How can anxiety affect your gaming experience on Twitch

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How can anxiety affect your gaming experience on Twitch?

Anxiety disorders are prevalent in the United States, Europe, and many other parts of the world. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, approximately 18.1% of people in the US suffer from anxiety disorders yearly. Online gamers haven’t been spared either; many endure high levels each day. For instance, if you stream games on Twitch, gaining more followers on your Twitch viewer list can be daunting. The tension associated with streaming to few or no viewers at all can build up and cause anxiety if left uncontrolled.


What are the common causes of anxiety among online gamers?

Many online gamers suffer from anxiety disorders unknowingly, and various things can cause anxiety to online players.


  • Poor diet

When you don’t treat your body right, this can adversely affect your mental state. Lack of essential nutrients deprives your brain of the vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal functioning, and this can be a contributor to high levels of anxiety.


  •         Physical inactivity

Most online games live a sedentary lifestyle. Exercising plays a significant role in your physical and mental health. If you don’t work out, your body will build up stress, and this can cause anxiety and many other health issues.


  •         Genes

 Everyone has a different biological make-up, and some people may endure high levels of anxiety for no reason. Some genes may cause chemical imbalances in your brain, and this may provoke stress and anxiety.

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How does anxiety affect your Twitch Gaming experience? 

Anxiety can take a toll on your health and relationships with people in your life. Although it’s natural to experience a surge of nervousness while streaming games online, constant worry may cause anxiety disorder, and this can affect your gaming capacity.


  1. Anxiety can affect your preparation

How you prepare can make or break your Twitch sessions. Anxiety can affect the way you prepare for the game. When you suffer from anxiety, you waste a significant amount of time on things that you imagine or anticipate. As such, you may not plan your time well, and this may lead to poor gaming skills and loss of followers.


  1. Low concentration levels

Anxiety symptoms include nausea, fatigue, headache, and many more. These may hinder you from playing as required. When fatigued, you lack the zeal and energy to showcase your best gaming skills. Your game will lack the thrill sought after by followers, and this may cause them to leave.


  1. Anxiety may affect your relationship with followers

 With an anxiety disorder, you’ll likely want to confine yourself to feel secure. You avoid large crowds, and any other thing that you believe may trigger another panic attack. How does this affect your experience on Twitch? Streaming on Twitch is all about followers savoring your game online. And you can only gain with significant numbers of followers. If you can’t stand huge crowds, then Twitch isn’t for you. You may be forced to stop streaming altogether.

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  1. Anxiety can cause withdrawal

With Twitch, you should embrace visitors and entice them to watch your game. An anxiety disorder will make it impossible to do this. Stress makes you withdraw, and nothing appeals to you. With an anxiety disorder, getting followers on Twitch may be a challenge.


  1. Anxiety can affect your gaming routine.

Consistency is very critical on Twitch. When you stream your games consistently, you make it easier for your fans to follow you. But, an anxiety disorder will make you feel sick and fatigued, and this makes it unlikely to play often.


The bottom line

The effects of anxiety can be detrimental to your health. It can affect your relationship with your fans, and worse still, make you unable to display your unique gaming skills online. But, all isn’t lost, if you exhibit any anxiety symptoms, talk to your doctor, or join programs that help people struggling with anxiety disorders.