Bedroom Design Ideas- How To Add Some Character To Your Bedroom

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The bedroom is a very important space in any home. You spend at least seven hours a day there, it’s therefore a very functional space and it’s essential to try bedroom design ideas that invoke peaceful and calm feelings. 

It doesn’t have to be hard to give your bedroom a luxe look and feel. A few well selected accessories can transform your snug room into a dreamy retreat. 

So, whether you’re switching up accessories, linens or furnishings, here are some great bedroom design ideas to give character to your bedroom:


 LED Levitating Moon Lamp

levatating moon lamp




Defy gravity in your bedroom with this incredibly realistic LED Moon Lamp that levitates midair and gives a beautiful soft glow. This 3D printed lamp gracefully hovers over a magnetic base to give a consistency and dreamlike charm just like the real moon. It charges wirelessly meaning zero worry about cables and sockets.

The lamp not only offers you a magical lighting at night, it’s also an amazing décor element and a sight to be admired during the day. It imitates entirely the craters and surface texture of the moon thanks to its patented design that’s in line with the authentic NASA satellite imagery.

 Add some magic to your bedroom with this LED levitating moon lamp.


Galaxy Projector

galaxy projector


Add some spark into your bedroom with this galaxy projector that is really out of our terrestrial world. With its ability to cast the Milky Way all over your bedroom, this décor accessory delivers a smooth and relaxing atmosphere that can really add good vibes to any bedroom. 

This mini laser projector is an advanced holographic creation that’s petite yet very powerful. It comes loaded with a Bluetooth wireless speaker and a remote control. It uses a universal USB input and it’s made of eco-friendly material. It’s designed to tilt 360 degrees with the ability to project 10 colors and dozens of lighting modes.

It’s one of the best bedroom design ideas because you can use it to set a romantic mood for your bedroom, it can help you sleep better or simply add serenity into your room.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Lighting Options

Lighting Options
There’s something frustrating about a single overhead bedroom light. Give your bedroom that extra zhoosh with some glamorous lighting. Feature several options such as several dimmer fixtures throughout your bedroom.

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You can install a glorious chandelier that can diffuse the light into your room or you might prefer table lamps. You can also consider a lamp with a shiny finish with crystals or golden or glass. Pick according to your taste as long as it adds some value into your bedroom.


Eye-catching Headboard

Eye-catching Headboard
Nothing stands out in your bedroom more than your headboard. So, it definitely increases the glam aspect of your bedroom. A beautiful headboard doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to accentuate the theme and tone of your bedroom. You can achieve this by giving it a unique shape, or use a fabric such as velvet or linen or use warm colours on the board because gone are the days preaching minimalism with bedroom colors. Does it contrast well with your curtain or linen color?

There’s no specific formula, but headboards are one of the trendsetters in modern bedroom design ideas and you should get a solid and fun headboard to add the distinctive polish that states your personality. Besides this, it’ll give great back support when you’re reading your preferred book.


A Comfortable Rug

Contemporary Modern Boxes Area Rug 7' 10" X 10' 2" Red
A bedroom without any kind of rug or contemporary carpet can be quite uninviting. Pick a rug that brings color, pattern and texture into your bedroom. A rug does a perfect job of tying the room coherently together. Also, it absorbs the pitter-patter sounds caused by footsteps and allows you to step into something soft once you step out of your bed.

Any bedroom needs a soft cushy rug no matter the size. It adds a warm character to it, without doubt.


Stylish Seats


Your bed shouldn’t be the only place you can sit down and feel comfortable, so if your room allows, have a bench at the foot of your bed. This will serve two purposes. You can sit on it, and you can use it as storage.

An accent chair or bench in your room will add style to your bedroom. The chair can be positioned near the window if that space is unused. (This is a styling tip.)

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 Statement Mirror

Hans & Alice Bathroom Mirrors for Wall
One trick that’s popular nowadays with designers when it comes to bedroom design ideas is to add extra glam into a room by simply placing mirrors on the wall right above the night stands. Especially behind the lamps. It provides a touch of glamor to the wall and creates depth in your bedroom making it appear more open. This effect is created when that light bounces off in the space.

Mirrors are also practical, as they help you get ready. Thus, for some character and style pick a mirror with unique details such as unusual shapes or gilded finish. This will remove the ordinary out of any room.


 Perlesmith Outlet Shelf


Perlesmith Outlet Shelf
This is another clever bedroom idea. It’s a floating outlet shelf to help keep your nightstand neat by keeping electronics out of the way in a safer spot as they charge. This self helps you achieve a clutter-free look in your bedroom and it’s a beauty by itself.

It’s great for phones, tablets and other smaller gadgets, besides the neat aesthetic: it keeps your gadgets safe from being knocked over.


Personalize it

Bring out your true style by showcasing items that mean something to you. Adding familiar things will warm up your bedroom in a way that you can relate.

These items could range from your favorite books, pieces of art, ceramics or even green plants. You can consider them intimate expressions of your personality and style.


Finally Keep Updating

There is no magic formula to achieve beautiful bedroom designs. And you may have lots of bedroom accessories but the beauty is that you do not have to use all of them at once, neither you have to get rid of them. Instead, use them to edit your bedroom décor by switching them out seasonally.

Beautiful bedroom design ideas involve frequent editing; this is how to keep your bedroom space fresh and interesting just like the sanctuary you deserve.


The bedroom is a very important space in any home. You spend at least seven hours a day there, it’s therefore a very functional space and it’s essential to try bedroom design ideas that invoke peaceful and calm feelings.  It doesn’t have to be hard to give your bedroom a…