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Better Built 60

Our Top Pick for 2019: Better Built 60″ Truck Chest Box

Pickup trucks have traditionally been used as handy vehicles driven between construction job sites, offices and customers’ homes for decades. They have the horsepower to haul and hold many tools and materials. All of these tools, however, need to be protected and organized within the truck’s bed. Truck tool boxes are the solution for both amateur and professional field workers. You can’t just buy a universal container, however. Each tool box is entirely different and designed for a specific truck body. Explore some of the top models offered today by the best manufacturers in the business. You’ll be ready to hit the road in organized style with these sturdy boxes.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Better Built 60″ Truck Chest Box

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The hands-down winner for the best truck tool box is the 60-inch model by Better Built. This manufacturer is known for its attention to detail with a highly regarded reputation in the industry. When you really want a container that will stand the test of time, this product will please you with every use. Most consumers are thrilled with the features that are part of this design, from the locking latches to attractive appearance. Explore this tool box, and you’ll want to fill it up today.

The entire Better-Built model is made of diamond, treadplate aluminum. Although you may not be familiar with this material description, the container’s appearance is a classic look. The silver aluminum shimmers under natural light because the surface has a textured design. This material covers both the tub and lid assemblies. When the container is closed, you can place items on top of the tool box. Unless the vehicle is moving, those items won’t move. This feature allows you to organize your tools on the box as a tabletop before you move them out to the field.

Some consumers might be concerned about this aluminum failing over time. Better Built is known for its high-quality materials. With that fact in mind, the manufacturer chooses to weld all of the connection points. The welds are professionally applied and inspected so that no leaks or breaks can occur. You won’t experience any welding failures caused by spot welds or other low-quality workmanship.

The latches and pull handles both have locks on them. However, you aren’t required to unlock both sides in order to reach the tools. Simply unlock one side, and the entire box opens up for you. When you have an approaching deadline, this streamlined unlocking process is critical to your work. Lock the tool box back up in the same manner, and you’re ready to hit the road.

If you’ve ever used a tool box without lid shocks, you understand the perils of the top falling back onto your hand. This Better Built product is equipped with an auto-lift feature. Push the lid upward with your hand, and the self-rising shock takes on the lid’s weight. Let the lid go at any point afterward. The shock will catch the lid while holding it at that location. You can pull any tool with one hand by using this mechanism.

A concern that’s common among consumers is how wide a tool box will open while it’s attached to the bed. Some models are limited in their lid movements, but that’s not the case with the Better Built model. The manufacturer designed this container with a recessed hinge. Open the box, and the lid can swing all the way across regardless of its installation location. A box attached directly to the cab will still open with ease.

You’ll also appreciate the clearance above the installed tool box. It doesn’t rest on the rails. You connect it directly to the truck bed where you can access it. The rails can be freed up for other accessories, including a lid. Add a basic cover to the truck, and your tool box will be entirely concealed from sight. This feature is often a top consideration when you’re shopping for a truck tool box. You can maintain the appearance of your vehicle while making it as functional as possible. Simply follow the installation instructions in order to perfectly add the box to your truck.

You should be aware that this truck box doesn’t come with the necessary fasteners for installation purposes. Some consumers note that they use about six, self-tapping screws in order to attach the box onto their vehicle. Ideally, you should check with the manufacturer before using any fasteners on the product. There might be a specific fastener size that’s required for a strong connection point. In the end, you’ll have a box that remains in place for all of those outdoor projects.

#2. Dee Zee DZ8546 Red Label Truck Bed Utility Chest

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A simple yet high-quality truck tool box comes from Dee Zee. The DZ8546 model is about 47-inches long, which gives you ample space for all of your tooling needs. It’s also built with high-grade aluminum that’s easily wiped down after each hard, working day. When you’re looking for a basic tool box that will stand the test of time, the Dee Zee product is a smart choice.

