What are the best FM transmitter radios for your car

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Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit

Our Top Pick: Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit

Most of us love to keep our tunes handy on a smartphone or MP3, but the built-in speakers on these devices are often tinny. If you're in a car you'll get the best sound quality from the car's radio speakers. When you go on a road trip what is the first thing you typically turn on? Some good tunes to listen to when you are cruising down the highway. Finding a good radio station to listen to in an area that you are not familiar with can be a pain, so what can make it easier? A Bluetooth FM transmitter is a device that can use radio waves to create a bridge between your MP3 player and the stereo in your car. All you need is a free FM frequency that you can set your devices to. 


If the car is older and has no Bluetooth or AUX cable, you might think you have to miss out on blasting your tunes. This is where a Bluetooth FM transmitter radio comes in!

The Bluetooth FM transmitter will play music from your Bluetooth enabled device via your car's speaker. It gives you the quality audio you'll need for a long journey and stops you having to rely on the radio DJ's music choice. You'll also be able to make hands free calls and charge your device! Are car FM transmitters any good?

Short answer - YES! There's a reason why they've become so popular over the last few years. They're incredibly useful for those of us who want to upgrade our car's musical capabilities without forking over tons of cash for a whole new radio (or even a whole new car). It's an excellent and relatively cheap way to bring your car into 2020.

Do FM transmitters work in all cars?

YES! All an FM transmitter needs is a cigarette lighter socket to plug the transmitter into, and a car radio. We assume that you're using an FM transmitter radio because you have a pretty old car. Old cars will certainly have both a cigarette lighter and a radio of these as standard. As long as your car has both of these then you're ready to go.

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How do I get the best quality Bluetooth FM transmitter?

As there are so many options on the market due to the popularity of FM transmitters over the past few years, you'll naturally find that some makes and models are better than others. Here is a comprehensive list of features that you'll want to watch out for in a high quality Bluetooth FM transmitter:

  • Frequency range: A high frequency range is important as it means a better performance. Look for an FM transmitter that can access a high number and wide range of channels. A stable frequency is generally going to be best.
  • Sound quality: Naturally you want the best possible sound you can get for music and hands free calling. We've made sure to only recommend FM transmitters with an excellent, distortion-free sound.
  • Broad compatibility: Perhaps you own multiple devices and want to be able to connect them all. The best transmitters will be compatible with both smartphones and MP3 players.
  • Usability: You'll either be driving or a passenger in a moving vehicle, so it needs to be easy to use under these circumstances!
  • Extras: We want to make sure that the transmitter adds ease to your driving experience, so little extras like charging ports/USB ports for fast charging can really swing a decision.

Which FM transmitter is the best?

A number of people have asked this question and sought the answer, and the same brands pop up time and time again as the best. So, what's the best FM transmitter? Here are a couple we consider to be top quality:


#1. Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit

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Our TOP pick, which is the Nulaxy Bluetooth FM transmitter, is a quality device that is loved by customers and critics alike. It is a lightweight device that you will not mind transferring between cars, as it only weights about 3.2 ounces. It is 6.4 inches in length, 4.9 inches in width, and 2.1 inches deep, which means that it will not take up a lot of space in your car.

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Aesthetically, this device looks a little alien compared to most devices that we connect to our vehicles. It has a circular portion that connects to the cigarette lighter. This part also has a USB slot that allows you to charge your smart phone or other portable devices. Then, there is a bendable tube that connects to the section of the unit that has the display and the control features. The LED display is at the top of the main section, and it is capable of informing you which artist is currently singing and the song that you are listening to.

Beneath the display there is a volume knob that can be turned to adjust what you hear, but it can also be pressed once to answer an incoming call or pressed two times to ignore it. There is also a button that lets you adjust the frequency that you are using as well as a button to switch tracks. These buttons all glow blue, which allows you to see them better when you are driving after the sun sets.

On the left side of the unit, there is a microphone that can be used instead of your phone, so when a call comes in, you can easily press the button on the Nulaxy FM transmitter to take the call and talk to the individual who called you without the need to hold your phone. The right side of the device features a TF/SD card that allows you to transfer songs directly to the transmitter, without using an MP3 player or another music capable device. There is also an auxiliary input and output option that can be used, which is a needed feature for someone who does not have Bluetooth capabilities on their MP3 player.

This unit has a frequency range between 87.5 megahertz and 108 megahertz, which gives you a full range of options when you are selection a location to broadcast your music. The Bluetooth functionality of this device reaches about five meters, so you do not have to have your device on your lap while you are driving. It also has a frequency distance of two meters, which means that the car next to you at the stop light will not pick up your signal.

