Best Cities for Weddings from Los Angeles to San Diego

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Southern California is a gorgeous part of the country, known for its stretches of beach, pristine deserts and mountain views. The area has several cities with wedding venues that offer picturesque locations with plenty of local attractions. Once you have the ideal location, archive wedding rentals can help establish the wedding theme. Read on to learn about some of the best cities in this location.



Malibu is a city just west of Los Angeles, known for its amazing beaches. It’s a great spot for beach weddings or weddings overlooking the coast. Museums and gardens are other excellent venues available that can set the tone for your big day. Anything from a carefree, beachy wedding to a luxurious, upscale event can be held here. As a popular wedding destination, the city has lots of choices for hosting anything from an intimate event to something much larger. Whatever venue you choose, it’s certain to have a certain amount of the glamour that fills the city.


Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles has all the history and glitz of Old Hollywood, lush gardens and modern, upscale venues. There’s much to choose from in this famous city, so don’t worry about finding a location that checks all the boxes on your list. Los Angeles has many indoor venues in luxurious buildings, so this is an area to keep in mind if you are planning for an indoor wedding. Wedding rentals Los Angeles are a great resource for getting decorations that will enhance your wedding much more than the standard venue furniture and table accessories.

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This city is north of San Diego and rife with natural beauty. Gardens, beaches and ranches all offer natural beauty. This city is less of a busy, bustling area than many of the others on this list, so if you’re hoping for a fairy tale style wedding, Carlsbad is a good location to research. Find the ideal resort or other location to hold your ceremony, and try using rental furniture and decor to help achieve the perfect look.


Palm Springs

This desert location has incredible vintage architecture all over. This location makes a good choice for those who appreciate the unique natural beauty in deserts, or those who want a midcentury-inspired wedding theme. If you’re looking for something with more of a luxury angle, the area has resorts and hotels that are sure to meet your criteria. Palm Springs has plenty of charm suitable for weddings, so look through venues in the area when planning your wedding. You can transform the wedding location into something personal and tailored to suit you with the help of archive wedding rentals.


San Diego

Whether you’re looking for natural beauty, culture and arts or a modern venue, this city can deliver it all. Seafood lovers can find excellent catering options fresh from the ocean, and a diverse variety of food can be found in this culinary hot spot. San Diego event rentals can help you set up your wedding perfectly.

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When you have a specific vision for your wedding, it’s important to find a location that will help you create that look. Archive wedding rentals have a range of furniture perfect for any theme from romantic to bohemian.