Crossing The Channel – Plane or Train?

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International travel is back! While many travelers will be excited by this, the UK government is still adhering to its traffic-light system. Meaning rules and regulations vary by country and are updated frequently.

France has become a mainstay of the UK’s Amber travel list. Giving fully vaccinated travellers more freedom to visit our closest neighbour. 

But there can be a difficult choice when it comes to how to get there – by plan or by train. We take a look at why it’s better to go under than over the English Channel. 

Journey duration

From London to Paris takes just over two hours on the Eurostar, which is pretty fast when you think about it. 

Although flight times are a little quicker, they often don’t include the additional time needed when travelling by plane. 

From checking in two hours before your flight and getting through security to customs queues and baggage reclaim at the other end, flying can end up taking nearly three times as long. 

Plus, you’ll probably be staying miles away from the airport forcing you to travel even further after you land. 

Environmental concerns

Although airline traffic only accounts for roughly 2% of global carbon emissions, the carbon footprint of short-haul flights can be astronomically high. 

The Eurostar reduces carbon emissions by up to 93% per passenger versus flying. Making it a more environmentally friendly way to travel. 

Flight cost vs train cost

Cheap air travel has become commonplace over the last decade or so. However, in response to the losses of the Covid-19 pandemic, many industry experts expect fares to increase over the next few years. 

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The train is comparatively cheap and the Eurostar often posts deals for cheap fares throughout the year. 

Getting to the Eurostar

For Londoners, the Eurostar makes perfect sense. It is easily accessible via the London underground and often more convenient than getting to one of London’s many airports. 

It can even be convenient for those living in the north of England. Trains to London run regularly from Yorkshire and the north, putting a Eurostar journey within easy reach

Enjoying France straight away

As we’ve said, the train will get you right to the heart of your destination when you arrive. Giving you the option to enjoy France as soon as you get there. 

With so many benefits to travelling by train to Europe, it would be foolish not to hop on a train this autumn and enjoy Paris, Lille and more.