As you take a first glance at this product, the lid tends to stand out the most. Dee Zee designed the lid with a crowned shape. It rises several inches above the base’s top edge so that you have some clearance within the box for oversized items. Toss that large wrench or socket driver into the box and lock it down. The lid will accommodate almost every tool that you can imagine without any locking issues. This feature is especially important if the container is going to be used on the road for the most part.

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Lining the lid is a specialized gasket. Every truck tool box needs quality gaskets because these parts will actively secure the interior’s contents. As you drive down the road, dust and other particles will kick up into the air. A box without strong gaskets will actually let these particles into the interior where your tools reside. Dee Zee designed their container with a closed-cell foam insert. This gasket is the best quality material that you can find for your box today. No debris will make its way into this product.

Take a look inside of the lid, and you’ll notice two arms attached on either side of the product. These parts are the dampening gas shocks. As you quickly lift the lid up and down during a standard workday, slamming it against the base is a possibility without any shocks in place. Add almost any force to the lid, and the gas shocks will gently lower it downward. As a result, you’ll preserve the life of your tool box when little damage occurs over time.

This box is made of aluminum, but some consumers report that the material still isn’t strong enough. The thin construction makes the container prone to dents and other damages. Because of its size, this product isn’t meant to be hauled around on your hip during the day. Use the box as it’s been intended by the manufacturer, and you shouldn’t see many denting problems. Ideally, it’s designed to fit into a truck bed or hauled out to a job site.

The manufacturer created clear instructions for the box’s installation. Although the proper fasteners don’t come with this product, you only need to purchase a few standard screws. Affix the box to your truck bed by drilling four holes in the base. Place some foam under the container in order to shield your truck’s bed from any sliding damages. With only a few steps, your tool box is ready for business.

If you’d rather use the container for other purposes, it has side handles that are extremely tough. Haul this box out to a location with a friend’s help, and the handles will keep it level. Be aware that the container will be heavy when you add the tools to it. The box itself is a little more than 50 pounds in weight.

Fit this box under your truck cover with ease. The crowned lid is still compact enough to work with nearly any bed cover that you want to use. Dee Zee designed their tool box to be as versatile as possible, and that fact includes when the product is used as a portable container. Think about your potential uses for the box, and consider the Dee Zee before all of the other models on the market. You’ll love its features from the very first use.


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#3. UWS TBSM36 Side Mount Truck Box

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You might be looking for a basic tool box that will conserve your truck bed space while offering a tough design for all of your heavy-duty tools. Look no further than the TBSM36 model by UWS. Your first impression of this container may not be dazzling because it’s simple by design. However, lifting up the lid and exploring the materials will only get you excited about this product. Fill up your truck bed’s side areas with this tool box, and you’ll always have the right tool on hand.

If you tend to drop your tools into your tool box, the interior can take a beating. UWS designed their product with a 0.063-inch wall thickness. This relatively thick aluminum gives you some leeway to drop your tools inside of the box without damaging it each time. Both the lid and tub are constructed with the same resilient metal.

Take a close look at the lid, and you’ll notice that it’s fully foamed. This feature divides the interior from the exterior, aluminum surface. The box’s interior remains cooler than the exterior, which contributes to less material warping. Your lid will always fit perfectly onto the base regardless of the temperature outside.

Consumers have reported that this product doesn’t come with hardware for installation purposes. It simply comes with the mounting legs. However, you only need a few screws, bolts and washers in order to secure this box to your truck bed. After purchasing the box, head down to your local, home-improvement store. Basic fasteners will make your installation process a simple one to complete.

This truck tool box is meant to sit on the side of your bed and across the rail. In fact, it fits perfectly above the wheel well. This truck feature is usually an obstacle for other tool boxes, but this container simply works around this outcropping. As a result, you conserve space within your bed for other items. This container is only 36-inches long so you can add other boxes or tools to adjacent areas as necessary.

The manufacturer also added MicroSeal Stripping to this container. Every time you close the lid, the seal closes off the interior from any dust or moisture. Your tools will never succumb to rust because dew found its way into your box. Simply close and lock the container after each workday. You’ll preserve your tool collection while stylizing your truck at the same time.