This Bluetooth FM transmitter is compatible with most Apple and Android devices as well as MP3 players and digital cameras. Once the device is turned on, it will begin automatically paring with a device in range that is compatible. When you are getting your playlist ready, make sure to remember that this device needs files to be in MP3 format or WMA format. One great aspect of this unit is that it is designed to suppress excess wind and sounds to give you a better listening experience.

You can purchase this transmitter in either black or gold, whichever color matches the interior of your vehicle best, and it comes with a one year warranty in case there are any issues in the first twelve months of ownership. When it comes to reviews, there are over 850 posted on Amazon alone, and 88 percent of them have given this device a positive four or five star rating. Many of the users have expressed how clear the audio quality is when using this device and how easy it is to set up.

Here is an example of one five star review: “OK, just received it and used it -- this thing is legit. The one I got has excellent sound and connects automatically; just had to find the right volume adjustments for the apps, the iPad, the Nulaxy, and the radio. You want a moderate level on each, and then use the radio volume for fine adjustments.”

Next Up is the Victsing transmitter. Were keeping it simple and only recommending these two options.

It's universally compatible, meaning it will work with Androids, iPhones, iPods, iPads, tablets, MP3 and MP4 players. As long as you can connect your musical device to the transmitter via Bluetooth then you're golden. You can relay music through a USB port or audio cord. It can also be used as a charging port for USB charging!The sound quality of the Victsing transmitter is phenomenal. It is one of the best Bluetooth FM transmitters when it comes to uncompromising sound for tunes and phone calls. It also has an excellent frequency range of between 87,5MHz and 108,0MHz, which will allow you to find an available channel without user interference.

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Pre-purchase considerations

Transmission Range and Frequency Spectrum

The range that your transmitter can reach is important. Most Bluetooth FM transmitters have a range that can vary between ten feet to about 30 feet, which should reach the entire length of the vehicle that you are driving in. Be aware that if the range is at the high end of the spectrum, there is a possibility that you will pick up other signals. This can be annoying if a car pulls up using the same frequency when you are listening to your favorite song.

To make sure that you have the best chance of having a clear signal to broadcast on, it is important to purchase a Bluetooth FM transmitter with a full frequency spectrum. This means that you will be able to access any free channel from 88.1 to 107.9 megahertz. This can be extremely useful for anyone who lives in a highly populated area where a lot of the frequencies may already be taken.

Sound Quality

The sound quality that you receive will vary based on a few things, like the distance that the transmitter is from the antenna. To make sure that you have an optimal audio experience, make sure that you look for features like noise filters, which are a great way to minimize or eliminate and static or excessive background noise. Equalizers are also a feature that is becoming more standardized on Bluetooth FM transmitters, so make sure that it’s a feature that you look for to get the best sound quality that is available to you.


There are Bluetooth FM transmitters that feature a display that lets you know what song you are listening to as well as the artist who is singing. Many cars have this feature, but if you like to know information about the songs that you are listening to, then you may want to find a transmitter that has this functionality as well.

Functionality and Ease of Use

Most Bluetooth FM transmitters connect to your MP3 player, but there are also some devices available that cut out the need for an external audio player. The playlists can be created and stored on the memory card in the transmitter, and then it will be sent to your car stereo to be listened to. If you do want to connect your audio device, then you may want to ensure that your device is compatible with the transmitter you purchase. Some Bluetooth FM transmitters also come with a remote, which allows you to easily operate the device while you are in the car.

Power Requirements and Ability to Save

You will need to power your new Bluetooth FM transmitter, so why not make sure that it can easily be powered in your car. If you have a device that requires 12 volts of power that means that you can use the car’s cigarette lighter to power it. There are also options that use your MP3 player or cell phone’s battery, but they tend to drain the device the music is being played from quickly.

Having the ability to save the frequency that you use near your home is a feature worth having. It means that you can quickly switch back to the frequency you use after trip away from home without being required to surf through channels to find one that is free. Also, some devices automatically switch frequencies when a station begins to cause interference.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Music is a part of all of our lives, so why not make accessing your own music easier, especially when you are on a long road trip. We have taken the time to examine the features and specs of three Bluetooth FM transmitters as well as an option that is a bit easier on a budget. If these picks do not fit your needs, then take another look over our pre-purchase considerations and do some due diligence into finding the perfect Bluetooth FM transmitter for you. Once you find that device, you will be rocking down the highway playing awesome tunes in no time.

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