How to choose the right pest control provider for your home

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Due to the soaring demand for extermination services, the pest control industry has grown at an annualized rate of 5.2 percent for the past five years since 2015. By the end of the year 2020, experts anticipate a market value in the tune of over $17.4 billion.


Although the economic downtime resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic will inevitably rattle local pest control companies, the industry has displayed promising growth over the last couple of years. Fortunately for those entrepreneurs investing in the pest control industry, this growth is expected to keep up the momentum over the next five years.


With the number of players in the industry increasing, Customers have the ability to choose from an assortment of pest control providers. While having the pick of the lot is, ultimately, a step in the right direction, consumers must strive to be responsible when purchasing pest control services. 


To ensure high-quality results (better known as a pest-free home), do your due diligence when procuring exterminator services. Allow factors like customer service quality, experience level, certifications, scheduling flexibility, and dependability to separate grains from the chaff.


According to Moxie Pest Control, a provider of pest control in Las Vegas, customer satisfaction should be a visible priority. Weed out pest control providers who aren’t responsive, don’t return your calls, or refuse to answer your questions.

Common pest control scams

At some point in your life, you’re likely to hire the services of pest control providers. When faced with critters and creepy crawlers, your first instinct is to take matters into your hands, but sometimes pest invasion can be a menace beyond your expertise. At this point, you might be in desperate need of extermination services to get rid of the unwanted guests.


While most homeowners value speedy service above all and want the vermin gone at lightning speed, some rogue exterminators could take advantage of you should they sense your urgency. Look out for the following pest control service scams to avoid frustrations in the future.

Beware of free inspections

Free inspections sound like a picture-perfect scenario but can be a sign of impending scams. Scammy pest control providers disguise free inspections as unbeatable offers. Remember, these “deals” are bait to trick you into purchasing non-essential goods and services. In some cases, technicians may plant dead ants or termites on your property and insist that termite control services are in order. If you don’t seek a second opinion, you could fall prey to these schemey tactics. 

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Keep an eye on uncertified technicians

Uncertified technicians are more likely to deceive unsuspecting homeowners. For example, in the first visit, a certified technician comes for inspection. However, when it’s time to deal with the problem, they send a different technician. That’s where the trick is. While the first technician is licensed, the subsequent technicians aren’t. Here’s are top tips for getting rid of rats.

rotten apple

To avoid these scams that can result in shoddy workmanship, request an extermination license from every technician that comes to deal with your pests.

Watch out for contracts

Contracts may appear well-intentioned, but when drafted with ulterior motives, mindlessly signing a contract can cost you thousands in the long-run. Scammy pest control companies may convince you that you need routine services when these treatments are pointless. Dodge this trap by conducting some research on pest treatment methods for various pests. You will find out some select species only need one bout of extermination (depending on the infestation’s severity.) 

Signs of a reliable pest control provider

With numerous pest control companies at your disposal, sorting through less-than-qualified providers can be disorienting. However, below is a guide on the qualities you should look out for when recruiting a pest control provider.

Industry experience

Industry experience is the first thing you should look out for when fishing for extermination services. The company of choice should have long-standing expertise in identifying, locating, and treating various pests. They should provide options and determine the most efficient method of eliminating pests currently infesting your living spaces. A reputable pest control provider should also be up-to-date on popular treatment solutions and necessary health regulations.

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A licensed pest control company is registered with relevant authorities, increasing authenticity and transparency. In case of any legal action, note that a licensed company is easier to find and hold accountable than briefcase companies.


Bugs don’t await an invitation to your home, nor do they RSVP. These insects and rodents wander into your house uninvited, day or night. With this in mind, you’ll need an exterminator that’s available 24/7. Imagine that you’re suffering from a severe termite or bee infestation. You won’t want to work around standard business hours in these emergency situations. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a dependable pest control company that provides services round the clock.

Gives you time to decide

Depending on the infestation’s severity, homeowners might have to fork over large sums of money to resolve the invasions at hand. With these hefty costs in mind, a homeowner should take time to understand and compare the services offered. 


Remember, a reliable and reputable company shouldn’t put you under pressure to finalize arrangements and commit to a pest control provider as soon as possible. Instead, they’ll give you ample time to weigh your options. After all, their excellent services speak for themselves.


We’re all working towards a healthier planet. If an eco-friendly lifestyle is a top priority, be sure to review the pesticides used by the company of your choice. Reputable exterminators use EPA compliant products and execute treatment plans designed to mitigate environmental damage. A company worthy of your business will train their technicians to conserve resources and protect the environment to the best of their ability. 

Has liability insurance

Insurance protects you from any potential damage that may occur during the pest eradication process. In addition to being certified, insured pest control companies secure your money and grant you peace of mind.


Pest infestations are, undeniably, frustrating. Similarly, selecting a pest control company can be overwhelming. However, thanks to the tips above, you stand a chance to make a well-informed decision and choose reliable exterminators to eradicate the annoying pests notorious for bugging your home’s residents.