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Who does not love weddings? They are probably one of the most important events for anybody. Even those who deem that love is not for them can enjoy the idea of a wedding at least. It is a testament to the love between couples, and it is a sign that they are ready to settle down and have a family. Some may view it as a trivial ceremony, but it doesn’t take away the meaning of it.

However, before the big day, some couples like to enjoy the last days of them just being in a relationship. This can be considered as their engagement, and based on this article, its duration depends on the couple. At most, they would continue this for about a year since most would like to plan a year for a celebration like this. With this kind of preparation, some couples would like to signify this stage.


An Engagement Of A Lifetime

An engagement ring is not relatively new in human history. The process from courtship to marriage has been around for centuries, but the idea of rings for it only happened in the 1900s. Most women are clamoring to have them because it can be so beautiful. It was also a sign that their man could provide their needs since he had bought a rather expensive item.

Fast forward to today, and most of the younger generation is not keen on buying such an expensive item. Some would prefer having a more creative solution, like tattooed rings for the couple. They also view it as something that only rich people can afford, therefore those in the lower class do not have the money to buy. However, this does not mean that you have to give up on having that jewelry of your dreams. 

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There are many websites these days that sell diamond rings at a fairer price. These are usually synthetic or “farmed” diamonds. They may not be as rare or expensive, but their luster and shine are still comparable to that of a mined diamond. Stores like James Allen, as featured in this review https://www.netcoalition.com/james-allen-review/, have been offering them for years. You can check out them out to see whether you would like them as well.


Exploring James Allen Options


One of the best things about James Allen’s jewelry and its products is they are honest with what they are dealing with you. They would happily provide the GIA certificates of your chosen ring and you would be able to verify it. Remember: even if it is a synthetic diamond, it still has some value. James Allen gives you ways on how to verify it properly as well.

Another great aspect of this store is their website. Ever since 2006, they have been consistent in keeping up with the times regarding the quality of their site. Their [pictures are phenomenal, as you can see it through a 360-degree angle. It is hard to miss anything, and you would be able to surmise the quality of the stone immediately.

Their website is also rather easy to use. First, you can choose what type of setting you want, and they have a lot of options for this. From the solitaires to the 18K cuts, they are there for you to choose from. Then, you can choose what type of stone you want, since it is not just diamonds that are on display. Lastly, it is even easier to choose a price point since you can put your budget to see which would work for you.

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Most importantly, they do sell high-quality cruelty-free diamond rings. These were never mined, which means that there was no loss of natural resources for this one. It might diminish the value of the stone in the market, but it is valuable as mentioned before. If you are someone who cares about it, then James Allen cares about your preferences as well.

The ring that you have chosen as a couple will just be one of the few symbols of your married life. Most women would like to have their man propose with a diamond ring on hand. However, no one has to spend an enormous amount of money for it. You can still have a wedding with just a simple band but the precious stones just jazz everything up a bit more. 







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