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No wonder the home improvement process is a combination of different emotions – exciting and at the same time stressful. Also, it adds value to your house. A significant part of the process requires a lot of planning. You may question whether you want marble tiles finishing in your kitchen? What color do you want in your rooms? Or what ideas do you want to implement for your stairs makeover? However, your planning will go down the drain if you don’t protect your valuable possessions. Chances are your belongings can get lost or damaged during the renovation process. So you need to keep your stuff away from the working areas. A good option is to find a temporary storage solution while you focus on the improvement project.

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Storing your belongings during the home improvement process may look a little tricky. You want your stuff out of the way from your remodeling project yet still accessible to you in the time of need. For this reason, below are five solutions recommended by Iron Guard Storage, a company that offers storage units in Montgomery AL.


If your house is undergoing the improvement process and you need to stack your belongings to speed up the process. In this case, renting a reliable self-storage facility is an ideal solution. The self-storage units are sufficient enough to store your large items. Using self-storage units mitigates any risk of damage to your goods and allow you to work efficiently. 

Due to the historical and cultural significance, many people are moving to Montgomery. While they are in the process of settling in, they might want to renovate their house according to their needs. For this reason, renting temporary storage units is useful if you are remodeling your home on a large-scale. The best thing about using a storage unit is they are accessible 24/7. You can store or get back your belongings whenever you require. 

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Another best solution for storing your belongings during the home renovation is to use the free space in your house. It could be any space that you do not use regularly – such as a guest room or in the basement. If you are worried about giving up space in your house, be mindful that this is a temporary solution. You can move back the belongings to their original positions after the completion of the renovation process. Also, assigning a vacant place in the home for storage proves to be a cost-effective solution.



If your place does not have any vacant area and you are running low on budget, there is no need to worry. Getting in touch with your relatives and friends could be another option. It could be the most economical solution. Ask them if they have any unused space in their home. It can either be a garage, an extra room, or any free space available. Request them politely to lend this area during your home improvement process. Ensure that you convey the expected duration of this renovation and the storage space your belongings will take. Don’t forget to pay for the transportation of items from one place to another. 



A portable storage container can put all your belongings off the beaten path, and you can have access to them simultaneously. These mobile storage units allow you to save furniture and other cumbersome stuff in a secure place. Moreover, they protect your possessions against climatic conditions and shield them from dust and insects. The process of selecting an on-site storage unit is the same as hiring a moving company or a remote storage facility. Based on your needs and circumstances, choose the one that provides the best delivery options and reasonable cost. Be sure that you don’t compromise on the container’s size if you are ready to stack away all your furniture over there.

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If you plan to store your clothes in a box while renovating your home, don’t do this! It will only leave you with a bunch of folded clothes to sort out later. It is better to take advantage of rolling racks, which allows you to shift your dresses from one shelf to another.

Also, plastic bins provide more storage space than a cardboard box. You can especially use them for improving your home office. 



Large scale improvements in your house might take weeks or even months. Since the home renewal process can be distressing. Ensure that you have mentally planned out where to put away your possessions and set up a separate budget for it beforehand. The more you figure out this situation, the more you can focus on your house’s renovation. These storage options can reduce your burden and can make the home improvement process go smoothly.