Smart Tips to Keep Your Home Spick and Span During Quarantine

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We had spent our lives complaining about busy work life, morning rush hours, running log errands along with school pick and drops and whatnot. Who knew there would be a time when we will be forced to stay home and we will hate it so much.

Life is tough for many of us especially when you have to work from home. Imagine preparing presentations and reports, attending virtual meetings while also making sure that your house remains clean. That too in a time when cleanliness is not merely about keeping the house tidy but also free of all viruses and bacteria.

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Let Start with the basics

You need to be using disinfecting wipes on door handles, mail, and packages before handling them in your home. With the virus effecting all of us you need to always be aware of what your hands are doing. The first thing you do when you come home should be to wash your hands. This is the best way to stop the spread of germs.

When you are in public hopefully you are wearing a mask, but are you touching that mask?

Follow these very important tips when venturing out

Do not touch your face or mask before disinfecting your hands. This means if you open a door, push a grocery cart, use an ATM, and so on your hands may be contaminated. Stop the spread of anything you picked up on your hands be washing them or sanitizing them before spreading it to other surfaces.

Be aware of what you have touched and wipe those surfaces with disinfected.

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Moving on to staying at home Cleaning Tips

4 Smart Tips to Keep Your Home Spick and Span During Quarantine

Here are the top 4 tips to keep your home clean. Please check those.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you have kids and pets at home, do not expect your regular broom to do the job. Hair shedding, toys, food particles, wrappers, and tiny dust and dirt particles simply keep lying here and there. A robot vacuum cleaner can be a lifesaver in such circumstances. If you live in a large house or a multi-story house, even regular vacuum cleaners can be a nuisance. Thanks to iRobots, you can leave the job to those tiny discs, that can spin around your house and clean up every nook and corner. These vacuums have a slightly heavy price tag, but they are surely worth the investment.

After owning one of these for a year I  can say that they make a huge difference if you have pets. Just being able to reduce the amount of pet hair on the floor is worth the price. I still have to vacuum but the frequency has gone way down. Just let your robot vacuum go to work every day and you will see a big difference

Steam Mop

You are happy with your swivel mop and steam mop but you know those wet mops cannot do much to fight tough stains and can certainly not completely kill the infections and viruses resting on your surface. Steam mops helps you with steam cleaning with their heat and steam effect are the need of the hour. Steam mops use heat and generate steam to loosen tough residues and stains, while also kills any bacteria on the surface.

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Disinfecting Spray and Wand

Cleaning is just not enough anymore. Your super shiny tiled floor can still be a virus factory despite all your cleaning efforts. If you do not have any affordability issues, invest in a UV disinfecting wand and scan every surface in your house with the wand. If you are low on budget, keep a spray bottle with a disinfecting spray and spray all the high touch areas. This is also a good time to be taking care of any mold in the house. You have the time so fix the problem. Start of with treating the mold then fix the source of the problem.

Air Purifier

We can do everything that is in our control to keep the house clean, but what about that polluted air bringing in allergies? Clean the air and help prevent allergies by installing an air purifier and enjoy clean and healthy purified air. Air purifiers are a must-buy if you are allergic to dust or have any underlying conditions. Besides an air purifier, try to get some air-purifying succulent plants.

They will not only add some beautiful greenery to your interior but will also keep your surroundings fresh and healthy.

Final Words:

It is very important to clean your house properly in quarantine and we provide the most necessary tips to make it done properly. Hope you will find it helpful.