How Long Should I Run My Pool Robot To Maintain A Fresh And Clean Pool?

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One of the most useful things you can purchase for your backyard pool is a robotic pool cleaner. This revolutionary cleaning gadget can make swimming pool maintenance a breeze as it can handle the entire cleaning chore for you.

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Thanks to its technology, your robot can operate without requiring any direct control from you. Still, all automatic pool cleaners come with a runtime that you may not be aware of. One of the mistakes that most pool owners make is not adjusting the time their robot functions every cleaning session.


They typically set the timer of their units once and then leave it in the pool water to do its task. However, your robot pool cleaner will be much more effective if you pay close attention to its run time and making necessary adjustments.



Understanding The Basics



Robot pool cleaners may be small in size, but these machines are powerful and extremely useful. They can suck up debris, big or small. On top of that, you don’t need to attach your unit to the circulation system of your pool. Thereby, they won’t rely on your swimming pool’s filtration system.


You simply need to plug your robot, place it in the pool water, and it’ll do its magic. What’s even better is that these pool cleaners are submersible since they run on remarkably low voltage. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting shocked because you can plug their long cords into a GFCI outlet. This type of outlet will shut off automatically once it detects any electrical imbalance.


Once you set your unit to work, it’ll maneuver throughout your pool vacuuming anything that comes across it. Likewise, it’ll scrub your pool walls clean. While most models can clean pool walls and floors, some can also take care of the pool’s waterline. Furthermore, these machines come with a built-in filter bag where debris collected is stored.

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The price of robotic cleaners vary and you have plenty of options out there. There are cheap units that can handle most jobs. However, premium models with higher price tags come with convenient features like programmable cleaning sequences and remote controls. So before buying one, make sure to do your research first. Here’s what search engines did to me when I’m looking for the right robot pool cleaner for my needs.


When To Run Your Robotic Pool Cleaner


The answer to how long you need to run your robotic pool cleaner will vary. Determining how often your unit needs to run and for how long will depend on some factors.


You need to also keep in mind that all these automatic pool cleaners are not created the same. The maximum coverage, as well as the overall power level of every robot, is different. Hence, it’s vital to understand these factors as these will also have an effect on the run time of your machine.


pool cleaner

One of the first questions you need to answer is if people are using your pool a lot. Your answer will vary a bit during summertime when the whole family is often taking a refreshing dip in the pool. Of course, the more people that utilize the pool regularly, the more polluted it’ll get.


When we swim in the pool, we typically carry grime and other contaminates into its water. Let’s not forget that since your pool is not covered, it will be exposed to natural elements. This means that it’ll be more accessible for yard debris like grass, twigs, and leaves to enter it.

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So if everyone is using your pool frequently, it’s advisable to clean it with your robot pool cleaner daily or at least every other day. However, if you don’t utilize it that much, consider running your robot weekly or once every two weeks. On the other hand, once a month is fine if you have a pool cover.


It’s also important to clean your swimming pool even when you’re not swimming in it. The reason for this is because debris will always find a way to enter it even when you have a pool cover.





Robotic pool cleaner maintenance is not as intimidating or difficult as one would think. Some devices even have a quick-draining feature to make cleaning even simpler.


With that in mind, here are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure your robot will stay as efficient as possible:


  • Don’t forget to remove your unit from your pool once it has completed a cycle.
  • Make sure to remove the robot’s canister or filter bag after every use. Get rid of buildup by washing it with a garden hose.
  • After draining your robot of pool water, wind its power cable and hook it on the unit’s holder.
  • It’s inevitable for cords to become kinked over time. A quick solution for this is to wind it in the opposite direction that you’d normally.
  • Before storing your machine, check its impellers, brushes, and drive tracks for any stuck debris.
  • If you notice the brushes are already worn, replace them immediately to make sure that it performs at its best all the time.