Spring Cleaning Tips for Organized Homeowners

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As the snow begins to melt and warm temperatures return to the forecast, homeowners everywhere take notice of spring’s arrival. Since spring is the season of rebirth, there’s no better time to get organized and give your home a thorough cleaning. Because of snow, freezing temperatures and other inconveniences associated with wintertime, many of us spend this season cooped up indoors. While this approach to cold weather can be a great way to stay warm, it’s also conducive to clutter and disorganization. Homeowners who want to celebrate springtime in style are sure to appreciate the following cleaning tips. 

spring cleaning

Tackle One Job at a Time 

When getting your home into shape for spring, make a point of tackling one job at a time. Beginning too many cleaning projects at once is liable to make you feel overwhelmed and therefore less likely to see every project through to completion. Conversely, working on one area of your home at a time can make spring cleaning far more manageable. If you’re a natural multi-tasker, adopting this approach may prove somewhat difficult, but any willpower you put forth will be a boon to your cleaning efforts.  

For maximum safety, avoid using too many electric cleaning devices at once. Not only does this stand to cause damage to your home’s wiring, it can also create a safety hazard. To learn more, pay a visit to https://www.ahs.com/home-matters/quick-tips/electrical-safety-tips-for-your-home/.   

Don’t Go it Alone 

Spring cleaning shouldn’t be a task that’s carried out by only one member of a household. The more people that are involved, the faster your home will be cleaned. With this in mind, provide every member of your household with at least one job. For example, your children should be responsible for cleaning their own rooms and setting aside any books, toys or clothing they no longer need. Additionally, if certain areas of your home are primarily used by specific family members, those people should be responsible for cleaning them. If any family members are unavailable or unwilling to provide assistance, consider enlisting the aid of a dependable housecleaning service. Although this will entail spending a little money, seasoned professionals can prove invaluable in easing your burden.      

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Inspect Your Roof 

A harsh winter can do a number on even the most resilient roofing. As such, it’s recommended that you give your roof a thorough once-over at the beginning of spring. When conducting your inspection, keep an eye out for any holes, moisture damage or warping. If you’re unaccustomed to roof work, consider farming this task out to an experienced pro. Failing to address roof issues in a timely manner can result in serious damage and costly repairs down the road. 

In addition to working on your roof, you’ll need to inspect and clean your gutters. Heavy snow has a tendency to weigh down gutters, which can result in bending and warping. Should you come across any such damage, have the affected area(s) replaced posthaste. Furthermore, since most gutters are absolutely filthy at the end of winter, give yours a meticulous cleaning. If copious amounts of filth are able to accumulate in your gutters, they’re likely to become weighed down and incur irreparable damage. Gutter cleaning may be cumbersome, but it’s also essential to keeping your home’s gutters in usable condition.     

Rethink Your Regular Cleaning Habits 

Despite its name, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be relegated exclusively to spring. When cleaning your home this spring, think about how you can apply the progress you’re making to your regular cleaning routine. Engaging in smart cleaning and de-cluttering practices year-round can effectively prevent homes from becoming excessively messy. Sure, giving your residence a deep clean at the beginning of spring can be satisfying, but you can save yourself a tremendous amount of work by staying on top of messes all year long. Havicuumng the right tools can make a huge difference in the amount of time it takes to clean. Consider using vacuums with extendable hoses, steam mops, and robotic sweepers (like a Roomba)

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Keep in mind that having a plan to go off of for deep cleaning can be very helpful. We found a great resource, go here for a complete checklist when spring cleaning. There’s no better way to welcome the arrival of spring than giving the old homestead a thorough cleaning. Entering the season of rebirth with a freshly de-cluttered home can provide you with a sense of accomplishment, mental clarity and peace of mind. If your home has become exceptionally messy throughout the winter months, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning it requires. Fortunately, putting the previously discussed pointers to good use can make this task considerably less arduous.