How You Can Get Your Home Ready to Receive the Highest Daily Rental Value on Airbnb

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The process of renting your home out is far less complex than in the past. Listing your home on Airbnb can take a matter of minutes if you have pictures of the space. Most people simply use the pictures that they have when they purchased the home. Adding pictures with the current furniture is important as a person will want to see the full accommodations. 

People that rent out their homes regularly can earn quite a bit of money annually. Those that have the option to stay a few days with family for free can pocket all of the money. Others use this time to travel themselves while using the Airbnb fees to pay for their trip. Others might rent out a room with a separate entrance to the home. In-law suites are amazing to rent out as they usually have all you need as far as a kitchen, bathrooms, and bedroom space. Below are a few tips to get your home ready to get the best rental price possible for your home. 

Be Realistic About Pricing house

You should take a look at other comparable options on Airbnb in your area. You can also list your home on other short-term rental platforms, Airbnb is just a well-known example being used. The last thing you want is to lose out on income due to a few dollars increase in price. Be competitive during this and make sure that you are on your way to being a Superhost which ensures the quality of the stay for a tenant. You want to maximize the number of days that your home is rented especially if using this income to pay the home’s mortgage. A few hundred dollars a month can help pay off a home’s mortgage years in advance. Take a look online to see how much you can pay extra along with how many years this knocks off your overall mortgage. 

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Invest in Water Softeners 

There are certain areas of the country that are notorious for hard water. Water softeners allow people to feel refreshed when getting out of the shower. The comfort a water softener provides when washing clothes is easily noticeable. Take the time to look into one of many water softening systems available on the market. You want to make sure you pick a reliable brand as you want to maximize the lifespan of the softening system. An EcoPure water softening system is a great example of a brand that focuses on durability/reliability while keeping the price affordable. 

Extra Toys Matter kayak

You could own a home on the water in an area that is extremely popular for kayakers. A few extra kayaks left at home can drive up the price of the rental per day as renting kayaks daily will be expensive. Others might be near a bike trail which not all visitors will drive in order to bring their bike. Long-term renters in luxury villas in areas like Santorini actually require a stay of at least a week to use the vehicle associated with the villa. You need to list all of the amenities that those staying will be able to take advantage of.

Get a Professional to Write Your Property Listing 

A professional might be able to describe your home with keywords renters commonly search for. Creating a list of all of the features of the home along with quality photos can allow the writer to describe the home seamlessly. Giving an outline of what is close to the home also matters immensely. Taking tidbits from positive reviews of those that have previously stayed there can be another perfect addition to the renter. Something as simple as a fishing report for a certain time of the year for a home on the water can help entice a reader. Certain renters are coming for a specific attraction which should be played to especially in areas driven by tourism.

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Make Sure There is a Unique Aspect of Your Home

One unique aspect like a piece of art or pool table can be a selling point to renters. People want something different than what they have at home so think of something unique. A mountain getaway might be completed by a hot tub while a tropical getaway could include a pool with water features. 

Airbnb is a great way to earn additional income throughout the year. Being able to slowly pay off your mortgage years in advance by renting out your home should be considered by all homeowners.