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For an online business to be successful, several plug-ins, tools, and services must be used. Using various tools for various functions can be stressful and costly. Thanks to a platform like Builderall, you have everything you need to monitor and grow your enterprise in a single platform.


Statistics reveal that 85% of businesses in the US rely on Builderall to handle their online business functions. From the rising numbers, it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world follows suit.


If, like many other users, you have plenty of unanswered questions about the digital marketing platform, please look no further. This builderall review has all you need.


In this review, we shall be tackling the platform’s significant areas, such as its features, pricing options, pros and cons, and who can benefit most from it. Let us get started:


What Is Builderall?


Builderall is an all-inclusive, Digital Marketing Platform established in 2017 by Erick Salgado. 


Builderall Payment Packages


Builderall offers two payment options as we shall see in this review:


  • The Essential Package that goes for $29.90 per month and offers users the ability to connect fifteen-various domains, a ticket support system, unlimited visitors and bandwidth, a super-fast page loading system, and a DDOS Attack Prevention, among others.


  • The Premium Package with all the offers in the Essential Package along with Dictionary Builder, email marketing, Facebook Messenger Chatbot, and iOS/Android App Builder, among others. This is just a taste of the benefits you stand to enjoy by going Premium at a reasonable fee of $69.90 per month.
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Builderall Features


Builderall is a convenient platform with the best features that, as we shall discover in this builderall review, make it an ideal option for online businesses.


Depending on the Payment Package you choose, you may or may not get access to some of the features highlighted below. 

That said, here are some incredible Builderall characteristics:



  • A Variety of Templates



Builderall has a wide selection of fully optimized and attractive templates to suit you whether you are hoping to design an individual landing page, an entire website, or a sales funnel.


The template categories in this Buiderall review include education, events, design, agency, and health and beauty. After choosing a template, you may personalize it with one of the builders listed.



  • The Floating Video



The floating video feature lets you capture your target audience’s attention on your landing pages by uploading videos you have filmed with a green screen or the same color background. This gives priority to the objects in front of the screen only.



  • Sales Funnels Templates



Due to their uniqueness, these templates have a place of their own in this builderall review. They are designed to increase conversions and sales, which is the requirement for an online business. They come in plenty of options and are easy to access.



  • Reliable Local Servers



Builderall provides you with quality local servers to host your webinars, websites, videos, sales funnels, and all else you may require to publish and design for your business. Also, since it is a hosted service, all backup, internet maintenance, and security services are handled by the team.

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Who Can Benefit Most from Builderall?


If you are looking to build a website that sells landing pages or products, Builderall is your ideal platform.


It is also best for affiliate marketers, product creators, website services, and business owners.


Builderall Pros


  • It has a built-in SSL Support for all websites.
  • It has more than 20 marketing tools.
  • There are no additional fees needed to buy plug-ins, external themes, etc.
  • It offers a 2-week free trial period.



  • Limited customizing options
  • Lacks polishing compared to other websites


The Verdict


Is Builderall the solution for your online business? Yes. Great features, reasonable payment packages, and maximum security and convenience make me give this platform a thumbs up!