What is the best water cooler dispenser to buy

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What is the best water cooler dispenser to buy

What is a water cooler

Generally, a water cooler and a water dispenser are interchangeable when referring to the office or home water towers that dispense water. Water coolers for home or office use are also the same.

What is a water dispenser

A water dispenser can have plumbed in water. This where the water is being supplied by water lines or like most will have an external water bottle that is changed out when emptied. Any office water cooler can also be used as a water cooler for home.

Water dispenser features

Multiple spigots for different temperatures-some have the option of ht cold and warm-varies on models

Metal vs plastic reservoirs-metal costs more but has been proven to be cleaner.

Self-cleaning water dispenser-some system sanitize to prevent bacteria build up resulting in less cleaning of the water cooler

Bottom load water cooler-Easier loading and looks better

Lighting-some modes will light up the tank or tray area some have no lights


Our Newest Top pick

Were calling it Best for the Price Range.  The Primo 601088 is highly rated on Amazon, in fact, at the time of writing this, it’s the highest rated water tower. For the price, it has great features. Check out the rest of the list below too.



  • Great look with bottom loading design that makes it easy to load
  • Both ice cold and Hot water
  • Child resistant safety
  • The water reservoir is stainless steel ( you want this for cleanliness)
  • UL Certified and Energy Star Rated


  • No lighting on the unit
  • No self-cleaning
  • when the low water indicator is on, you will no longer get hot/cold water.


water cooler dispenser

Common Questions

How do bottom loading water dispensers work?

The best part of a bottom loading tower is that you no longer have to pick up and flip that heavy water bottle.

How do bottom loading water coolers work: using probe assembly located inside the cabinet and a water pump the water is transfer to the reservoir which will then dispense the water out of the spigots.

Where to get Primo water bottles

Primo has its own water exchange program around the country, but don’t worry if one is not close to you. You do not have to use Primo’s water bottles. Any standard water dispenser bottle will fit.

Primo water exchange locations: https://primowater.com/find-shop/

How often should you clean a water dispenser?

The answer may surprise you, it’s about every 2-3 months or a needed. https://www.thesmartconsumer.com/cleaning-water-cooler

Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler with 3 Temperature Spouts

How much water is in a water cooler jug

It is common to see 5-gallon water jugs in offices and at the store refill stations. There are other sizes ranging from 1,2,3,4,5 and even smaller or bigger. Not all water coolers will accommodate these different sizes.

Let’s Have a Quick Look at 4 more of the Best Water Cooler Picks:
Water coolers
are ideal for conveniently keeping both hot and cold water in your workplace or home. Practically every water dispenser that has a hot water option comes with a child safety lock. Hot and cold water dispensers can quickly dispense water at the temperature of your choice with just the press of a button or paddle. Most units are lightweight and slim enough to fit in even tight spaces. There’s a wide range of designs and features to choose from when shopping for the best water cooler. Whether you have a lot or a little to spend, there’s a model out there to fit your needs.Our Best Water Dispenser Pick : Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler with 3 Temperature Spouts


What is the best bottom load water dispenser?

It all depends on what features your looking for. In my opinion, bottom load water dispensers look better and save the back. The last thing you want is someone in the office hurting their back lifting a 5-gallon water bottle. Heres my favorite pick for bottom water coolers.

Avalon Bottom Loading with 3 Temperature Spouts

Avalon Bottom Loading with 3 Temperature Spouts


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Quick Fact Features:

  • Three separate spouts with THREE TEMPERATURES: crisp cold, room temperature, or hot
  • Clean way less than your average water dispenser: SELF CLEANING FEATURE: The ozone feature sanitizes & purifies the dispenser preventing the accumulation of bacteria
  • Love the nightlight: Built-in lights make water spouts clearly visible at night & has an empty-bottle indicator that lights up when the bottle needs to be replaced
  • Bottom Loading Water tower: It takes 3-5 gallon bottles and reduces back strain
  • CHILD SAFETY features to prevent hot water burning
  • UL/Energy Star Approved

The Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler with 3 Temperature Spouts is a sleek way to add convenience to your home or office. UL approved and Energy Star certified, the elegant stainless steel design will bring a level of class to your kitchen. With a slim unit that easily fits into practically any size room, the Avalon water cooler is simple to setup and use. The unit is lightweight and has a handle on the back that makes it easy to lift and move to the perfect spot in your home or office. The water cooler is13.2 x 12.2 x 41 inches and weighs 42.5 pounds. It’s light enough to move around until you find the perfect spot for it.

The Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler with 3 Temperature Spouts has three temperatures that come from three waterspouts: ice cold, room temperature and piping hot. The button spouts are a cinch to use – you simply press the temperature button and water will come out of the associated spout. The efficient compressor makes water cold enough that you won’t need to add ice; you may find that it’s even colder than the water you get from the dispenser on your refrigerator. The hot faucet is hot enough to make a cup of tea or hot chocolate; you’ll notice the steam as soon as the water starts to pour out of the spout. Since the hot water is so hot, there’s a child safety lock on its dispensing button. While the child safety lock is adept at keeping kids safe, it’s easy for adults to use – you simply have to slide the button before pressing it.

The bottom loading of the Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler with 3 Temperature Spouts can suit three- to five-gallon bottles. The adjustable straw fits most bottles, so long as the lid size is correct. Bottom loading means that the “ugly” water jug is hidden inside the cabinet instead of displayed for all to see. The stylish design will look sophisticated in your home and a hidden water jug is certainly an upgrade for most offices. The top of the cooler has flat space where you can keep your tea cups or refillable water. If your family or your employees like to start their day off by filling up their water bottles or making a cup of coffee, you can keep everything in one easy-to-reach place.

Bottom loading devices are easy to reload because you don’t have to lift a heavy, clumsy water jug. You push the water bottle into it instead of having to lift it up and put it on the unit upside down. Once you attach the straw to the bottle, the water will be dispersed to the different tanks to be heated and cooled. The empty bottle indicator on the front of the unit will flash red to let you know that the bottle needs to be replaced. Bring the jugs to a bottler or grocery store to have them refilled, or signup for a delivery service. If you have an elderly family member, delivery service is ideal because they’ll never have to lift a full water jug.

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To replace the water bottle, open the cabinet, push the jug in, unscrew the water bottle cap, put the straw on top and push down on it until it clicks into place. You’ll hear the water start to fill the takes, which takes up to 20 minutes. Then, you can switch on the cold switch (green), the hot switch (red) or both. The hot water takes about 20 minutes to reach the right temperature and the cold water takes about an hour. In the meantime, you can use the room temperature water.

The built-in nightlight makes the spouts easy to see in the dark. This is helpful for night owls and early risers who want to fill up their cup without turning on the blinding kitchen light. The nightlight can be turned on from the back of the unit – look for the blue switch. To save energy, make sure to keep the nightlight out during the day.

The Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler with 3 Temperature Spouts works by pumping water from the bottle through the machine and to the spouts using advanced pumping technology. Rest assured that the compressor is high quality and long lasting. The only assembly that’s required is to install the anti-tip brackets, which is great if you have children or pets in the house. If you don’t have little ones running around and you’d rather not mount the cooler, skip the bracket installation – the unit is stable enough on its own.


#2. Avalon Hot/Cold Top Loading

Avalon Hot/Cold Top Loading

Quick view features

  • Slim Design
  • Instant Hot water
  • TIME SAVING: Our top loading water cooler dispenser saves time when you need to make a quick cup of tea, hot cocoa, or instant soup! You never have to wait for a pot or kettle to boil.
  • TOP LOADING DISPENSER: Allows you to view water level

The innovative and stylish Avalon Hot/Cold Top Loading Water Cooler is both UL and Energy Star approved. This slim, lightweight Avalon top-loading water cooler is 45.3 x 14.5 x 13.5 inches and weighs 37 pounds. With a jug of water on top, the unit will be closer to 59 inches tall. Thanks to its sleek design, you can put the Avalon cooler anywhere in the home or office. Setup is simple thanks to straightforward instructions and you’ll be able to use your new Avalon water cooler in no time. Plus, the taste of the water is excellent!

Avalon Hot/Cold Top Loading Water Cooler has easy-to-use press-paddle spouts deliver both hot and cold water. The water pressure is good and the flow of water is steady. There’s enough space underneath the spouts to fill up even oversized cups and mugs without needing to slant them. Unlike some units that have buttons to press, the paddles don’t get stuck, even after years of use. By pressing your cup gently against the paddle, the water will flow out of the spout. Thanks to the efficient compressor, the cold water is so chilled that there’s no need to add ice. Plus, the water will continue to come out cold even after dispensing cup after cup. The hot faucet delivers water that’s hot enough to use in your tea or soup. You can get hot water instantly without bothering to put the kettle on the stove! This is a great option for offices that don’t have a kitchen area, too.