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#4. Better Built Truck Tool Box

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You may have a limited budget for your truck tool box, but you have an answer to your dilemma with the 73210285 model by Better Built. This manufacturer has been in business for several decades, and they know how to create a solid product. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the convenient features that this product holds. Fill it up, and get on the road today.

This tool box is about 60-inches long, which makes it perfectly designed for the back of your truck bed. In fact, it has a crossover style that allows the box to float above the vehicle. Slide other items underneath the product whenever necessary. You’ll also notice that this container is shaped like a wedge. This design gives you some space along the sides in case of any vehicle obstacles, such as wheel wells.

In most cases, you’ll need to drill holes into your truck bed to accommodate the tool box. This task isn’t necessary with this Better-Built container, however. The manufacturer supplies you with attachment brackets that hold the product in place. If you’re ever thinking of selling your vehicle in the future, the lack of drilled holes are a positive detail for the truck’s value.

When you follow the installation directions, this tool box comes with a one-year warranty. The policy covers defects from workmanship and material issues. If you improperly handle or damage the container that’s contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions, the coverage may be void. When you have any concerns about the box, it’s always best to contact Better Built with any questions. You’ll preserve your warranty with that strategy.

When you only have one hand to spare, this tool box will help you out with its self-rising shock. Better Built thought like a consumer when they created this product. You’ll notice the small details inherent to this container as you continue to use it. In the end, you’ll always have a secure location for your tools.

Pre-purchase considerations

Material Type

Truck tool boxes are meant to be used in heavy-duty projects, from professional construction jobs to major home overhauls. Because of the wear that these containers will face, they must be made out of strong materials. Look for a box that has an all-aluminum construction. These products are strong and lightweight for your vehicle. It’s much harder to find steel or stainless-steel containers in the marketplace today. For a low-cost tool box, you can use the hard-plastic models offered by top manufacturers. Keep in mind, however, that the plastic models will break down faster than the aluminum types. Buying a truck tool box is an investment.

Hinge Strength

Take a look at the lid hinges on each box model. You should see large hinges with stable fasteners holding them to the unit. Some products might have a spectacular tub and lid, but the hinges are too flimsy. Lightweight hinges placed on a heavy-duty tool box will only fail in the long run. Thick hinges will look and feel sturdy. Try to move the tool box at the lid as a testing strategy. Although the hinges won’t hold the entire weight of the box, the lid itself shouldn’t feel loose or wobbly as you open and close it. If there is an issue with loose fasteners, look for another product.

Locking Ability

Every truck tool box should have some locking mechanism because your stored items can be worth hundreds of dollars to would-be thieves. Product manufacturers understand that security is a top concern for every tool owner, so there are a variety of different locking styles available today. The most basic lock is on the center handle. These locks are strong, but slightly difficult to reach at times. Consider models with dual locks on either side of the truck bed. Unlock one side and the other lock responds as well. When you have to lean into the truck and unlock the box, this feature is a valuable one in the field.

Mounting Consideration

There are more than a half-dozen mounting positions for your tool box. The crossover, side and tailgate positions are just a few of the choices. Some consumers prefer the crossover style because it frees up some space below the container. Other users applaud the chest models because they attach against the cab and free up the rails for other uses. Consider your truck bed needs before you select a mounting style. You cannot alter them so you must mount the product as it’s been designed. Look at your truck, and compare it to the available tool-box products in the marketplace. There’s a product match for you with enough research performed beforehand.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Because these containers can weigh more than 50 pounds when they’re empty, consider a group project when you want to install one in your vehicle. At least two people are necessary in order to safely slide the box into place and attach it. If you struggle with the container on your own, it can become damaged. Dropping it or forcing the box into an unusual position will usually void its warranty and reduce its effectiveness as you use it each day. Once it’s properly installed, however, the container can be used for many years.

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