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Bellemain Pro Chef Quality Cookie Sheet

Our Top Pick for 2019: Bellemain Pro Chef Quality Cookie Sheet

If you’re a home baker, you’ve probably run into cookie sheets that were just plain frustrating! They baked unevenly, warped, or burned your cookies. Your cookies either stuck to them or spread out into blobs. How do you choose the best ones? What are the best materials, thicknesses, sizes, and finishes? Should they be insulated or not? Should they have rims or not? Basically, the big question you are looking for an answer to is: “What is the best cookie sheet for home bakers?” Perhaps the following information will help you to decide.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Bellemain Pro Chef Quality Cookie Sheet


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When you use the Bellemain Pro Chef High Quality Cookie Sheets, you can be sure the bottoms of your cookies won’t be browner than you want, your pizzas will be thoroughly cooked with no soggy spots, and your baguettes will be baked evenly throughout. These sheets always stay flat due to the thickness of their aluminum providing a consistent temperature on its entire surface. Whatever you bake on these cookie sheets will meet the standards of the most professional cooks.

What’s so great about aluminum for baking? Aluminum simply gets up to the temperature needed faster than all other metals except for copper. This is especially important for the short baking times of most cookies. The natural aluminum finish of the Bellemain cookie sheets is superior to the dark coating of so many other baking sheets since it won’t cause the bottoms of your cookies to burn before the tops are cooked.

You don’t need a spatula to remove your cookies from these baking sheets. This is because of the two flat sides. When your cookies, fries or pizzas are cooked, all you have to do is tilt your baking sheet to allow the cooked food to simply slide off onto your serving plate. If you’re baking a large dough item such as focaccia bread, the flat sides makes it easy to transfer the dough. When putting the pan into the oven or taking it out of the oven, the two rolled edge sides allow you to easily grab the baking sheet even when you’re wearing oven gloves.

Unlike most other baking sheets on the market today, the Bellemain’s 10 gauge is thick and sturdy enough to never warp when heating up. Warping pans can be a problem for even the best bakers. This is because when the pans warp they prevent items such as cookies or rolls to be finished baking at the same time. The sad results of this is that some cookies or rolls will be underdone while some are overdone and some may be just right.

One customer on Amazon noted that the baking sheet’s large size and sturdiness makes it perfect for baking the frozen pizzas that are so handy for a quick dinner.
Other customers also noted that the shiny and smooth aluminum surface of the baking sheets were easy to clean. Even when they were left in the sink overnight, there was absolutely no rust. One customer actually reported that she had put a Bellmain cookie sheet into the dishwasher and it came out just fine.

Another plus mentioned by an Amazon customer for the Bellmain cookie sheet is that it is a made in the USA product that many people prefer.

Massive Buy reported that of 8,340 consumers, social media shout outs and experts 94% had an overall positive sentiment. In addition, they also reported 85% of Bellemain Cookie Sheet customers were extremely satisfied with the cookie sheets and would advise others to purchase them as well.

No matter what the product is a person is shopping for, everyone wants to find the product that is the best value for the money. What most people look for is a high-end built quality for a low price. The high-end quality of The Bellemain Cookie sheet is provided by its sturdy 10 gauge aluminum construction that avoids warping and superior design. Surely at the low price of $17.45 new on Amazon this baking sheet fits the bill.

This cookie sheet received 4 ½ stars out of 5 by 248 customers on Amazon. The main features of these cookie sheets are:

• 10 gauge aluminum pro quality
• 14” by 17” cookie sheet
• Quick and even heating gives great results with every use.
• Doesn’t warp or bend when used.
• Food is easily transferred on and off the sheet due to its flat sides. For grabbing, there are two rolled sides.
• Hanging hole allows for storage.


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#2. AirBake Natural Cookie Sheet


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No other cookie sheet offered by the industry provides an insulated sheet with technology that actually reduces the cooking times. This technology known as a micro-dome cuts your baking time by 15%. This may not seem like very much to you, but it allows you to bake more cookies in less time, and, therefore you can complete larger projects faster.

You’re probably wondering what this technology is and how it works. This cookie sheet actually is a combination of two aluminum sheets making one. Between the two sheets is a thin layer of air sealed within the two sheets. This layer of air prevents the temperature of the cooking surface from getting too hot. If the surface temperature doesn’t get too hot, your cookies won’t be overcooked or burnt at the bottom. The bottom layer ensures that your cookies don’t get heat directly allowing your cookies to cook all the way through without burning. The end result will be cookies that have a perfect color and are moister than those baked with other cookie sheets on the market.

