Camping Tips For Beginners

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Whether you head-out on impulse for stargazing at night or plan a family trip to the woods or across the countryside, camping is an amazing experience. Camping is a healthy way to spend some time alone with nature, away from the bustling city life.

Have you been planning a camping trip but do not know what could be helpful to save you from worry and regrets on the trip? After long research, we have come up with very interesting camping hacks. For example hammock top quilts are a must have for tent camping, lanterns are not all made equal, dry bags can be made from lots of different items, these are just a few tips that every camper must know in order to make camping an absolute cathartic event.
camping hacks

With these tips, you will not feel unprepared and enjoy your holidays in a place where the sun shines brighter, the air is fresher and serenity prevails in its fullest.

Camping Tips for Beginners: If it is your first time camping, we suggest you try what we call ‘the car camping’. It involves driving in your own car to the camping spot, pitch the tent and relish in the mild sun and cool wind while you still have a way to go back easily.

It is very beneficial for the new campers as it helps deal with the most common mistakes all beginners make. For instance, say you forgot your sleeping bag or could not find one of good quality; you can sleep in the warmth of your car. If you forgot any food items such as a camping water bottle, you can drive down the nearest local market to get it. Your car will be your safety net.

Here is a list of 10 essential things you cannot afford to forget on your trip. You must be mindful about these while bag-packing:

  1. Shelter – tent
  2. Water
  3. Blankets, Pillows and sleeping bags
  4. A first Aid kit
  5. Good quality rope
  6. Flashlight, headlamp, lantern
  7. Dagger or pocket knife
  8. Biker/waterproof jackets and trousers
  9. Warm clothing
  10. Lighter
  11. Food


You have to make sure that you have got all the essentials stuffed in your backpack-brief case. Once you are done with that, you can proceed with filling the gaps.

Here are some hacks to help you turn your camping experience into a memorable event;

Make a Dry Box

If you already do not have an airtight container at home, you better invest in buying one. An airtight container is going to be your best friend at the camping site as it saves your food from getting moist or spoiled.

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Besides food, airtight containers will also protect the most essential items such as matchboxes, lighters, flashlight batteries, first aid supplies, a couple of protein bars, etc. They will come in handy in damp or rainy conditions sat the camping sit.

Invest In a Small Thermometer

Carry with you a small stick-on thermometer. Putting on inside your cooler lid will ensure that the temperature is food-safe i.e. 35 - 40º Fahrenheit.

Ready Good Amounts of Ice Packs

Ice is a basic requirement for any camping. To make sure you do not run out of the supply, prepare milk containers size ice before you set-on towards your spot. Clean them thoroughly and fill them up to put in the freezer.

Keep Your Salt from Clumping

Follow the tip from your local diner and add a few grains of rice into your salt shaker. This helps keep the salt flow smoothly instead of forming clumps inside the container. Any shaker that has a snap-down lid feature is highly beneficial as it escapes the moisture content and maintains the dryness of the salt.

Do Not Forget the Spices

To avoid the hassle and inconvenience, use empty Tic-Tac containers as spice jars. They are spill-safe, and will not occupy much space in your backpack. You can either store them in a plastic tub or a zip lock bag to keep the moisture out.

Make Preparations in Advance

Once you are out in the wild, you would not have any option except going back to make up for the things you forget to prepare for. Aside from that, if you are short on even a single essential item, you might have to spend a lot of time on tasks that would have been done in comparatively shorter periods of time had you been prepared.

The wise thing to do would be to make things such as pancake batter, dry marinades, etc. at home to save time.

Use Wildlife Survival Tactics for Your Camp Fire

Unconventional materials to start a fire, for example, a dryer lint, toilet paper tubes, cardboard stuffed with paper, corn chips and even Doritos!

Make Your Own Pillow-Cases and Clothes

Space is the biggest problem for campers. There are always just too many things to fit in a single backpack or briefcase.

You can sort this issue out by not bringing along unnecessary pillows. Your clothes can make up for a perfect pillow by stuffing them into a pillowcase and mattress. It can also work as a replacement for an extra emergency bag, too. Or you can always opt for a blow up pillow option.


Don’t forge to take a light. At the minimum take a headlight. These strap to your head or hat and are perfect for walking in the dark

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Liquid Soap

Liquid soap is perhaps the most useful plus convenient cleaning agent you can bring along to the camp.

Go for natural, unscented one that comprises of natural ingredients. There are few brands that provide unscented soaps which can be used as shaving foam, hand wash, face wash, dish soap, and even mouth wash. These soaps are free of chemicals and biodegradable.

Take Care of Your Hygiene

Leaving out soap on your journey is terrible to forget, which can not only ruin your entire camping experience but also keep you exposed to dangerous health hazards. Therefore, you must never take lightly the importance of carrying small soap bars on your camping. Don’t for get travel toothpaste and other necessities as well.


Carry Microfiber Towels

If you are carrying heavy equipment, weight can be a problem for you. One thing that contributes to the weight is heavy towels. Therefore, instead of normal towels, purchase microfiber towels as they are lightweight and comparatively more absorbent. Even if weight is not the issue, microfiber towels are far better as they dry quickly and do not catch molds either.

Compact Cooking Sets

Compact cooking sets can be a perfect thing to bring to the campsite. Bring along some durable, easy to stack and multipurpose utensils and other cooking tools. Make sure that they are easy to clean and can be re-packed comfortably.

Block Ice for Your Cooler

A large block of ice can not only save you money but also can last for a much longer time as compared to the small cubes of ice. To make your cooler last longer, place the entire cooler in the freeze a day ahead of use.

No Camping Is Complete Without A Potable Coffee Maker!

A portable coffee maker with a detachable thermos flask is a go-pro for every coffee lover. Bring along a piece of such machines to add more flair to your adventure.

Keep the Mosquitoes Away

Mosquitoes are one annoying species on the planet that can not only give you restless nights but can also be a cause of fatal diseases such as dengue or malaria. In order to protect yourself from health risking bites of the mosquitoes, you should make ample use of both mosquito repellant oil and mosquito repellant coils on your camping.


Good camping can bring you a life-time experience. But, to ensure all aspects of your adventure go exactly with the plan, you must not ignore the importance of organizing your camping kit.