to grip. They measure about 3 ¼” long, a respectable size that will provide some extra reach. The handle on the Mehaz clippers is raised up at a particularly steep angle, providing excellent leverage for clipping tougher toenails. The clipping action is smooth and feels solid, with a pleasant clicking sound each time the blades connect.

Uniquely, the Mehaz professional clippers come with a plastic cover over the base. This cover is designed to catch all those little nail clippings that so often go flying off, reducing the amount of cleanup needed after a good pedicure. Be sure to hold them in as horizontal a position as possible to catch all of the clippings. When finished, just turn the clippers vertically and shake the clippings out into the trash can.

The plastic cover also has a sanding section on it for nail filing. Of course, if you find that the cover gets in the way or just needs a good cleaning, it’s easy to remove.

With curved blades, these can be used for both fingernails and toenails, especially if you have tough or thick nails on your hands. However, while the design of the handle is excellent, the Mehaz clippers do not have the added ridges or rubber edges of our Bronze pick. If a secure grip is your top concern, the smooth handle on the Mehaz clippers might not provide the hold you want.

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More than anything, the Mehaz clippers are built to last. Many owners have reported that the blades are still razor-sharp even after years of use. Like our Bronze pick, Mehaz also offers a lifetime “Tip-to-Grip” guarantee, so you can be confident that these clippers will last.

Pre-purchase considerations

Top Toenail Clippers Versatility

If you have thick, distorted, or ingrown toenails, it’s hard to beat the versatility and performance of our gold pick, the KlipPro premium clippers. Their extra-wide opening makes it easy to maneuver them in place around even the thickest nails, while their super-fine, pointed tips let you slip them in under nails that are threatening to grow into your skin. With the leverage of the large handles, you can cut through tough nails comfortably, even if you have limited grip strength.

Many users who once had to visit their doctor regularly to deal with difficult toenails report that they can now cut their own nails at home with these KlipPro clippers, saving tons of time and money. If you have had difficulty trimming your toenails in the past, the KlipPro premium clippers are well worth trying. You might just save yourself a trip to the doctor’s office!

For more run-of-the-mill tough toenails, both the Tweezerman professional and MoxyCut clippers are excellent picks. Both provide superior power, and are great at snipping through strong nails. Bear in mind that the blade opening size is fairly normal in both of these models, so those with super-thick toenails may still be better off with the KlipPro.

Toenail Clippers Longevity

All of these clippers have excellent guarantees. KlipPro offers a satisfaction guarantee, so even if you’re not familiar with the nipper style of nail cutters, you can try them out with confidence. If you have tough nails and have had to replace clippers in the past as the blades wear town, it’s worth taking a look at our Silver pick, since Tweezerman will sharpen your clippers for life. For overall confidence that the clippers you get will last and last, both our Bronze pick from MoxyCut and Budget pick from Mehaz offer comprehensive lifetime guarantees.

Toenail Clippers Easy Grip

Slippery nail cutters can be quite dangerous. Since many people use them in the tub or just after a shower, it’s quite likely that you’ll be handling your clippers with wet hands, or at least in a humid environment. If the clipper slips, you may cut your nail too deep, or even cut your fingers or toes on the sharp edges. A good grip is essential!

Each of the clippers we’ve chosen provides a better grip than the ordinary clippers found in many drugstores. For the maximum slip protection, however, the MoxyCut clippers come out on top. These clippers have a ridged surface both on top of the handle and at the bottom of the base, with the added protection of a rubber grip around three sizes of the handle itself. If you have unsteady hands or just want to make sure you’re getting a good grasp on your clippers, this design is perfect.

If you have a weak grip or suffer from joint pain, try our gold pick from KlipPro. Their long handles are designed to fit comfortably in your palm, allowing you to squeeze with your entire hand instead of just a finger or two.

Toenail Clippers Blade Shape

The decision to choose a curved or a straight-bladed nail clipper is mainly down to personal choice. Whatever feels more comfortable in your hand and works best for the size and shape of your nails is the right choice. Many people prefer to use a rounded blade when cutting their fingernails, so if you’d like to find a clipper that can cut both toe and fingernails, you may want to lean towards the rounded style.

If you have wider nails, a straight blade might be the better choice. It’s easy to get a bit too close with a curved blade, causing the edges to cut down into the nail bed. A straight edge can be positioned right up against the last cut, providing additional accuracy and preventing over-cutting.

Both our bronze pick, the MoxyCut, and the budget Mehaz clippers have curved blades. The Tweezerman clippers have straight blades, and the KlipPro clippers are just slightly curved, a wonderful compromise between the two styles.

If you’re not sure which blade shape will work best for you, consider trying the KlipPro clippers. Their nipper-style design and long handles make them very maneuverable and allows you to cut any width or shape of nails with precision.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

The right toenail clipper will not only keep your nails looking good, it can actually keep them healthier, and help keep you safe while snipping. Even if you’ve had to resort to the doctor’s office for getting tough toenails trimmed in the past, choosing the right tool may allow you to maintain even the toughest toes at home. High-quality clippers like these can provide extra reach, a secure grip, and let you get into those tough nail edges with ease. You’ll be amazed at the difference when you use the right tool for the job.

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