7 Tips To Make Your Bedroom Look Cozy

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cozy bedroom


Your bedroom is the most important room in your home. You spend about one-third of the day in your bedroom, starting and ending every day with your head on the pillows. However, it is easy to sacrifice comfort when the design aesthetics come into play. A lot of us often choose form over function but that does not have to be the case. Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary and you can decorate it just the way you like. You can maintain a chic and cozy vibe in the bedroom without going overboard. Put in some extra time to make the inner sanctuary of your home, a restful place to retreat. Here are a few tips for cozying the bedroom. 

This is a well-known cozy vibes hack. Simply add a large, chunky knit throw on top of the bed. Even if the bedroom is massive, it will feel intimate due to the all-white color scheme. Pick a comfortable throw and you have the most comfortable bed ever. 

Pick comfortable rugs

When you place your feet on the ground in the morning, you need to ensure that it is on something soft and cozy. Do not take your first step lightly. It helps to have a high-pile wool area rug near the bed. You can comfortably put your feet down and walk with ease. You can get creative with the design and color. Pick anything from a minimalist piece to an antique Persian rug. Keep the wall color and theme of the room in mind when choosing the rug. 

Add lamps and remove overhead lighting

If you have overhead lighting in the room, you need to get rid of them immediately. It makes the room unnecessarily bright. Sleep is important in this room and you do not want a lot of lights on top of your head. You can either use a light fixture on a dimmer or get it removed completely. You can also replace it with a lightless fan. Consider using different types of smaller lamp sets at varying heights to enjoy an excellent texture of light. You can also use sturdy lampshades or low-wattage bulbs to ensure that the light spreads throughout the room for ultimate coziness. 

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Use wood

Simple touches of wood can elevate the ambiance and add an element of coziness. Irrespective of the size of your bedroom, when you incorporate wood on the walls, it will immediately add a sense of warmth. You can simply choose a board cladding or opt for oak paneling. There are several options on the type of wood you can use, if that is not possible, there are wallpapers. When you choose wood accents and furnishings, it will help create a cozy space. 

Use a dramatic bed

You can create an ultimate cozy feeling in the room with a four-poster bed. Those who do not like frills or curtains can choose a streamlined version that has simple posts, no fabric or crossbeams. With the use of four-posters, it is possible to emphasize the bed in a large bedroom and also makes the small bedroom bring out the drama and some scale. If you want the bed to dominate the room, opt for a large-scale bed. 

Use calm colors or natural material

It is possible to create coziness in the bedroom using the right colors and textures. Think of calm and soothing colors for duvet covers. Avoid the bright pops of colors and stay away from bold graphic patterns because they do not sit well in the bedroom. It is best to look for the small and intimate patterns that are nicely blend together. Use rich textures with minimal prints. You can use quilted throw pillows, comfy knits and faux fur throws in neutral shades as a starting point. By layering the soft elements in the space, you can create a welcoming feel. 

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Keep the gadgets away

One of the easiest and the most important way to create a cozy bedroom is to keep the tech out. We use a lot of technology throughout the day and it is important to keep it out of the room. You cannot unplug if you are attached to the iPad or the phone. It may seem difficult at the start but you need to create a no-tech zone in the bedroom. You can add books as well as other natural elements like plants and fresh flowers instead of using television. Your bedroom is the place to relax and you must avoid anything that stops you from doing so. 

You can create a comfortable and cozy bedroom in these seven different ways. Remember to keep the size of the bedroom in mind when you work on the aesthetics.