How Can You Start Watching Your Favourite Movies and TV Show On Kodi?

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You might have heard about Kodi or even have seen your friends using it. Some questions might come to your mind if you are considering setting up Kodi for use. The first being will it be best for your personality and needs? What do you need to start with Kodi? This post will answer these questions so that you can effectively begin with Kodi with confidence and enjoy all the benefits it offers you.


An overview of Kodi 

Kodi is a popular media player with an open-source platform where you can watch all your favorite TV shows and movies from a phone, laptop, and TV. It is entirely free and knows how to play and decipher audio and music documents. The media is brought to you through sites or addons that you need to download from the Kodi Repository.  


How do you utilize Kodi?


Kodi is available for Linux, Mac, Windows, and almost every smart device. However, most users do not use their computers much to access Kodi. You can access Kodi through your computer and TV set with the help of a pre-loaded Kodi Box that is available in the market. Android has created all these Kodi Boxes, and you can add files to them. You also have the chance to download Kodi from the App Store and use it on your devices.


How can you start to watch TV shows and movies on Kodi?


The Kodi setup process is simple, and you need to follow a series of guidelines for the installation process. If you are still not confident and wish to find out more on the subject, you can always resort to free video tutorials that are created by Kodi experts to help you install the app correctly. Follow these videos and make sure that the installation process is complete.  

When you have downloaded Kodi, you get access to Kodi addons for the entertainment that you are willing to watch. Besides old and new movies in multiple languages and TV shows, you can also get access to music videos and audios, News, Sports, documentaries, and much more. So, you can decide what you want to watch and choose the Kodi addons as per your taste and preferences.

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Note that you cannot use Kodi itself without adding movies and TV shows. This is why these Kodi addons need to be installed for your entertainment purposes. Kodi is a legal app. However, it pulls content from source sites that give you media streaming. Since Kodi is an open-source community, there are multiple developers across the world that are creating and improving Kodi addons in the market. These addons are nothing but third-party apps that allow you to media stream data. Now, when you are installing these third-party add-ons, it does not mean that all of them are legal. Some add-ons stream media content with copyright, and this is why you must be careful; otherwise, you will face legal charges for them.


Getting started with Kodi addons 


There are two ways via which you can start installing Kodi addons. First by manually installing them for your Kodi app from the official Kodi repository or repositories that have been created by third parties. The second is you can save time and depend upon Kodi Builds to get a package of Kodi addons and skins in a single click. Kodi skins are quite popular, and they help you customize Kodi as per your tastes and preferences. There are several skins available in the market, and developers are introducing new ones almost daily. Make sure you visit the official Kodi repository to get the top Kodi addons and skins. Always ensure they are installed from reliable sources so that they function smoothly and do not cause you any hassles at all. At times, if you do not install the addon from a reputable source, you will face errors in performance. The cause of this error could be the fault of the developer who created it or the addon as a whole.

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Search for the addons in your entertainment niche 


These Kodi add-ons are found in the Kodi Repository, and they are divided into different categories on the main menu. You need to determine what you are searching for and choose the category of your choice. Once you have located the category browse through the list of Kodi addons available. You click on the addon that interests you and then pop- up window with the “install” command. Click on this feature to allow the installation process to start. 

You can configure Kodi addons too 

Again, some Kodi addons allow you to configure them. For some of these services, you need to log into the account you use, and from the settings, you can follow the guidelines for configuration. Pandora is an example where you can configure the code from the settings.

What if there are problems with Kodi addons? 

In case you have installed an add-on, and it is not working, do not panic. All you need to do is visit the official forum for Kodi online and consult the expert community there to help you. Often you will find a thread of the creator of this addon, and you can put your problem across.  

Note that the Kodi addons are created by web developers or simple users like you. So, reach out to them on the official forum and discuss your issue. You can ask them for the list of top addons for your niche of entertainment too.

Last but not least, when you are using Kodi, make sure you install the best VPN for the device. Like if you are using Ubuntu, look for a free VPN for Ubuntu. In this way, you can stay away from ISPs that are online tracking your activities. You can use a media stream in private safely. Therefore, when it comes to the installation and the use of Kodi, make sure that you keep the above factors in mind for a fantastic entertainment experience on this much-loved app!