Ways To Make Your Garden Look More Beautiful

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In search of options for arranging our own garden, we sometimes come to a standstill, because there is too little space due to planting, and we, on the contrary, strive to make the area of the garden the most decorative, including outdoor furniture but sometimes forgetting about functionality.

That is why landscape architects advise dividing the entire site into zones, assigning an appointment to each and not even trying to do everything in each at once. Thus, some corners get an edge in terms of decorativeness, some - in functionality. And this is quite normal. Moreover, the art of landscape design allows you to see the entire site and ensure a smooth docking of various parts of your garden.

Today we suggest that you think locally and try to bring a piece of aesthetics to every corner of your personal paradise on this earth. The work of specialists from around the world will help you. Copy, adapt to your conditions and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Landscape pool

This type of pool allows you to not only have a decorative pond in the garden but also swim in it. Despite the fact that its implementation is more expensive, it saves space on the site, which sometimes costs even more, and adds a modern design zest to the garden. Usually, the landscape pool is divided into two zones - deep for swimming and shallow for planting. To do everything right, you need to call a specialist. And if you have extensive experience in such designs, you can just read a few instructions. The plus is that it is not much more expensive than a regular concrete pool.

Flowerbed around the terrace

You probably have a terrace, patio, veranda or summer kitchen or bay window. Making this zone a decorative flowerbed will add more landscape to your home and garden. For the best effect, use plants of three types - shrubs (small, cut), perennials and ground cover.

Immediately make a reservation: it is important not so much the plant itself, but how it is inscribed in the general concept and composition of the garden.

Beautiful plants

The task of the landscape architect is to create a mood, to write a kind of living picture that will be perceived differently each season, but equally attractively and picturesquely.

But if we talk specifically about plants, then here is my rating:


White-barrel beauties do not lose ground in private gardens and are increasingly gaining the best places in the city. Multi-stemmed birch forms are especially good.

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Thanks to interesting shades of bark, willow is considered one of the most relevant and promising plants in the garden. In winter and off-season against the background of conifers, multi-colored bark brings the necessary variety and color play to the landscape. What ever type of trees you end up with there is going to be a time when they need maintenance. A great place to find help is https://www.thelocaltreeexperts.com/wi/eau-claire/

Decorative apple trees

Frost-resistant and quite undemanding, they are undoubted tapeworms, but also good in groups. Slender columnar or sprawling and picturesque. Extraordinary flowering guaranteed of the bright pink and red like the royalty, and in the compact varieties for the roof and small garden.

Decorative hedges

Decorative hedges are still in fashion. It doesn’t matter which plants, the main thing is that they give a clear structure, shape, and dynamics. Diagonals, cylinders, columns among the lawn or flower garden are especially relevant.

Vertical flowers

For example, Lady’s glove (digitalis purpura). The high graceful showy favorite of designers of show gardens. In combination with irises, roses, sage.

Umbrella and airy flowers

For example, the Naked Hawthorn - my undisputed favorite of the umbellate when you need an invisible and light haze - is especially good in combination with roses.


Not a single garden can do without a very decorative and unpretentious sage, its blue clouds magically won the hearts of almost all gardeners and designers. And not surprisingly, the sense of depth and breadth of the garden with it is greatly enhanced. It is combined with various colors, brings harmony and tranquility.

Fern-shaped or ferns

Common bracken, ostrich (Matteuccia), Osmund cinnamon and ferns are important companions of rhododendrons in the gardens.

Decorative herbs

Ornamental grasses are now at the height of fashion and have won a special place in landscape design. Lighting, reels, miscanthus create with their waving the dynamics and rhythm of the garden.

Comfortable large porch

Did you know that in many very expensive contemporary projects, a large porch is also used as a patio to save money and space? And you can do that! Put chairs, a chaise lounge, and a dining group! Outdoor furniture can really turn your garden space into something creative and useful!

Decorative stream

For this idea, you will need a foundation pit and a PVC film in two layers. Then the bottom will need to be covered with pebbles, add plants, and also hide the corners and edges of the film under the stones and plants on land. In order for the water to flow, you will need to put a motor and make a slope near the stream. If you make the relief strong and spectacular, then with the help of large stones it is easy to add waterfalls. Water needs to be changed once a month or once every six months, depending on the plants you have chosen.


DIY picnic group

Such dining groups with side benches are customary in the USA and Canada. They are very convenient, because they do not require anything but boards and screws, do not stand on the foundation, but they themselves look very beautiful.

Tapestry for curly

Especially for climbing plants, it is worth making a trellis - full, with laths and plastic threads, so that you can plant tomatoes, cucumbers, and ornamental plants.

Shop under the roof

This idea is perfect for a remote corner in the garden or, conversely, for the porch in the country. Building it is not difficult, but it looks amazing.

Swing for children and yourself

Wooden or metal swings change the appearance of the garden and your way of leisure in it. So, arranging a corner around the corner, you get an ideal area for entertainment and outdoor recreation.

Flower beds under the windows

Sometimes, in order to make a flowerbed under the windows, you need to use tall plants, another time - pedestals, block fences for pots (as in the photo above). And sometimes it’s enough just a small tall flower bed, which allows you to add fragrant flowers (for example, hyacinths and roses) to smell fragrant in the kitchen, in the living room or in the nursery.

Children’s playhouse with side swings

To begin with, it’s worth building a swing, because it is much simpler, and then you can start with the house itself. Both buildings need a foundation, and the area of the house can be up to 15 square meters for children under 13 years old and up to 10 square meters for children under 10 years.


Keep your garden in the best shape with these tips – enjoy the beauty of nature and keep it fun for kids. You will be surprised by how amazing a garden can be in terms of improving your life.

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