5 Ways To Prepare Your Guest Room For The Winter

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It is during winter holidays when the merriest moments happen as a lot of people travel to visit their families and celebrate the season with people who matter most to them. If you are one of those who are expecting guests for the winter, it is important to get your guest rooms ready to ensure that every single one of them will experience comfort throughout their stay in your house.


Preparing a guest room for the winter can be done easily. All you have to do is to consider these following tips:


Have Enough Space For Your Guests’ Belongings


Most guest room closets are being utilized as storage areas for old kids’ clothes, home decorations, oversized suitcases, and other whatnots. While your guests may tend to look past these stuff, see to it that there’s enough space on the closet rod where they could hang their clothes. You should also have some empty hangers available for their delicate clothing pieces. Moreover, make sure that the closet floor has been cleared of your bags and shoes.



Make Sure The Bed Feels Comfy


See to it that the mattress you will be providing is cozy enough. You may check its comfort level by lying on it for at least several minutes or hours. If you experience discomfort, your guests will absolutely feel the same. What you need to do then is to get a new mattress before your guests arrive. You don’t need to choose the most expensive one. As long as the new mattress is clean and comfortable, there is nothing you should worry about.

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Of course, the bed sheet should be as comfy as the mattress as well. Using clean microfiber or warmer than cotton flannel sheets can help your guests stay warm throughout the night. Having a snug comforter is also a must.


Accent The Room


Accenting the guest room can make a huge difference in your visitors’ overall experience while staying in your house for the winter. This involves the inclusion of eye-catching colors and some bedroom accessories that would add warmth to the room.

There are many ways to accent your guest room, and these include the following:

  • Use window curtains in the color of burnt orange, ruby red, or mustard yellow.
  • Use wool items, like wool blankets and woolen rugs, for the floor.
  • Hang colorful posters on the wall that match or complement with the colors present in the room.
  • Consider a combination of blue and red fabrics to add more appeal to your guest room.
  • Have some bright-colored throw pillows that complement the furniture in your guest room.
  • For a neutral-colored guest room, cheery yellow sheets can bring all the color you need.
  • Have some accent chairs in your guest room. If you want these chairs to be your room’s main focus, pick those in bold colors, like red or black. If you prefer a friendlier feel, it’s wise to stick with chairs in pastel colors, like light blue or pink. If you want to add warmth in your guest room, choosing neutral colors would be an amazing idea.



Prepare Essential Toiletries


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Your guests will definitely need some warm cleansing or bubble bath, most particularly if they will be traveling for several hours to reach your place. Having said that, let them experience a relaxing shower by providing them with essential toiletries, such as bath salts, lotions, bar and liquid soaps, and a stack of fluffy and, of course, clean towels. In addition to that, don’t forget to provide your guests with some oral care products, like toothbrushes and toothpaste.


Have A Small Gift And Welcome Note In Your Guest Room

guest bed


Even after warmly greeting your guests upon their arrival and welcoming them into your humble abode with open arms, having a small gift and a welcome note ready in your guest room will make them feel more special. You may handwrite a message on a ready-to-use or, much better, a DIY card. You may also place a small arrangement of flowers or foliage on the bedside table.

Another thing you can do to get your guest room ready for the winter holidays is providing your visitors with a sheet of paper containing WiFi password, alarm code, and other pertinent info to make their stay more convenient.


Those are just some of the many ways to prepare your guest room for the winter. If you have other ideas that you think will make your guest room more comfortable and much cozier, don’t hesitate to experiment with those. Moreover, you can ask for suggestions or recommendations from professionals so you can prepare your guest room properly, allowing your visitors to gain a kind of experience that they will never forget.