The child safety lock on the hot water spout makes sure your little ones stay safe. The paddle itself will not dispense hot water. instead, you’ll press and hold a button while simultaneously dispensing hot water. This two-step process ensures that children don’t accidentally dispense hot water themselves. The hot water can get as hot as 167 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s important that kids don’t have access to it. If your kids have figured out how to get around the child safety lock, you can turn off the hot water in the back of the unit.

The Avalon Hot/Cold Top Loading Water Cooler holds three- and five-gallon water bottles, including the Avalon 3 Gallon Filter Bottle, which means you won’t need to continually buy refill bottles. It will hold plastic as well as glass water tanks. It takes approximately ten minutes for the water to become hot when a new jug is installed. When the lights on the front of the unit are on, that means that it’s making hot or cold water at the moment. When the lights turn off, the unit is ready to use. While the lights will periodically come on, if they’re on all the time, it could point to a problem with the unit.

People who are environmentally-conscious love the top-loading Avalon water cooler because it reduces their carbon footprint. With other units, you may go through as many as 15 water jugs every two weeks. With the Avalon cooler, you can take the reusable jug to a supermarket to have it refilled. The unit is also energy efficient and Energy Star certified.

Avalon Hot/Cold Top Loading Water Coolers are especially useful in office settings thanks to their reliability and durability. They’re designed to dispense multiple cups of water per day and to last for several years. The sleek appearance fits into a professional workplace and multiple functions suit every employee’s needs. Avalon Hot/Cold Top Loading Water Cooler units can also be found in various school and medical settings throughout the U.S. High-quality construction and ability to handle a high volume of traffic makes Avalon a top choice for businesses.


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#3. Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A

Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A


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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

The Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser has a sleek black design and delivers water in three temperatures: hot, cold and room temperature. You can also get this water cooler in white if that goes better with your home or office. There’s a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, so if anything should happen to your unit, you can contact the company to have it repaired or replaced. The easy bottom-loading design makes it simple to replace the water bottle and a cabinet hides the water jug.

Setup of the Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser is easy. Note that after the item is shipped, there will be blue static film over the bottom door’s stainless steel panel. This is to prevent scratches during the shipping process. Simply remove the film and discard it once the unit is set up. The unit is quiet and does not make a lot of noise even when it’s cooling or heating the water. Since the unit draws water via suction instead of pumping air into the tank, the unit is quieter than many other similar water coolers. The Hamilton Beach water cooler is 14 x 13 x 42 inches and weighs 44.2 pounds.

Push button controls deliver hot, cold and room temperature water. You can get a glass of water that’s so cold you don’t need ice, room temperature water for your pets or plants, or water that’s hot enough to make a cup of ramen or brew tea. The child safety lock keeps your children safe from hot water. The Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser does not require any filters. There’s an LED light that will let you dispense water even when the lights are out or in a room with low lighting. There’s a power down switch for the hot and cold tanks. If you don’t often use the hot water, for example, you can turn that tank off. This also adds another level of child safety. One drawback to this product is that it dispenses water slowly because it has low water pressure – if you fill up several large water bottles or containers daily, this may become a problem.

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When the bottle needs to be replaced, an red indicator light on the front of the unit will flash. When the low level indicator is on, that means there’s about one gallon left of water. At this point, the water will remain room temperature – you can either swap out the water jug and lose the remaining gallon or you can use up the mild temperature water before replacing it. The Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser takes three- to five-gallon water bottles. The stainless steel water tanks are food-grade, providing delicious, clean drinking water around-the-clock. Bottom-loading design makes it easy to install a new jug of water and also eliminates spills. You won’t need to lift the bottle of water to install it, other than moving it to the bottom cabinet. The easy-to-remove drip tray can be put in the dishwasher when you want to clean it.

