9 Easy Things You can Do to Keep Your House Clean All the Time

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For a lot of people, keeping their house clean as often as possible can be a herculean task. Keeping it clean for a long time is especially challenging if you live with a lot of people who each have their own level of cleanliness.


There’s a reason why this is a point of contention between roommates all the time. A big reason.


Although it can feel like an insurmountable challenge, if you address the issue head-on, you’ll find yourself able to keep your home clean all the time.


Therefore, all you need to do is to start simple and easy cleaning habits that will serve as your foundation until you get the hang of it. On that note, there are several easy habits and cleaning tasks that you can do every day that will help you keep your house feel clean at all times:

Make Your Bed Every Day

At the start of every morning, you should make sure that once you leave the bed that you make the bed no matter what.


A lazy mindset makes people make excuses like how they’re going to end up using the bed at the end of the day anyway, so making it every morning is going to be an exercise in futility.


However, making your bed every day isn’t always a matter of cleanliness, but it is also a matter of mentality. If you start your day off with finishing a minor task, it gets you in the right mindset of productivity.


At the same time, you want to be able to come home after a tiring day to a clean bed that you can sink your body into. If you leave it a mess, you’re not going to feel good coming into it.


Therefore, you should make it a habit to clean and make your bed every day as soon as you get out of it.

Wipe Down the Kitchen Counters After You Cook

A lot of professional cooks know that the rule in the kitchen is that you should be able to clean as you cook. Otherwise, the mess can clutter up your workspace in the kitchen.


You can even see this rule immortalized through the movie Ratatouille, while the main character is learning how to operate in a professional kitchen.

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Therefore, if you’re going to cook in your kitchen, make sure that you tidy things away as you go along. Instead of waiting to clean after you eat, it’s best that you clean things up after you cook.


That way, you don’t end up being too lazy after a good meal to clean away your cookware.

Wash the Dishes and Clean Your Sink

Speaking of keeping your kitchen clean, as mentioned before, people tend to be lazier about washing their cookware and their dishes after they eat.


What people tend to do instead is they leave their dishes to “soak” overnight, then they get to the dishes in the morning. If there are a lot of people in your home, you might end up stacking dishes in the sink instead.


Hence, we always advise our clients at Cleaning Exec Maid Service NYC to always keep their dishes and their sink clean as much as possible.


Instead of leaving it for the next day, you should get to it right away so that you don’t leave it off again and again. You don’t want to end up eating out of your pots and pans because you left your dishes in the sink and have forgotten to get around to cleaning them, do you?

Hang Your Clothes and Put Your Shoes in a Rack

Another dirty habit that some people have in their homes is that they leave a stack of their used clothes in a pile someplace in their bedroom. Some people even have a devoted chair where they put the stack of clothes that they either used or have tossed away while rifling through in their closet.


Some people even tend to leave their newly washed clothes in an unseemly pile instead of hanging them.


You don’t know it, but you’re only creating a lot more work for you in the future by doing this. So as soon as your clothes are done washing, you should make sure that you hang up your clothes.


Also, have a shoe rack where you can put away your shoes, so they look tidy and neat instead of just being on your bedroom floor.

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Deal With Mail on a Daily Basis

If you receive any snail mail, make sure that you read through your mail every day and organize them based on their importance.


Either you can throw them away, read them for later, or address them then and there. As long as you do not leave them in a stack on a surface in your home, you should be good.

Wipe Down the Bathroom

You don’t need to thoroughly clean your bathroom, but at the very least, you should wipe it down after every shower.


Wipe down the counters and the sink, as well as remove any hair around your shower so that you don’t create more work for you when you clean the bathroom.

Do One Load of Laundry a Day

Instead of having a laundry day where you do a ton of laundry in one sitting, which can take up a lot of time, you should instead aim to do one load of laundry a day.


Not only will it be less work for you but it will also give you fresh clothes more often.

Arrange the Couch Pillows Before You Go to Bed

If you stay in the living room before you go to bed, make sure that you fix up the couch pillows before you snooze for the night.


It’s a simple touch, but it’s going to make your home look tidy and well-kept, especially when you wake up in the morning the next day.

Stick to a Schedule

To keep track of when to clean which room, you might want to organize and plan out a cleaning schedule. The schedule will help you maintain your habit, as well as create a regimen around your cleaning, which is easier than waiting for your hunch to tell you to start cleaning specific parts of your home.


There are plenty of easy things that you can do that will keep your house clean often. You don’t have to do deep cleaning all the time to maintain cleanliness. All you really need are good cleaning foundations, and you’re going to be fine.