How To Choose Best Glass Bottle Cutter

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A glass bottle cutter can be used at home to cut glass bottles and jars that can be used for decoration as vases, candle holders, wine glasses and tumblers among other uses. They can be used to cut those bottles that are hard to throw away as they seem beautiful, and you wonder how you can use then again. 

glass bottles

A bottle cutter will turn those precious old bottles into useable artifacts for display or other home uses. This article focuses on the home use of a glass bottle cutter.


Where Do You Buy A Glass Bottle Cutter?

Bottle cutters can be bought online from trusted websites or from shops that deal with cutters such as hobby shops. 



How To Use Glass Bottle Cutter At Home.

Using a glass bottle cutter is pretty easy. After identifying the bottle or bottles you need cut, just follow the stated process. 

  • Adjust the bottle cutter.
  • Rotate the bottle on the blade to create a scoreline.
  • Pour hot water on the scoreline.
  • Pour cold water over the scoreline.
  • Gently tug to separate the two bottle parts.
  • Smooth the edges using sandpaper.
  • Clean the bottle and the working area.
  • Use the bottle.



Adjust the Bottle Cutter.

Before using the bottle cutter, ensure that you have read the instructions and clearly understood them. After carefully reading and understanding them, it is safe for you to use the bottle cutter. Adjust the bottle cutter's rollers as per the set instructions. Ensure that the scoring blade is up and working. After setting the bottle cutter, set your bottle or jar on the cutter and ensure that the cutting area rests on the scoring blade

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Rotate the Bottle To Create A Scoreline.

After getting the bottle set and having a good fit, rotate the bottle clockwise. A scraping or crunching sound will be emitted as the blade works on the glass. Ensure safety at all times when dealing with the bottle cutter. The bade or the glass powder can cut you easily if you are not careful. 



Pour Hot Water on The Scoreline.

Once the process of creating a scoreline is complete, hold the bottle or jar over a sink and pour freshly boiled water on it for about five seconds. Rotate the bottle to ensure that there is a complete pour of water over the scoreline. This process is aimed at heating the scoreline. 



Pour Cold Water over The Scoreline.

Now, switch to cold water and repeat the process of completely drenching the scoreline with water. Pour the cold water over the scoreline, rotate it completely, for about five seconds. This process is aimed at cooling the bottle rapidly and creating a fault line. Heat by the hot water and cold by the cold water creates a definable faultline. This creates a definable scoreline around the fault line created by the bottle cutter blades.



Gently Tug to Separate The Two bottle Parts.

With the definable scoreline visible now, gently tug the top bottle part, or tap the bottle gently on a hard surface covered with a towel if tugging doesn't work to separate the two bottle parts. Be gentle and patient when handling the bottle. You can wait a few moments if tugging does not work. Do not force the bottle to separate!




Smooth The Edges using a Sandpaper.

After separating the two bottle parts, ensure that you carefully dispose of the unwanted part. Wrap it in a paper and dispose of it in a safe place. Smooth the edges of the remaining bottle part. The edges mainly are rough and judged. Use sandpaper to smooth these edges. 



Clean The Bottle and The Working Area.

The entire process of cutting a bottle leaves bottle parts and powder on and inside the glass, the glass bottle cutter and the working area. Ensure that you carefully clean the bottle to get rid of these tiny bottle parts. Also, clean up the cutting machine and the working area with a damp towel. Dispose of all the materials used in the cleaning to avoid them from being embedded in your skin later.



Use The Bottle.

Now the bottle is cut, and your desired outcome has been achieved. You are free to decorate and use your bottle as you wish to make vases, candle or lamp holders et cetera.