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#4. Primo Top-Loading

Primo Top-Loading


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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

The Primo Top-Loading Bottled Water Cooler has a single dispensing spout and comes in black and stainless steel. The leak guard ensures there won’t be any messes in your home or office. The cooler dispenses icy cold, room temperature or piping hot water in a fast-flowing stream using a compressor cooling system. While less expensive than similar water dispensers, the water flow is excellent and reliable, a common perk of using a top-loading dispenser.

Primo Top-Loading Bottled Water Cooler is virtually noise-less and remains quiet even when cooling and warming water. If you hate tap water and are sick of constantly refilling your Brita water pitcher, the Primo water cooler is a sleek, cost-effective solution. The unit also has convenient features, like LED indicator lights and a soft nightlife so you can get water in the early morning or late at night.

This Primo Top-Loading Bottled Water Cooler can hold three- to five-gallon plastic water bottles. Metal bottles, glass bottles or bottles with filters cannot be used with this unit. However, you can use refillable bottles in this unit in order to cut down on your carbon footprint. Bringing your empty plastic water jug to a refill station costs a small amount of money, less than you’d pay for an entirely new bottle, and is eco-conscious at the same time. The Primo water cooler stands at 36.6 inches, is 10.8 inches wide and 12.5 inches deep, and weighs 26.4 pounds. The unit is Energy Star compliant, which is good news for shoppers who want to stay eco-friendly and reduce their carbon footprint.

The cold water is delicious and refreshing, while the hot water is piping enough to brew a cup of tea or make a bowl of oatmeal. While the cold water isn’t ice cold, it’s still noticeably cooler than the room temperature water. You may notice that once you have the Primo Top-Loading Bottled Water Cooler in your home, you drink even more water than you did before! There’s also a safety latch on the hot water so that your children don’t accidentally burn themselves by mistakenly dispensing hot water or playing around the unit.

To prevent spills when swapping out the bottle, use bottles with caps that don’t need to be removed before placing the jug on the unit. Old-style bottles have caps that need to be removed, which makes you lose a lot of water when replacing the bottle. This is a major gripe of many people who have used top-loading water coolers in the past. You can signup for a home delivery service that will send five-gallon bottles right to your door. Another option is to refill your water bottles at a refill station, which will save you even more money.

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Pre-purchase considerations

Best Water Cooler Price Range

While water dispensers have the same basic functions – to dispense water at the temperature of your choice – there are so many design elements and features to choose from that they come in a variety of price ranges. Some can be simple and inexpensive while others will have all the bells and whistles you can want with a price tag to match. The first step toward buying a new hot and cold water dispenser are determining how much you can spend on one. Also, take into consideration the cost to replace the water jugs every time you need a new bottle.

Best Water Cooler Energy Efficiency

Today, many appliances, including water dispensers, are made with the environment in mind. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible, look for an Energy Star certified unit. Also, look for the best water cooler that have on/off switches in the back. That way, if you don’t use hot water or ice cold water a lot, you can turn off the associated tank. Not only are energy-efficient units better for the environment, but they also will reduce your utility bills. Also, consider refilling the water jugs at refill stations instead of using a brand new bottle every time.

Best Water Dispenser Bottom-Loading vs. Top-Loading

You can find the best water cooler in both bottom- and top-loading styles. The one you choose mostly depends on your aesthetic taste. Bottom-loading units hide the water jug in a cabinet so that you don’t have to see the bottle on a daily basis. Instead of lifting the jug up and turning it over onto the unit, you an simply push it into place and then attach the straw. This is convenient for older people or people who are recovering from an injury. However, some people prefer top-loading units because they feel that they get better water pressure with them.

Best Water Dispenser Water Capacity

If you’re only going to be using the best water cooler in your home, you may require less water capacity than if you were going to use the dispenser in an office. Depending on the traffic that the dispensers will see, you may be able to use a smaller unit that holds smaller water bottles. While most water coolers take up to five-gallon jugs, if you have a top-loading dispenser, this may be too heavy to lift on a regular basis. If you don’t go through the water quickly, you may be fine with a top-loader.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

There are a number of things to take into consideration when shopping for a new water dispenser. Once you’ve determined who’s going to be using the dispenser and which temperature settings are most important to you, it’ll be easier to choose the right cooler for your needs. Also think about the space you have available and the design of the room where you’ll be keeping the best water cooler. When you choose a water dispenser that fits your needs, you’ll have a convenient addition to your home or office, making it easy to sip water all day long or make your favorite hot beverages whenever you want them.

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