Cryptocurrency Mining: What Is It and How to Get Crypto Easily?

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Cryptocurrency mining is a complex process that requires the knowledge of the math-science.  To make BTC network blockchain work, one needs to find effective solutions to many problems. If the process is successful, you’ll get the result in the form of BTC and altcoins. The bitcoin wallet address can be a “cold” one stored on your computer, a “hot” online wallet, or a cryptocurrency exchange wallet. Most prefer to buy crypto at Switchere and store it in their wallets. At this place, you’ll be offered the easiest method to buy cryptocurrency with credit card via the website online.

The open-source code of Bitcoin promotes the emergence of analogs that operate on the same principle. Depending on the demand for cryptocurrency and the complexity of mining new coins, a different rate is set for all forks. Cloud mining has become the best option for mining cryptocurrency for 2020, since it allows you to consolidate equipment in big information centers, making the price of both equipment and its maintenance much lower.

Crypto Mining: A Clear Picture of It

What is mining? It’s the use of a special algorithm with the aim to create crypto. The essence of this process is to generate an original code that will be used for the confirmation of payment transactions.  The chain containing all transactions is called a blockchain. A reward is due to all the blocks discovered. It varies for all the currencies. As for the most famous crypto, BTC, the situation is the following: the reward decreases by half every 4 years. In 2020, the reward will be reduced to 6.25 BTC. The block reward for ETH mining is 3 ETH (approximately $ 300), from January 2019 the reward will be reduced to 2 ETH, and over time Ether will go to POS and its mining will stop (the reward will be awarded to the holder of ETH tokens).

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What Is the Easiest Way to Get Crypto?

The easiest method to get crypto is to use a dollar/euro bank card (prepaid credit/debit card MasterCard/Visa/Maestro) and purchase crypto via the secure Switchere website. Users can’t buy coins anonymously, they need to pass through the easy id verification. The registration on the site is a must before using a crypto exchange credit card. Switchere is known as the best place to go as they offer to buy crypto instantly: you pay a fair price (USD/Euro) for the instant crypto exchange. Don’t look for the lowest fee for BTC, LTC, EST, and other popular coins. At Switchere you won’t be charged any hidden fees and will enjoy a quick cashback up to 1%. They’ll send crypto to your wallet fast. Just use an online converter and convert coins without any problems being sure that you are at the safe exchange platform. Switchere is the perfect place to get crypto if you aren’t good at mining yet. So, before you plunge into mining basics, buy some coins on the platform. Miners not always enjoy success. Using Switchere, you can be sure that all the operations will be successful.