Factors to Consider When Choosing a Solar Installer

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When buying a solar energy system, choosing the right solar installer can be the most challenging thing. The products and equipment you need for the system have their classifications, so it is easier to choose which product to get. You can view financing options and the amount you require. You can even calculate and compare benefits. But it is hard to find standard metrics for a solar provider/installation company.

You can check online to read reviews and find a trustworthy company like Solar Panel Installation Rockford il with experienced, well-trained, and accredited staff.

What Characteristics to Look for in a Solar Installersolar panels

You may find several solar installers from your online search. The most essential thing you should check is if they have the right characteristics.

  • Expertise.

    If you want an installer with superior expertise, the gold standard is Solar PV Installation Professional Certification from the American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. Therefore, while you are reviewing the credentials of the installers you found, check if the company has a NABCEP-certified professional on their crew. It means that the company’s certified professional provides quality assurance for each solar energy system they install. You should also check with your state, as some require additional certifications before companies can install solar panels.  

  • Insurance and licenses.

    A solar installation company must have all the required business licenses. They should also have insurance policies, which vary by local and state jurisdictions. Typically, the company should have business licenses for general contracting, home improvement, home performance, and electrical work. General liability insurance is the minimum insurance policy a solar installation company should have.  

  • Experience and accomplishments.

    It is more helpful if you work with a solar company that specializes in solar installation. Likewise, look at the company’s accomplishments in the field and their experience. You can also check if there are customer reviews, peer and industry reviews that attest to the company’s track record and standing in the industry.

What Makes an Excellent Solar Installer?solar panels

After satisfying the characteristics of a solar installer, you can check their business qualities.

  • Workmanship warranties.

    This is the first thing to check. It defines their work in terms of the design and construction of the solar energy system for the client. You have the option to get a separate contract for the solar panel system’s operation and maintenance. However, it is better to work with the same contractor who will guarantee the installation with a solid workmanship warranty that typically lasts for ten years.

  • Selective use of sub-contractors.

    Some solar installers rely on sub-contractors. The company should disclose why they are using a sub-contractor and use effective oversight regarding the sub-contractors. Veer away from an installation company that uses sub-contractors for all its projects.

  • Trusted advisor.

    Using solar power is an enormous investment. It is going to be beneficial if you can work with a contractor who will act as a guide and advisor for the solar energy needs of your business or home.

You stand to benefit by working with an experienced and certified solar installer. So consider the characteristics and business qualities of the contractor before hiring them.