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Since these cookie sheets are constructed with 100 percent aluminum, they are certainly both a high quality and very durable. One of the qualities that makes them high quality is that they simply do not rust. The manufacturer of the AirBake cookie sheets are happy to provide their customers with a ten year warranty since they are totally confident in their quality construction. The price of these baking sheets may be higher than others on the market, but the warranty guarantees they will not rust or warp.

Additionally, the aluminum provides a surface that has non-stick properties making it easy to remove the cookies and easy to clean. They are dishwasher safe as well. Besides easy clean up, these sheets distribute and maintain heat well allowing for a smooth cooking process and great results. These baking sheets have a lip only on one side providing two advantages. The three sides without a lip make it easy to slide your cookies on and off, and the lip on the one side makes it easy to put the baking sheet into and out of the oven even if you’re wearing oven gloves.

These pans are light in weight also making it easy to put them in and out of the oven. In addition, they do not require cooking sprays or any other type treatment before baking.

Tips for Use of AirBake Cookie Sheets

• Although the cookie sheets are dishwasher safe, the largest size may not fit into your dishwasher.
• The manufacturer recommends that you do not immerse these cookie sheets into water and just clean off the top surface.
• The use of cooking sprays is not needed, but they are also not recommended since they may discolor the cookie sheets.

Owner Comments about AirBake Natural Cookie Sheets

• One customer commented that “You can’t burn your cookies in these. If you want smooth and even baking, this is the best cookie sheet!”
• A customer reported the dimple design of two new AirBake Cookie sheets being better than the older design.
• A customer who reported she was in the bakery business specializing in selling cookies that are gluten-free. When visiting, she used an AirBake cookie sheet for the first time. Before this experience, she never realized the importance of the quality of a cookie sheet on your cookies. She remarked, “We were astonished when our cookies came out with an even better texture and no browning on the bottoms. They were perfect!”
• A customer using these sheet to bake homemade rolls reported that this insulated pan cooked her rolls to a golden brown, whereas her dark non-stick pans previously burned the bottoms of her rolls.
• For frozen pizzas, a customer reported the biggest size pan was perfect.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran cook, these pans simply will not cause you to burn your cookies. If you’re replacing your old pans or buying cookie sheets for the first time or as a gift for someone, you’ll be thrilled with your purchase of the AirBake cookie sheets.

The AirBake Natural Cookie Sheet is available in three sizes: 15.5” X 20”, 14” X 12” and 14” X 16”. The Amazon prices for the cookies sheets to be purchased new are as follows:

• The 15.5” X 20” sheet can be purchased for $13.56.
• The 14” X 16” sheet can be purchased for $9.49.
• The 14” X 12” sheet can be purchased for $9.99.
• A 14” X 16” two pack can be purchased for $18.09.
• A three piece set can be purchased for $25.00.
• A 14” X 12” & 14” X 16” two pack can be purchased for $21.60.

309 Amazon customers rated the AirBake Natural Cookie Sheets with 4 ½ stars out of 5 stars.


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#3. KitchenAid Classic Nonstick Cookie Sheet Bakeware


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Providing durability and warp resistance is the steel core of this cookie sheet with an aluminum surface that provides even-heating producing outstanding results. Premium performance is produced by this aluminized steel bakeware.

Warp resistance is important for cookie bakeware. A warped cookie sheet will cause the cookies on the sheet to need different baking times. This can result in some cookies being baked perfectly while others are either burned or not totally cooked.

When baking cookies, it can be frustrating to have your cookies stick to your pan and break apart as you try to scrape them off of your cookie sheet, but with the nonstick coating of this bakeware you need not worry about that exasperating and maddening experience happening to you. Besides that, the coating of this bakeware that is made up of several layers delivers stronger durability than other bakeware on the market.

Although this cookie sheet has a nonstick coating, the color of the surface is aluminum in color and not dark. The surface not being dark prevents your cookies from burning on the bottom. Therefore, you have nonstick but no burning of bottoms.

Three of the cookie sheets are close to being flat with only a very slight raise making it possible to easily slide your cookies on and off. The fourth side is raised enough to help with putting the bakeware in and out of the oven when wearing oven gloves.

Hours of baking can certainly wear you down and things can get really messy. However, you don’t need to worry about additional work in cleaning up. That’s because all you need to do with KitchenAid’s bakeware is stick it into the dishwasher. That’s right; this bakeware is totally safe for the dishwasher.

This bakeware’s design features include straight walls, folded corners and bar reinforced edges. Preventing this bakeware from warping or bending are the result of these features.

