How to Tackle Household Pests

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We all know that getting rid of pests is annoying and extremely exhausting. These small insects can hide in almost any corner of our homes. Sometimes, the infestation is not even visible, which means that there is nothing we can do to stop these pesky creatures from invading our living space.


According to recent statistics regarding pest infestation, more than half of American homeowners have dealt with ants in the last year. Similarly, termites continue to cause $5 billion of property damage every year throughout America.


If you’re bothered by pests, this article will help you understand the six most common types of pest infestations and suggest appropriate measures to take control of the situation.



Ants & Termites

Ants are pesky invaders that can easily frustrate homeowners because it’s often difficult to get rid of a large ant colony. While most sugar ants feed on food, other kinds such as the carpenter ant can wreak havoc by creeping into house foundations. In fact, it’s not easy to get rid of ant infestation once they have made nests inside wood carvings and floors.


You can prevent ant infestation by sealing your food properly and not leaving leftovers out. Similarly, if there is an ant trail or an ant colony on the move, your first course of action should be to disrupt the trail and spray away the ants. If there are tell-tale signs of a large ant colony, wall damage, and large nests in the garden, it’s time to call professionals.


Almost every homeowner has dealt with cockroaches at least once in their lifetime. Usually, it’s easier to take care of them using gel traps, closing cracks, and sealing entry points to your home. 


However, home remedies and good hygiene cannot prevent infestation especially when these creepy crawlers are everywhere in your house. According to the WHO, cockroaches can spread quickly and cause a variety of diseases from diarrhea to dysentery and cholera.


A small colony of cockroaches can be treated by cleaning up potential infestation areas and setting a trap. If the infestation is rampant, you should seek professional help from a reputable company because most ordinary and homemade sprays can linger in the air for a long time affecting the health of residents. In contrast, a professional company will likely use specific pesticides for a specific breed of cockroaches and such sprays do not impact humans negatively.

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Most spiders are not dangerous but dealing with multiple spider webs around the house can cause a lot of anxiety. If you notice a sudden increase in spider webs or pea-sized silk-spun sacs in the corner and window sills, it’s probably a sign of a spider infestation. A single spider egg contains multiple spiderlings that can quickly increase in numbers.


Some spiders such as Black Widow and Brown Recluse can be very dangerous as bites from these can lead to severe health complications. Therefore, it’s wise to remove any clutter from your home and get rid of webs as soon as you see them.


Spider webs can be found around vents, ceiling corners, underneath the furniture, and around crevices. When removing the web, always use caution as a dangerous spider breed can attack in self-defense. If you’re not sure how to treat spider infestation, just call a pest control company for help.


Flies are mostly attracted to dirt, garbage, decaying flesh, and open food source. There are over 100 different types of diseases that are directly attributed to flies. If left untreated, they can become a health problem as it’s nearly impossible to remove these flying insects once they are attracted to the source.


Besides proving a nuisance, flies can also pose serious health hazards for people living in your home and vicinity. In fact, poor sanitation is the leading cause of the infestation; therefore, you can get rid of flies by removing garbage cans, dirt, and contaminated food. Sometimes. It’s better to call a pest control company as they will make sure to remove the eggs and avoid future issues.



Wasps are invasive insects that don’t want anyone to come near their nest. If you see wasps flying around a nest, it’s a sign of an active colony.


Due to the lack of knowledge about wasps, it’s very common for people to set fire to the nest. Other home remedies often include smashing the nest with a blunt object and blasting it with water. While such strategies can work, these are very risky because it triggers the natural defensive mechanism of wasps, which forces them to attack everyone even if someone is just passing at a safe distance.

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Unlike other infestation, wasp nests should be left to professionals. Before calling professionals, stay clear of the wasp nest and try not to make noise or mow the lawn under the tree. Also, make sure that children and everyone in the house are aware of the location and the dangers that wasps can present. Here are top sprays to kill wasps. 

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are extremely small insects that can be hard to spot. The first sign of a flea and tick infestation is a constant feeling of itchiness leading to visible red bumps around ankles and knees. Your pet will also let you know about their presence as pets will scratch their fur, which will likely contain small black flea particles. Your pets may be picking up fleas outdoors, in this case you may need to learn how to keep ticks off your lawn.


It’s also difficult to spot these insects because they can easily hide anywhere such as inside the rug, wood, furniture, animal fur, and upholstery. While there are definitely some home remedies that you can try but it may not work because fleas are mostly spread around the entire house. In such circumstances, calling professional pest control is the only practical solution.


 A pest infestation can cause a lot of mental anxiety, hardship, and financial problems.  According to Moxie Services, a Nashville pest control company, If you feel that your house is invaded, the first step is to investigate the location and potential damage without disturbing the colony. If it’s just a small community, a home remedy may work. However, the only long-term solution to deal with pests is professional treatment.

When you’re ready to find a new pest control company, start with a local Google search with your city and pest control, like ‘Nashville pest control.’ Filter through the list for companies that are well-reviewed by your community, then call your favorite to come out and inspect your home and property.