How To Choose A Functional Furniture For Elderly And Disabled People

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Old age and disability are two things that can be quite challenging. Therefore, anything that can help in easing off some of these challenges will be a welcome development. Speaking of help, one of the most important aspects of consideration is the right furniture for such a group of people.

With functional furniture choice, the elderly and disabled people will be able to better manage the physical challenges they usually face on a daily basis. Being able to get up easily from everyday sofas can be hard for the elderly mainly because of painful joints that happen to most people as they age.

This article will help you out with the things you should look out for when shopping for furniture for the disabled or the elderly.

elderly chair

Injury Reduction

When shopping for furniture for this group of people, you need to go for the ones that reduce the chances of getting injured to the barest minimum. Elderly and disabled people are prone to injuries while carrying out their day to day activities. Apart from furniture, you should ensure that the home is furnished appropriately with the things that ease their lives. This is where a power recliner or lift chair, as well as adjustable tables and chairs, come in. Chairs with padded and rounded edges prevent bumping or knocking against furniture.

Good Posture Promotion

“Maintaining good posture is one important aspect to look out for when choosing furniture for the elderly and disabled. This can help in preventing not just aches and pains, but other health challenges that can emanate from poor posture. Incorrect posture can lead to increased anxiety and depression as a result of the discomfort,”says Dr.John A Bruno,an orthopedic surgeon at Doctorspring.

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The one thing that enhances proper posture for the elderly and disabled is a functional chair that comes with sculpted backrests, lumbar support, and adjustable seat angles.


You don’t want to go for furniture that will wear out in a short amount of time. Furniture for the elderly and disabled are bound to go through constant use and stress. This is why it is imperative that the furniture is such that it can stand the test of time. And while at it, the fabric is another thing to consider. It is advisable to go for fabrics that are water-resistant without disposing of the user to excessive heat.

Some Important Functional Furniture For The Elderly And Disabled

Lift Chairs

The first on our list is a lift chair. A lift chair refers to any furniture that gradually lifts people such as the elderly and the disabled from a sitting position to a standing position and vice versa. It feels and looks like the usual recliner chair you may already know about. The difference is that it does it functions without causing harm to the user.

It comes with a powerlifting mechanism that lifts the chair from its base so that it can lift the user to a standing position, or descend to a sitting position. The main reason for choosing a lift chair is that it aids in mobility and adds comfort not to mention that it eliminates the need for human assistance each time the user wants to sit or stand.

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Most lift chairs can be powered when plugged into a wall power source. Regardless, some of them also come with a backup power supply for times that power goes out. The chair is a must-have for the elderly and disabled.

Motorized Chairs

Motorized chairs are very important for the elderly and the disabled because it aids in mobility. It also does a great job of helping the user stay active and to also relieve pains and aches. It makes a world of difference for this group of people.

Adjustable Tables and Chairs

That one is elderly or disabled does not mean that such a person ceases to be functional. Some of them continue working from the comfort of their homes or offices. This is why a functional and adjustable table that can accommodate motorized and lift chairs is very advisable. For the adjustable chair, it should have shorter seat depths and elevated armrests to aid in independence, physical fitness, and comfort.

Adjustable Beds

Just like adjustable tables and chairs, there are adjustable beds that the elderly and disabled can benefit from. It allows them to sit up with the press of a button so that they can easily get off the bed. Some of them have massaging features to soothe bed and muscle sores.

Final Thoughts!

Anything that will ease off the stress that the elderly and disabled goes through daily is a welcome development. Choosing the right furniture can make a world of difference in helping them live a functional life without feeling like liabilities.