Owner Comments about the KitchenAid Nonstick Cookie Sheet

One customer reported using this cookie sheet to bake the following:

• Frozen French fries at 425 degrees
• Fresh chicken wing with barbeque sauce at 350 degrees
• Shrimp skewers with sweet/sour glaze and pineapple at 375 degrees
• Frozen pierogi at 375 degrees
• Fresh garlic bread at 400 degrees

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In all the above dishes and when she turned the food, the pans were 100 percent nonstick. When removing the foods when done, the pan was still nonstick. Therefore, cleanup was quick and awesome. She reported that the pan fit in her sink so she simply soaked it in hot sudsy water just a few minutes, gave it a quick sponge swish, rinsed it and it looked like new. “Great pan that I’ll use for a long time to come,” she remarked.

Another customer reported that he bought the cookie sheet for his wife and that she loves it because it is so easy to clean and so much stronger that her thin aluminum cookie sheets she had been using for years. He also reported the rolled and squared off edges made it more stable and stronger when his wife carried a load of cookies. He also like the thick edge rather than the thin sharp edges of other cookie sheets that might cut you.

The Kitchen Aid Classic Nonstick Cookie Sheet Bakeware was rated 4 ½ stars out of 5 stars by 156 customers on Amazon. This cookie sheet is sold for $14.99 new on Amazon.
Features of the Kitchen Aid Classic Nonstick Cookie Sheet Bakeware

• Easy to clean nonstick coating
• Safe for ovens up to 450 degrees
• Dishwasher safe
• Free of PTFE and PFOA

All in all, the Kitchen Aid Nonstick Cookie Sheet is a good choice for home bakers. The nonstick coating being free of PTFE and PFOA makes it a healthy choice. Its being dishwasher safe makes it easy to clean and its strong construction and design makes less likely to warp. All of this adds up to a good choice when purchasing bakeware.

#4. Farberware Nonstick Bakeware Cookie Pan


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Farberware began back in the early 1900s and in 1930 introduced the first percolators and some small appliances to their products. Over the years and with other additions to their products, they developed a well-known reputation of great value. When it comes to pans for the kitchen, Farberware is the name that comes to the minds of many home chefs. Therefore, one would expect Amazon customers to rate the Farberware Nonstick Bakeware Cookie Pan highly, and they were. Of 110 Amazon customers the cookie pans were rated with 4 ½ stars out of 5.

The Farberware cookie pans are sold as new in the following sizes:

• The 11” X 17” can be purchased for $9.99.
• The 10” X 15” gray can be purchased for $7.99.
• The 10” X 15” Champaign can be purchased for $12.35.
• Jumbo 15.5” X 20” light gray can be purchased for $24.94. This pan is designed differently than the other sizes. It has three flat edges and 1 rolled edge.
• 3 piece set in gray in sizes 9” X 13”, 10 X 15” and 11” X 17 can be purchased for $14.97.


• Heavy-duty carbon steel construction
• Nonstick two layer surface inside and out
• Safe for ovens up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
• Quality Assurance
• Large and full-width handles
• Limited lifetime warranty
• Manufacturer recommends hand washing.

The heavy-duty carbon steel construction is designed to resist warping and produce even heat browning your cookies perfectly and reducing hot spots.

The nonstick surface makes it possible for you to bake cookies without using a cooking spray or greasing the pan and it also allows for easy clean up when you’re finished baking. Cookies can be easily removed from the pan due to the nonstick surface as well.
The big, full-width handles allows you to easily put your cookie pan into and out of the oven even if you’re wearing oven mitts.

The shallow lip around the edges allows you to use these pans for other baking besides cookies such as roasting vegetable.

The inexpensive price of these pans makes buying more than one to easily fit your budge. Having more than one makes it possible for one pan of baked cookies to cool while your bake another at the same time. This will speed up your baking process.

The three flat edges of the 15.5” X 20” pan make it easy to slide your cookies onto and off the pan, and the one rolled edge makes it easy to put the pan into and out of the oven even if you’re wearing oven mitts.

Farberware is known for quality cookware, and these nonstick cookie pans are another example of their quality products. They make baking easy for even a beginner with their nonstick surface, large handles, heavy-duty construction and shallow lips.

Pre-purchase considerations

Non-Stick Surface

When shopping for a cookie sheet, you certainly should consider one that has a nonstick surface. A nonstick surface will make removing the baked cookies and clean-up easy.


Sturdy construction is a definite quality you should look for since warped cookie sheets can cause problems such as some cookies being burned, some underdone and others baked just right.


A light or aluminum color on the surface is best. Dark surfaces can cause the bottoms of your cookies to burn before they are baked throughout.


Handles or at least one raised edge make it easy to put the cookie sheet into and out of the oven when wearing oven mitts.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Cookie sheets that possess all or most of the above features are what you should look for when shopping for them. Of course, everyone has their own ideas of what features are most important to them. In addition, cost is an important factor. A low enough price allowing you to purchase more than one is an advantage since it will save you time.

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