How to Hack Facebook messenger | Is your Spouse Cheating?

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There can be a few reasons why someone may need to hack Facebook Messenger. However, you might not have enough resources or hacking skills to do so. This article explains How to Hack Facebook Messenger [100% Working Method]. Each method is different but simple, so anyone who doesn’t have hacking skills can also hack Facebook Messenger.


Can you hack someone’s Facebook messenger? It’s not super easy but it is not impossible either.

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What is a Facebook messenger?


Facebook is a website where you can connect with friends, family and other people. Users can share pictures, videos and statements. Facebook Messenger is a feature built-in Facebook for instant messaging. It provides a great messaging service. You can send photos, videos, emoticons and share stories in messenger


The methods to hack Facebook Messenger mentioned are used by hackers, wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends or parents usually.



Why would someone need to hack an account?

  • Relationship Issues:


Arguments in a relationship usually arise from lying or being secretive. Their partner might want to check their messages to figure things out if they were cheating. By checking their messages and call logs they may be able to see who they are in contact with. This may be considered a violation of privacy.


  • Protect Confidential Data:


For many different reasons, one might want to protect information. It could be for their business or other security reasons.


  • Childs Safety:


Several Facebook users are criminals or sexual predators. Their main targets are naïve children. They send friend requests to their targets and slowly act like their friends. Once they trust them they may convince the child to meet them. Adults can usually know if they are a predator or not. They can protect their children from this kind of Facebook Messenger threats.


  • Cyberbullying:


It is also another issue for teenagers so by monitoring their messages, the parent can protect their children from Facebook predators. Predators for cyberbullying are most likely also teenagers.


locked passwords



How to hack Facebook Messenger?


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Facebook and Messenger are made from the same account, which means you can access Facebook and messenger with the same login information. These are the following methods that work if instructions are followed accordingly.


You can follow this method if:


  • You are not familiar with hacking.
  • You would like to hack Facebook Messenger without letting the user know about it.
  • You need a simple hacking method, which will be easy to follow.


What you need: 


  • Desktop or laptop (Mac or Windows),
  • Device must have a USB port
  • The same device you use to access Facebook.
  • Have access to this device.
  • PC must be connected to a keyboard (cable, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth)




  1. Hack Using “Reset The Password”


You will need to:


  • Have access to the person’s email address
  • Or have access to the persons’ phone (associated with their Facebook account)


Follow these steps to reset their Facebook password:


  • First, go to Facebook on a device. (It will be easier if the device is the accounts owners)
  • Then click on “Forgot Password?”
  • Enter the account owner’s phone number, email, or name to find their account.
  • Choose the contact option you have access to.
  • Follow Facebook’s instructions and reset the account password.
  • View the account’s Facebook Messenger from your device.



  1. Use A Keylogger To Access Messenger


For this method, you will need to download Keylogger file/app.

Using this application you can know a persons log in information.

You can use that information to access its Facebook Messenger.

This may require some patience.


Besides Facebook Messenger Keylogger can access other social media, emails, and internet searches too.


There are two types of these keyloggers including hardware (connecting directly to a physical device) and software.



  1. Using Spy Apps to Hacking Someone’s Facebook Without Them Knowing


Spy apps are software that can help you track phone calls, messages and even location. They are undetectable to the user.


It is the best method to hack Facebook Messenger. With this, you can see a person’s chats, photos, videos and calls. Another advantage is that with a spy app you can track other phone activities too like Snapchat and Instagram.

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Top Spy apps


Each Spy App comes with different features; therefore, make sure to check the information before purchasing the app.


Each app has different instructions. The app itself will provide you with simple instructions, which you can easily follow.  Make certain to download the app on the target cell phone. Usually, once you make an account in the app you can view the person’s activities. You will need a Wi-Fi connection to use the app and see the latest activity done on their phone.


    • #1 Auto Forward


  • Cannot be used for Viber, BBM or Geo-Fencing
  • $69.99 per month


    • #2 Highster Mobile


  • Ranks 66th among surveillance sites
  • No geo fencing feature
  • Parents can monitor kid under age 18
  • $69.99 for a year
  • Jailbreak required


    • #3 Spyic


  • Around $ 100/ year
  • Price varies for android and IOS


Common features of the app 


      • Social Media (including Facebook Messenger)
      • Text messages monitoring
      • GPS Location
      • Contacts
      • Live Control Panel
      • Stealth Camera
      • Phone Call monitoring
      • Browser History
      • Monitor and Record Email
      • Multimedia Files (photo gallery, audios, video files)


These apps have positive reviews and work on most mobiles. However they can only monitor one device. Even deleted messages, browser history, call logs can be monitored through the app.


Keep in mind that these apps are only legal for parents and businesses with their employee’s consent.


These are the 100% working methods on how to hack Facebook messenger. The spy app option is the better option but the other two options are also as effective but might be a bit more complicated. Spy app and keylogger method will not let the third party know that you hacked their phone. Be reasonable enough to hack into someone’s Facebook Messenger as it may be seen as a violation of privacy.