9 Fashionable Gifts for Men

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Holidays are just around the corner once again and the time of gift-giving is almost upon us. The problem is, don’t you find it always challenging and confusing to figure out what to give your guy?

Well, if you’re looking for unique gift options, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to provide you with helpful gift ideas that will help you choose a fashionable gift for every guy easily.

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Grooming, Fitness, and Awesome Gift Ideas

A stylish gentleman is always groomed so it’s always fashionable to give him something that he can add to his grooming arsenal. Here are a few ideas:

A Shaving Kit

One of the life skills that every boy needs to know upon reaching manhood is how to shave properly. The problem is, not every man is equipped to do so. Level up your man’s shaving game by giving him a shaving kit with the following:

  •     Shaving brush
  •     Shaving cream
  •     Shaving bowl
  •     Razor

There are two types of stylish razors: a safety razor and a straight razor. Don’t know which shaving steel to choose? Japanese kamisori blades are very elegant, especially on a wooden stand.

A Smart Mirror

Who needs a fitness app on your smartphone when you can have a smart fitness mirror. It’s a mirror that not only tracks one’s fitness stats but also feeds live fitness classes at home.


A White Noise Sound Machine

What’s the best thing to do after an intense workout and a cool shower? Sleep. Deep sleep. And you can let your man experience this every day by giving him a white noise sound machine. Take it to another level by getting one that can be controlled by an app and can serve as a night light as well.

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Stylish Gift Ideas

Get a classic gift that never goes out of style by giving him one of the options below:

A Classic Leather Wallet

High-quality men’s leather wallets can be quite an investment. That’s because they can stand the test of time. A well-maintained leather wallet will weather beautifully each year. In fact, make it more timeless by opting to have your man’s monogram embossed on the piece as well.

A Timeless Timepiece

Don’t forget to take the size of your man’s wrist into consideration. For men with really wide wrists, larger metal timepieces are best. On the other hand, for more refined wrists, more delicate leather-strapped watches will suit him better. There are luxury brands that are collaborating with Apple as well, which seamlessly combines tech with refined style.

A Fountain Pen

Every gentleman needs a classic pen he can confidently whip out while signing the most important contracts and deals of his life. Fountain pens come with different nibs, though. Flex nibs, for instance, are great for those who enjoy calligraphy. You can complete the gift by giving him a bottle of ink as well.

Hobby-Related Gift Ideas 

Finally, you can opt for gifts that will work well with your man’s interests. Here are some cool ideas:

Fathers Day Flowers

That’s right flowers for men, but not the flowers your thinking of. These are meat flowers, we’re talking beef jerky in a beer mug made for drinking the good stuff. Ever heard of a bacon bouquet? Manly Man Co has meat flowers and you can learn more about this awesome product by visiting their site.

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A Temperature-Regulating Mug

It doesn’t matter if your man starts his day with coffee or tea. Any guy would appreciate the utility of a  temperature-control smart mug. This will make his morning drink not only stay warm for longer, but also taste better.

Bluetooth Headphones

There are different kinds of headphones out there. Bose, Beats, and Sony are great brands to look into. Just be sure to do your research and check out the reviews before buying one to give a certified audiophile.

A Tabletop Bar Set

Can you think of a man who doesn’t love to entertain and show off his mixing prowess to his bros every once in a while? Exactly. A tabletop bar set that comes with crystal, stainless steel, and wooden pieces will be an awesome addition to any man cave.

A Few Final Tips…

To conclude this article, here are a few more tips that you can keep in mind when choosing a gift for a very special man:

  •     Men value utility and quality over trends. If it’s a piece you believe can even serve as an heirloom in the future, then it’s a good gift.
  •     Even men have different tastes. A popular misconception is that men prefer low-key (and boring-looking items). There are a lot of guys who prefer some color in their lives too. And if you think that classic and traditional items are not fashionable and they only come in boring neutral and achromatic colors, then you’re certainly confused.
  •     Finally, any gift that went through a lot of thought and care will certainly be appreciated by any man.


Have fun gift-hunting!