Grandparents Believe Parenting Has Deteriorated And Fear For The Future Of Their Grandchildren

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The ways in which people parent has drastically changed since the 1950s and even the 1980s. This change can even be seen in the way teachers now interact and discipline children. Long gone are the days of punishing children with wooden spoons, belts, and the like. 


In its place is a system where the young are treated with kid gloves. Nurtured, protected, and coddled in order to make their upbringing as angst-free as possible. This delicate approach has many grandparents wondering if a lack of discipline can produce well-rounded individuals

Parenting then

Being a child in the 1960s was very different than growing up in the 2000s. Those who engaged in naughty behavior or cursed could expect quick punishment in the form of a wooden spoon smacking. Whether a child was at home or at school, punishment for acting out was the norm. 


Manners and values were concepts instilled into little ones as soon as they could comprehend them. This ensured young people of the era were brought up with a moral compass and were also able to complete basic life skills. 


Children who did not exhibit good judgment were sure to suffer the consequences. In addition to paddling, another favored form of punishment was taking privileges away—or grounding. This meant games, television time, and even phoning friends were denied if a child had misbehaved. 


It wasn’t just manners and behavior. Even eating habits were different in generations past. If a child didn’t like a particular food, they were expected to eat it anyway. Some families wouldn’t let a young one get up from the dinner table if the plate wasn’t empty. 

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Parenting now

As society has progressed, so too have parenting techniques. Kids Ride Wild explains, In the modern-day, youngsters are lavished with affection and praise and left to roam free. In this new age of parenting, the word “no” is seldom spoken and rules are seemingly a thing of the past.


Past techniques of child-rearing have largely been dismissed in order to raise a boy or girl that is inquisitive, happy, and full of self-confidence. This means picking a child up out of bed when they cry and giving in to their whims and want for technology and activities. 

Why grandparents are concerned

A recent survey on parenting styles has revealed there have been dramatic changes when it comes to how children are being raised. Grandparents, in particular, are suggesting these changes have been for the worse, rather than the better. 


In fact, many grandmothers and grandfathers are starting to believe their grandchildren are doomed because of modern parenting. This is evidenced by 81 percent of respondents who said they feared for the future happiness of their grandsons and granddaughters. 


The survey, which included 1000 grandparents, also found nearly three in five individuals believe parenting styles have become somewhat or considerably worse since they were raising kids. 


More than half of those surveyed believe their grandchildren would grow up to be far less capable, self-sufficient, resilient, and disciplined. Concern for the moral character of this new generation was also raised. 

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Of the 1000 grandmas and grandpas surveyed, there is a widespread belief their grandsons and granddaughters will be negatively impacted by today’s child-rearing. Whether that be through the praise and reward inspired culture of today or the dominating presence of digital technology. 

Bridging the gap

While a portion of the population may not be happy with the way people are raising their families in the modern-day, the shifts in parenting styles are more than anything else, a reflection of changes in society. 


With research into the parent-child relationship coming to light, change was inevitable. However, to make grandparents and parents happy, raising kids should be about finding a combination of old and new styles in order for the little ones to grow up thriving. 

A final thought

How individuals choose to raise their offspring seems as though it should be a personal choice. Seniors, though, often play key roles in the lives of their younger relatives and wish to be heard. Having already been through the rearing process, seniors know what they are talking about. 


Raising youngsters in the modern-day and turning them into thriving adults of the future is all about coming together. This means taking techniques from the past and blending them with the beliefs of the present in order to raise well-rounded, well-mannered children. It is up to adults of all ages to ensure the children of today are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.