Creating a Cozy and Functional Family Room

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Your family room is one of the most essential spaces in your home. Tailoring it to your family’s needs and dynamics can make it both functional and stylish. So how do you perfectly blend the two to create a space that’s both cozy and custom to your way of living? 


There are several design tricks that can create a just-right room for your family. These allow you to customize your space at a variety of budgets and styles. Plus, they will make your space more functional and liveable, which is the whole point of a family room right? 


There’s no right or wrong way to design your gathering space. So take a look at your unique situation and use these strategies and put your own twist on them. With a little thought and creativity, you can create the family room of your dreams. 

Flooring as Your Cozy Family Room Foundation

Sure, hardwood or laminate flooring is super easy to maintain. However, it doesn’t exactly scream cozy. Make sure to soften your space and make it warmer by creating a plush surface for your foundation. 


If you have carpet in your space, great! Make sure to vacuum it regularly and have it cleaned every six months or so to extend its life and keep it looking pristine. Have it coated with stain-resistant treatment to help it withstand rigorous family life. 


If you have hard flooring, consider adding area rugs to your space to give it a more cozy vibe. The same maintenance care as carpet applies here. You can even buy DIY Scotchgard spray to protect your new soft surface from spills and stains. Or, look for washable rugs that you can throw right into your washing machine.

Choosing a rug can be overwhelming with the seemingly limitless choices out there. Narrow down the choices by the size needed for your space and the style of your décor. Rugs Direct breaks down how to size most spaces in three ways:1) For small sized living / family rooms, a 5×8 of 6×9 area rug will cover the floor, but likely not underneath any furniture against the wall.
2) An 8×10 area rugs are better for medium sized living rooms and will often extend underneath all furniture
3) For very large spaces, 9×12 will work, but 10×14 or even 12X15 may be needed.

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Add a Natural Vibe to Warm Up Your Functional Family Space

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Nature is, well, naturally comforting. So adding natural elements to your space will instantly up the coziness. Sprinkling a little Mother Nature around your family room makes it more welcoming and can add tons of character. 


Fire is one of the most primal natural elements. A fireplace is a perfect way to create a focal point in your family room that’s rooted in nature. However, if you don’t currently have one, adding one can come with some significant monetary costs. 


Instead, add a realistic electric fireplace for the same vibe as a wood-burning one without the mess. You’ll be able to enjoy the soothing sight of real flames without the smoke. Plus, you’ll have the benefits of cozy heat to warm your room without the safety risks of a blazing fire. 


Plants are another awesome way to add a touch of the outdoors to your family room. Place them strategically for pops of greenery. If you have little ones, shelves or wall hanging planters can keep them out of reach of curious hands. 


Succulents and air plants are a super trendy choice for a bohemian or modern vibe. Or opt for the classics like ferns and ficus. You’ll have the functional benefit of cleaner air as many plants detoxify your space. Just make sure they are pet-friendly if you have a furry friend around. 

Look to Lighting to Create a Mood

When talking about form and function, a good lighting strategy is essential. It’s important to create a custom lighting plan for your family room. Making sure to consider all heights and remember that adjustability is also super important. 


Overhead lighting is a great way to flood a room with usable light. Look for recessed lighting or install a ceiling fan and light combo to keep things cool. Add a dimmer switch for the ultimate in adjustability. That way you can turn it down for quiet evenings or switch it to the max for a well-lit game of Monopoly. 


Table lamps are another awesome way to add both light and style to your space. Look for ones that complement your decor and have several brightness options. Choose adjustable bulbs so you can create the perfect lighting combination for every mood. 

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Create Family-Friendly and Functional Storage Solutions 

One of the most vital things to implement in your family room is a storage system. From books and magazines to toys and games, you likely have a ton of stuff to stash away. Having a place to put everything makes cleaning up easy and adds to your cozy feel.


A storage ottoman serves a dual purpose. You can kick your feet up or add an oversized tray for drinks. Plus, the soft edges of a plush ottoman are ideal for new walkers. At the end of the evening, simply open the top and put away everything from blankets to board games. 


Shelves and bins are also a family-friendly home’s best friend. Add shelves to your space and purchase containers that fit. You can opt for completely matching bins or mix it up for a fun eclectic look. Just make sure to keep one element like the size or the colors of the bins the same for a cohesive look. Then, use them to organize small toys, books, and movies. 

Add Softness to Your Family Room with Functional Textiles

One of the best ways to make your space cozier is by adding textiles. Throws and pillows take your couch from sterile to comfy. Plus they add warmth and a style that’s easy to switch out.


Drape a fun throw over the back or corner of your couch for an awesome accent. This is also easily accessible to your family members and your guests should your family room get chilly. Look for styles that are easy to wash and dry for family-friendly maintenance. 


Pillows make cozying up on your sofa even more welcoming. Plus, you can switch them up seasonally to refresh your look. Shop for oversized pillows or floor poufs to use for extra seating when needed. 

Cozying Up to Your New Functional Family Room

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With these strategies, you’ll create a place that the whole family can cozy up to. Plus, with functionality, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of activities in your new space. And these fun times with family will be the ultimate reward for creating a cozy and functional family room.