Things to Know Before Getting a Mexican Red Knee Tarantula as A Pet 

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Spiders might not be for everyone, but they are fascinating, ingenious little creatures that make unique pets for a group of enthusiasts. There are approximately 43,000 spider species in existence, but a tiny percent of these are kept as pets.

Of the small percent that’s kept as pets, tarantulas like the Mexican red knee tarantula are increasingly popular with pet owners. In this article, we shall be taking a look at the basics of keeping this interesting pet.


Before making the purchase, make sure your motives for keeping a pet tarantula are right. Some individuals purchase them in an attempt to look cool, others to appear brave. In the end, this won’t end well- neither for you nor for the spider.

Additionally, most of the species aren’t “compatible pets,”; they are meant to be observed rather than played with. Lastly, most tarantulas can leave for up to 5 years; this means it’s a long-term pet. You therefore need to make sure you are in it for the long-haul.

  • Housing Your Mexican Red Kneetarantula

The great thing about keeping this tarantula as a pet is that it requires minimal effort. It doesn’t require that much space. Most people that keep this spider prefer to use plastic faunariums

These are plastic tubes with ventilated plastic roofs. This option is more than adequate. You should ensure to position the enclosure somewhere quiet, away from the noise. Avoid placing it in draughts, in direct sunlight, or next to radiators.

  • Heating and lighting

Tarantulas don’t necessarily require light. On the other hand, if you keep arboreal species, consider getting a small heat mat and covering half of the side. Add a thermometer. This way, you can keep an eye on the temperature and adjust the thermostat according to the species.

  • Décor for your pet

As you may have figured out, tarantulas don’t care much for décor. In the end, it’s much easier to maintain the enclosure with less décor.

  • Food and water

You won’t require a food bowl for your pet Mexican red knee tarantula, but you will need a water bowl. A shallow dish or bowl made from either ceramic or plastic will do. However, try and avoid metal bowls as they may cause harm to your fantastic pet.

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Additionally, you should add bug gel or cotton wool inside the bowl; it will help the tarantula get extra moisture without the risk of drowning. Also, younger tarantulas tend to eat more than older ones, so don’t be surprised.

  • Molting tarantula

Spiders tend to shed their exoskeleton as they grow. During this delicate process, your tarantula is at its most vulnerable stage. The spider will create large amounts of silk on the floor or other stable surfaces. 

It’s vital that you avoid disturbing the spider during this time as their outer skin is literally coming off. Any disruption could seriously harm the soft underlying skin; it could potentially be fatal to your pet.

The Mexican red knee tarantula makes for a fantastic pet. It’s mild-mannered and gorgeous to look at. Thanks to having a low cost of maintenance, more and more people are increasingly opting for this hairy pet. Do you have troublesome spiders in the house, check out these tips to deal with them.