How Many Types of Real Himalayan Salt Lamps are Available in the Market? Pros and Cons Of Himalayan Salt Lamps

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If you have been thinking of buying Himalayan salt lamps recently, it’s only natural to wonder about the type of lamps one can find in the market. We have taken the liberty of not only compiling a list of the different types of salt lamps but also some of the benefits and worries associated with it.

What do Himalayan salt lamps do?

Himalayan salt lamps are natural air purifiers. They absorb the contaminants floating in the air and spit out the moisture while removing the harmful particles. The quality is referred to as a hygroscope.

Other than clear benefits such as improved breathing due to the better quality of air, they also act in their capacity as natural ionizers, balancing the electrical charge. Consequently, you will see an improvement in your mood and feel less stressed.

This isn’t to say the lamp only has advantages and no downsides. We will list the pros and cons of Himalayan salt lamps to help you make up your mind.

Pros Cons
Tones down electromagnetic radiation in the air Can sweat in a humid atmosphere
Helps improve your sleep schedule A bit fragile
Reduces asthma and other allergic symptoms They are heavy
Energy booster Corrosive salt
Air Purifier Can sweat in a humid atmosphere
Helps people suffering from depression and ADHD A bit fragile
Improves concentration power  


We have a list of 6 wonderful Himalayan salt lamps, all found on sites such as Fab Glass and Mirror. As we have used the products from there, we would like to discuss them in depth to give you a better idea of the type of lamp best suited for your home.

Natural salt lamps

Natural salt lamps come in a variety of sizes. From the 3-4 Lb size range, it can be as big as 18-20 Lb. You can buy large or medium-sized ones. Alternatively, you can buy the mini ones and buy a whole lot of them to fill every corner of your living room.

A 15-watt bulb is shipped with the package and it works on 110 voltages. The cord and plug have all been guaranteed safe for use from UL. You can brighten or dim the salt lamp according to your preferences. Buy salt lamps


salt lamp

In color, you have white, pink and grey options. These are a beautiful, curvy, natural rock salt lamps with a solid neem wooden base to carry the entire weight. About 7 inches in height, the lamps are made of pure Himalayan crystal salt and carved with love in the mountains of Pakistan.

This eco-friendly product would look best on your living room tabletop.

salt lamp infographic


Night light salt lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are known for their stress-reducing qualities. They purify the air and act as instant mood lifters. It’s only natural that you use them as a night light. When you have trouble sleeping, the lamp will soothe you to a dreamless sleep.

In fact, the amber color light isn’t only for your bedroom. It will suit your office just as well. You can even use it when you are trying to do yoga and you need something to help you concentrate.

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The night lamp is attached to a rotating 360-degree wall plugin power holder. Fit it high up to fill the entirety of the room with the sleepy night light’s power. (Click here to buy night light salt lamps

orange salt lamp

Weighing only about 2 LB and shipped with 2 extra bulbs, the night light is about 5 to 10 inches in height. You have options when it comes to the shape. You can go for the simple rectangular or globe-shaped one, or the interesting curvier ones.

Decorative salt lamps

Salt lamps may have thousands of health benefiting qualities, but it doesn’t mean we can overlook one of its biggest advantages. From the most aesthetically appealing point of view, one can’t deny salt lamps’ strength as a decorative item.

If you buy enough decorative salt lamps to place them around the house artistically, you might not have to buy separate lights for Christmas.

About 8 inches in height, these lights have a clear neem wooden base that looks immensely regal over a white tabletop or shelf. The 15-Watt bulb provides enough power to light up the room and yet, not hurt your eyes. . (Click here to decorative salt lamps)

The most important point is, of course, the shape, which helps make it known as a distinctively decorative item suited for your office and guest rooms. Shapes such as a huge candle, carved oval or clear square marshmallow shaped box would fill up the spaces in your home. The ball chunk inside a bowl-shaped salt lamp would glow on your dining table.

The interior designer in you can finally breathe freely with these rock salt lamps.


himalayan salt lamp

USB salt lamps

These 5 inch USB salt lamps are a little different than the rest. One difference is the way you can light it up. Instead of relying on the plug and cord, it competes with the modern lamp with its USB electric wire. The mini air purifying salt lamp also lights up in multicolor led lights, leaving behind the traditional bulb. (Click here to USB salt lamps)

The vivid colors along with the easy portability have allowed USB salt lamps to become popular as one of the best salt lamps. The high demand for it is enough to assure us of the usefulness of the product.


Salt metal baskets

Salt metal basketsClick On Image to Find Out More About This Salt Basket

Foregoing the traditional wooden based lamps, salt metal baskets are exactly what the name states. Instead of a clear base, crystal salt chunks of balls are decorated inside metal baskets with interesting design choices.

Safe and secure inside a polished frame, the salt lamps give off a pink fairy glow with the help of a 15-Watt bulb. The lamps also have the option of brightening and dimming according to your mood.

Some days, you might want the lamps to light up your entire home. On others, you might want to bask under the serene glow while you watch television.

The metal frame and the balls chunk weighs about 8 LB together. It’s only about 6 inches in height. You shouldn’t have any lack of options as to where you want these lightweight lamps to decorate your room. (Click here to salt metal baskets)

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The advantage of these lamps is that they could work just as easily as any everyday decoration with a strong night light can when you are making your way around the kitchen at midnight.

himalayan salt lamp

Salt Candle holder

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The salt candle holder greets you in a variety of fun shapes. There is the traditional candle shape, as well as the heart, rectangle, and stars. In case you are planning to treat yourself to a special spa day at home, you will find these to be the perfect addition to your bathroom space.

It will completely change the aesthetic quality of your bathroom and add to the spa effect with its air-purifying mechanism. The peaceful, relaxed atmosphere it will leave you in will help you through the rest of the tiresome week.

These are the lightest salt lamps you will come across. Completely foregoing the conventional electric plug and cord method, these candle holder lamps usually come with 3 to 4 extra special candles as a gift from the company.

How to get the maximum enjoyment from these salt candle holder? Turn off your bathroom light and strategically place the candle holders all around the bathroom. The rest is easy. Run a warm bubble bath and enjoy the soft glow filling the room as it lulls you to a tensionless state of mind.

For the eager, first time Himalayan Salt Lamp buyers, we would like to recommend our favorite shop. Fab Glass and Mirror is a glass and mirror company with a wide range of designs of all 6 types of crystal salt lamps. They make their products with great care both towards quality and design. (Click here to salt candle holder)

Their sincerity is further visible in their customer service facilities. There is always someone on the site available for a quick chat. They help you sort through the wide range of products to help you decide on the best salt lamps among the overflowing variety.

The buying process is spectacularly simple. You will find a separate section for the salt lamps and if you are lucky enough, you might even stumble upon an ongoing sale during your visit. A single click on any of the rock salt lamps you like, and you only need to select the buy now option and fill your details.

The payment system is optimized to offer you the solace of mind. The company accepts all major kinds of credit cards and payments from online wallets like Amazon Pay and Paypal. The site is run with the most secure premium SSL to make sure all your card information is kept safe.

For Fab Glass and Mirror, your far situated residence will not be an issue. They won’t cost you any extra charge if you live too far away. In fact, the company provides nationwide free shipping.

If you do not want to lose out on the affordable, exciting prices available on the salt lamps, order now!

lamp salt




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